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  1. Hey I seen you came by, I'm still in that car crew thing right? I will be going back to it after RE2. Don't kick me please.

  2. No worries haha, just accepted! Sent invite.
  3. Accepted it Just sent an invite!
  4. Sorry for the delay everyone. I have invited/accepted all of you.
  5. Just accepted your invite. Sent you an invite!
  6. I will send you both an invite later tonight when I get home. We're at level 50 now, so you should get the trophy right away. For the next week or so, I'd be happy to invite/accept anyone looking for the trophy. Just post here or message me on PSN. I'll likely delete the game after a week though.
  7. Anyone have any tips or strategies to speed up this trophy? I'm not great at the game, so I find it difficult to time my combos at the same time, especially if the opponent needs to be in a position to lose. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Yup! Just sent an invite. We're at level 45 now, so getting close.
  9. Accepted, thanks!

  10. Still have space for members. We're up to level 40 now.
  11. Recently took over the starter crew I was placed in. Anyone is welcome to join. We're currently at level 29 but should get to level 50 fairly quickly if we have a few people working towards the platinum. Name: Platinum Platypi Tag: PLAT
  12. I'll say 171 this time.