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  1. I honestly cant wait for this to come out, I had such a blast playing this when it first came out. Gonna be a day one purchase for me once again.
  2. He wanted too know if they were spoiler free....not peoples thoughts
  3. So yea, I wasn't expecting much from the trophy list for this game but I also wasn't expecting it too be this short either. The Order 1886 also had a pretty short trophy list and not too exciting or difficult. I just hope this isn't gonna be a thing is PS4 exclusives, I like my games to have somewhat of a challenge but not a grind fest or near impossible. Still gonna get this game though, seems like its gonna be fun playing with my friends and gf
  4. Same thing happened too me but with Rocket League, Started playing it at a friend's house a few days ago and got alot of trophies then downloaded it on my PS4 and some trophies were not there. But its good that they popped for you now
  5. Im literally about to Platinum Advanced Warfare, I just need 2 more trophies and its gonna be my 13th Plat
  6. Im going to be getting this because I was unable to get it last gen, I just hope there is enough people online so I can platinum this game...
  7. Well the easiest Platinum so far was RESOGUN And as for the hardest I would have to say KIllzone Shadow Fall. It wasn't too hard but more time consuming with the online trophies. Yes I'm talking about you Jack of All Trades.... My next attempted Platinum is going to me Tomb Raider: Definitive Version. Can't wait!