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  1. Works fine now.(-;
  2. Same problem here since today. (for the first time)
  3. Delete save files from games which are no longer installed on your PS4 harddrive.
  4. Ether One! It was horrible.
  5. So when I remove those 0% Games at my PS4, it will also be removed at psnprofiles?
  6. As long as its not clear if NG+ is needed for the plat, I really can't judge at all.
  7. Im boosting all the way, mostly when I sit on the toilet. 6-12 offline rounds until my toilet session is over. Im at 230 rounds right now. Very boring...
  8. Would be great. Someone else can confirm this?
  9. Thats true. Champion is pretty hard. I think Olympian will be too hard for me. And the plat is gone...
  10. Thoughts on Trophies?
  11. Im sorry but.... NO. Never! Make it free and I will use it. But for money? Im sorry but.... NO! Never! It's all for free if I just use my Browser.
  12. Looks easy and absolutely doable. No "Complete 100% of all main mission constraints." Trophie anymore. No stupid Multiplayer Trophie anymore.
  13. I can confirm that the Drinking Game is very easy right now. Otherwise I could imagine that it was a pain in the ass before it was patched.
  15. Sure, I did but it did not help. Meanwhile I was able to play against two other guys. But I played 4 times in a row against one of these players and 3 times in a row against the other one. At every search I only found these two players and after the games against these two players it just was like before > Can't find any players....