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  1. Some good tips, thanks. I did just manage to get it - not sure exactly what helped, but I was able to squeak by with 61 tourists. After using your tips I went to start working on general traffic flow around my industrial area, as I was having occasional supply issues to the commercial tourism buildings.
  2. Struggling with this one and am running out of ideas to try. The number of tourists fluctuates between 35 and 55 and I can't seem to increase it any further. I've tried everything I can think of or find online: Space elevator right next to the aviation club (bringing in between 500-1000 tourists weekly), airport nearby with bus route Metro line on the other side of club Bus route on road, with stop by metro line - connected to an intercity bus station nearby (with subsequent connections to other stations) Traffic is flowing at 80% for the entire city, but no backups near the aviation club Selected all policies that boost tourism (Boost connections, tourist travel card, airplane tours) Tried both removing all nearby attractions as well as building lots of other attractions in the area, neither seemed to influence the # visiting the club much Entire area is tourism zoned Attraction budget is set to 150% Built Eden project to increase land value (and increase # of tourists coming in) Have walking tours and sightseeing tours nearby Have a campus with exchange students with transit connection Population 175K Are there any other strategies I may be missing?
  3. In my creative game, I'm having trouble getting Cave 2 (hanging cave) to show up in my to-do list. I've visited all three entrances and have had no luck. I found an old thread saying the only way to get it to show up on the list is by dying and being taken there, which I can't do in creative. Has anyone achieved the trophy in creative mode? I know it's a bit buggy but hoping I won't have to start a new game. Edit: Guess I was a little quick in posting this. Just revisited the first entrance (southernmost on surface) and it appeared on my todo list. I had also reloaded my game beforehand, which may have helped.
  4. Just tried simulating the full 10 seasons again and had the same issue. Game froze at the end of season 9 and I am having the same issue with it not loading now. Luckily, I have a backup save at the end of season 9 now though. I also tried participating in the last race rather than simulating it, but the same issue occurs. I'll keep trying different things, but I'm worried this may be unobtainable for me. I'm playing it through PSNow, so I can't unpatch it either. Any other ideas are welcome.
  5. Anyone had issues with the game being stuck on the loading screen while in career mode? It got stuck on the last race of my 9th season. I tried reinstalling the game to no avail, seems something is wrong with my save.
  6. Hey I seen you came by, I'm still in that car crew thing right? I will be going back to it after RE2. Don't kick me please.

  7. No worries haha, just accepted! Sent invite.
  8. Accepted it Just sent an invite!
  9. Sorry for the delay everyone. I have invited/accepted all of you.
  10. Just accepted your invite. Sent you an invite!
  11. I will send you both an invite later tonight when I get home. We're at level 50 now, so you should get the trophy right away. For the next week or so, I'd be happy to invite/accept anyone looking for the trophy. Just post here or message me on PSN. I'll likely delete the game after a week though.
  12. Anyone have any tips or strategies to speed up this trophy? I'm not great at the game, so I find it difficult to time my combos at the same time, especially if the opponent needs to be in a position to lose. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Yup! Just sent an invite. We're at level 45 now, so getting close.