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  1. I'll give it a go tomorrow. Mgla is absolutely great, heard of Plaga? They're also Polish and pretty much same genre. I like atmospheric metal nowadays whether it's death metal or black metal. I usually listen to old Urfaust albums when I stay up late.
  2. Lately I've been so stressed from work I only listen to classic rock n roll. Now I've went back to death metal and Asphyx of Netherlands which I think is the #1 death metal band for me. A few songs you should check: The Rack Asphyx (Forgotten War) Initation into the Ossuary Asphyx II (They Died as They Marched) As the Magma Mammoth Rises And if anyone got something similar to suggest please feel free to namedrop.
  3. I used to be a platinum hunter for a while. Now I don't even get to play anything as my work and two kids take all my time. Damn I miss lazy sundays gaming and listening to music just by myself.
  4. Exactly airport and grinding hit 1000 pedestrians. Two hours just isn't enough. It took more than two hours for me to mow down 500. You always have to use break or accelerate at the same time with hit button to get the slow motion moment. I don't think it counts otherwise. Not sure but I won't risk it. Road Rash was awesome in its own era of gaming. I guess I won't play and ruin it again since this game sucked so bad. The crappy story made me bored and all the glitches made me mad.
  5. All I've heard about the remake is whining about the difficulty. It's old school gaming.
  6. Sounds a bit like Kane & Lynch to me. The online heists seemed interesting, they have SP campaigns though. Online heists seemed interesting and fun, too bad I had nobody to play it with so I sold both parts 1 & 2.
  7. I got my first plat at Crysis with my old account. As I was full of my dumbass user name I started a new account when I got my PS4.
  8. You're right about that. I'm not complaining. I had both in my mind and I'm having a good time reading these replies.
  9. I didn't see this topic building up as a pile of spoilers only. Actually what I had in mind was memories. I'll always remember playing dozens of Playstation magazine demo discs at my friend when I only had Sega Master System at home. Also I'll always remember my cousin who gave us stuff like C64 or After Burner (Master System) for free. Plot twists are often equally memorable just remember the spoiler tags!
  10. Which moments in gaming made you feel it's all worth it? What made you disappoint in wasting lots of time with gaming? I'll start. I managed to avoid Assassin's Creed the movie this far. Now I watched it, kind of liked it a bit and now I want to play the Ezio stuff all over again. Building your collection of weapons and fortress and giving Ezio the most important waking hours of your life for weeks and then getting in touch with those who came before was the break point for me back in the days. That made me really enjoy gaming instead of just playing online shooters and retro games for nostalgia.
  11. I ran into this too. Which is odd since I haven't had any online activity other than automatically logging in every time I turn the console on. Also IRL I prefer blocking all the flirty girls as suspicious.
  12. Nice to see it released indeed. Not much of expectations though. The new Japanese trailer of 11 minutes of gameplay seems a bit boring. Looks like you have to solve puzzles to help a giant retard when it gets stuck.
  13. I'd like to see more about 'those who came before' but I guess they're not included in the movie. I hope it's more about assassins and templars than parkour movie for teenagers.
  14. I wasn't supporting either Clinton or Trump. I was disgusted by the way European media handled it. They declared Clinton a winner months before the election and started working on peoples' minds. Past decades newspapers could make people vote who they wanted but not anymore apparently. Also Brexit pointed that out. I'm happy to see that. From the beginning I didn't care who was elected.
  15. I don Don't know if you're going to or not plat Ratchet & Clank but I had a blast with it! Absolutely worth all the time I spent with it.