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  1. Platinuming it feels like
  2. Did this today after too many tries to mention. The method I used is the AA12, usp 45 method. I tried M9, D.Eagle and the best I could get was 21.25, did this for about 3hrs with little joy. Switched to AA12 shotgun and usp and did it in about 1 hr 30 (took a while to get the layout after trying the other method for so long). Stating the obvious and what others have said need a little luck with the pop ups but I did the following Sprinted into the opening and shot first guy on left Doubled the next two, sprinted. The next two were close together so was able to quickly take out with one shot each, sprinted. Doubled the guy in front and the guy in the building. One shot each for roof guys and the guy in the door way Switched to usp Took out the guy as he popped on the left of the civilian (he can be the othe side also) Doubled the 2 on the right. Up stairs and meleed The guys on the left were doubled (they don't always overlap) Doubled the guys on the right. Jumped down Doubled the first guy and the guy behind him. Ran to the right Doubled the next two. Ran to the left Doubled the final two. Sprinted to the end Time - 27.5 160% accuracy Total time - 19.5 Trophy popped immediately The video below does this method (better than I) and worked better than the other method for me.
  3. Worth playing but not as good as their other bullet hell games. Some aspects were quite difficult and required playing repeatedly.
  4. Remade 'from the ground up' and out on PS4/PS5 in February!!! Day 1 purchase
  5. If I've platted the PS5 version would I need to do the PS4 version from scratch? (please say yes!) I think Like A Dragon doesn't support cross save (so a separate plat required) so am wondering if it's the same with this?
  6. Ok then....because for some reason you won't let it go.....'no more games, I can be bothered to complete without reading a English pdf translation, which is definitely not a normal thing by the way, to conquer' We good now?
  7. I don't have a PS3 to play it on nor do I speak Japanese
  8. .....I didn't as either it or Kenzan and Dead Souls are not available to me (hence no more available Yakuza series games....). Waiting for RGG to realise loads of people would buy them if they re-released them or remastered them. Tough question. I genuinely love them all........probably Kiwami 2 closely followed by 0.
  9. Just replaying Kiwami 2 now....done the karaoke minigame in one sitting in Sotenbori, each one done first time: Euro de x3 Shine - 100 - rank 1 X3 Shine - 99.79 - rank 2 TONIGHT - 99.59 - rank 3 As Long As You're Happy - 99.36 - rank 5 Otometal MY LIFE - 99.35 - rank 6 Pride From Despair - 98.82 - rank 9 Like A Butterfly - 95.78 - rank 28 ring - 95.60 - rank 54 So there we are. Otometal is not even the hardest song in this game. Even with some missed notes, I was still comfortably above 90. I've done mahjong for people before so if someone is still, for some reason, having difficulty with this let me know and I'll happily do it for you/show you how easy it is
  10. It was first released on Windows so probably was designed for a mouse and keyboard. 9.55% of players seem to have overcome this handicap however and platted it so, you know, it isn't that big a deal. In terms of overrated, each to their own, it's a perfectly good top down shooter with some difficult (but not as difficult as some people make out on this particular thread) parts to it and a story that was weird enough to gain cult status. I enjoyed it a lot and the sequel. I do find it somewhat humourous however, that people shout it's overrated but then state several of the most genuinely overrated games of all time as more 'worthy' games, GTA5 and realistic horse testicle simulator RDR2.
  11. It's not overly difficult if you've played other Yakuza games. I always say this...CyricZ is the man when it comes to guides for these games. The VF requirements are not onerous, Shogi can be cheesed with a cheat item in the game that, whilst slow, will guarantee you win every time. The challenges can be googled. Mahjong is a different kettle of fish. Many complain about it, some (including me) love it. It can be tricky to get the hang of. I include the specific aspect of the guide below. Read, understand, read and read again and then give it a go. Even if you are good at it, you will still lose a bit because of the game's random number generator not being in your favour. Ultimately, you'll either like it or you wont but every mainline Yakuza/Judgment game has it so you better get used to it! 😀 Below is a post of mine from a different thread relating to mahjong Mahjong - If you are not familiar with this there can be a steep learning curve. You essentially have to learn what makes up a valid sequence of tiles and rely on luck, skill and the RNG to meet all the requirements and become somewhat familiar with the Japanese terminology (Ron, Tsumo, Riichi etc). If you've ever played Rummy or Gin Rummy, the concept is somehwat similar. To put it simply, you need 4 groups of 3 tiles (either 3 of the same suit (3-3-3, 4-4-4 etc) or sequential tiles e.g. (1-2-3, 4-5-6 etc) or a mix of the two and one group of 2 (4-4,7-7 etc) to finish the hand but there are other ways to achieve it (7 pairs for example where yoh have 7 sets of 2 matching tiles). How things play out will depend on if you try to build your hand youself through the tiles you draw or those you steal (pon, chi)from others...if you do steal, your ability to finish a hand is reduced as when you steal your hand is no longer 'concealed' meaning the number of hands you can finish on is reduced. This is where a lot of players come unstuck because they steal and end up not being able to complete a hand because they can't achieve a han (or scoring hand). If this is you, try to play without stealing as it will complicate the process and aim to build the sets through the tiles you draw. A useful tip is to press the Square button after each tile you draw, if you have a hand where only one tile is needed, a prompt to declare 'Riichi' will pop up. When doing this, you're presented with the tiles you need in a small menu on the left hand side of the screen. Once activated the game auto plays until someone else wins or the tile you need pops up either from someone else (Ron) or you draw it (Tsumo). The idea here is to discard the tile that gives you the greatest chance of winning. The screen will tell you how many of each tile you need is still in play, the object would be to pick the option that has tje greatest chance of winning e.g the most tiles with highest numbers attached to them. 'In play' could either mean the tiles are in the communal deck to be drawn or in other player's decks. It comes down to luck. Bear in mind, no matter how good you are, sometimes you will be shafted by the RNG. In the games that allow you to save within the mahjong parlour, take advantage of this.....if the tiles don't fall your way, reload and try again. Trust me, as someone with 11 platinums across the Yakuza and Judgment series where Mahjong has been in it, in the end you will get the completion requirements if you persevere. The easiest method is to put the red dora setting on. This adds some red 5 tiles to the deck and this counts as a dora (1 han) e.g. allows you to finish a hand). Also try to build a 3 tile set of winds (N,S,W,E) or Dragons (White = blank, Red = Red symbol, Green = Green Symbol). A set of 3 matching winds or dragons = 1 han and means you can finish a hand if you can get 3 further sets of 3 and a pair. It sounds a lot more complicated then it actually is. I find the below to be an incredibly useful resource when playing Some games in the series contain a Lucky Mahjong Tile cheat item which you can find or sometimes buy which will give you an instant win though these can be hard to find or require specific actions to achieve and normally only appear once or twice in the games they appear in. The requirements for Mahjong depend on the game but routinely, you'd have to win a number of times at the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced tables winning numerous hands as you go.
  12. Judgment Shinpan and 24 Hour Cinderella are possibly my favourites alongside Otometal.....Always liked how much Majima was into Rouge of Love in Zero Tonight from Kiwami and Today is a diamond are also standouts, the latter because the impossibly chirpy video and fun theme doesn't match the lyrics at all. Baka Mitai is great especially because of the different characters who can pop up. I always found it particularly funny that Kiryu is singing Baka Mitai whilst thinking of Pocket Circuit Fighter 😅
  13. One of my favourite songs in the series, didn't really cause any trouble at all for me. Replaying them all at the moment so looking forward to playing it on both Kiwamis again
  14. Ah ok. Apologies I wasn't aware....there was a compliment in there though as you've clearly platted a lot of difficult games and have 120 more than me despite that challenge. 👍
  15. Some of these were quite popular 'back in the day', Virtua Fighter especially so it makes sense that they are included. I understand the frustration around lack of info etc maybe RGG assume that people will remember/know them (especially in the Japanese market) but if I'm honest, none of them require any real strategy to play and complete the requirements for. Virtua Fighter, Sonic the Fighters and Fighting Vipers can all be spammed extremely easily if you know the way to do it. E.G. Vanessa's back+kick+kick move which destroyed every character in Virtua Fighter 5 or Jeffry McWild with L2 in Virtua Fighter 2 in Yakuza 5. It just takes a little bit of time and a little bit of luck. As an aside, I do find it a little bit humourous that you did Puyo Puyo in the first Judgment and you have platted many games people consider to be difficult but struggled with Fighting Vipers 😅
  16. I've done the completion for this 4 times (PS4 & 5 versions of both Judgment and Lost Judgment). Exactly the same method every time. Select Bahn - spam forward and press Triangle or X for punch. It took about 20 mins for each version.
  17. It isn't really difficult, save before you play, if the RNG isn't in your favour, then restart and try again. If you're just looking at ron or tsumo completion, I find the easiest way is to get a pon of dragons (either Red, White or Green) which gives you a scoring hand and then just pon and chi until you win. I also recall getting few 7 pairs in Kiwami 2. Just have to keep at it and/or alter your strategy if it isn't working. Maybe read the below for some additional tips
  18. Or just wait for either it or the ultimate edition to be on sale
  19. It comes quite easily if you are running around alot. Running down Isezaki Road in Ijincho and Nakamichi and Tenkaichi st in Kamurocho produced a few for me.
  20. PS3 only isn't it....sadly not available for me
  21. To heavily paraphrase Hans Gruber in Die Hard 'When Artty44 saw the breadth of his Yakuza series trophy list, he wept for there were no more available Yakuza series games to conquer' 14 platinums in the series in just over a year and now I have run out. The best series of games I've ever played. The full list. Yakuza 3 - 10th February 2021 Yakuza 0 - 6th March 2021 Yakuza Kiwami - 14th March 2021 Yakuza Kiwami 2 - 25th March 2021 Yakuza 4 - 5th April 2021 Yakuza 5 - 2nd May 2021 Yakuza 6 - 10th May 2021 Yakuza: Like A Dragon (PS5) - 26th May 2021 Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise - 14th June 2021 Judgment (PS5) - 5th July 2021 Judgment (PS4) - 28th September 2021 Lost Judgment (PS5) - 14th October 2021 Yakuza: Like A Dragon (PS4) - 10th February 2022 Lost Judgment (PS4) - 26th February 2022
  22. CyricZ's won't miss anything
  23. Good job! I just platted it for the 2nd time....I loved it first time around but somehow enjoyed it even more on second run. In the end my party was Ichiban as Hero, Zhao as Gangster (didn't use him much on first plat), Eri as Clerk and Saeko as idol. All at lvl 99 and 99 for their main jobs and around 25-30 for 3 or 4 others. I maxed out Ichibans weapon to EX EX level and the other 3 party members had ex +4 and EX +6 which probably wasn't totally necessary but it didn't hurt. They all had ice spreader from the host/hostess job, fire magic from the foreman/night queen jobs and fulminating forecast from the Fortune teller job for the men with Ichiban also having Orbital laser. Ichiban also had hero's embrace as a backup cure all in case Saeko was incapacitated and couldn't use Magical Concert. The main trick I found to the last fight is having courage pendants equipped to protect from the fear caused by Malicious Grin (and preferably something to protect against paralysis) and summoning Mr Masochist after Amon goes into beast mode and uses malicious grin, he uses orbital laser on the next turn and Masochist allows you to tank it. Once you survive that bit you can poundmate the group (don't use Kiryu's) to take them down quickly after that and use group blunt attacks such as Essence of Ladder acrobatics (Zhao) and Essence of Telephone Nunchaku (Eri). Once you're down to Kiryu you can just Ice Spreader him to death. He doesn't hit that hard and won't hit women so Eri and Saeko are free to heal the group if necessary.
  24. Just in case anyone else needs the dosh. You can also use the legends poundmates which is helpful in a pinch at 1m each.
  25. For the money, replay the first 4 stages of the Sotenbori Battle Arena and complete the requirements for the bonus prize on each stage. Doing this takes roughly 5 minutes and you will get the golden insects required to make the Noveau Riche Crown at Romance Workshop. This multiplies the amount of money you make. You need 2 of each insect so 14 runthroughs (assuming you have no golden insects in your stock) of the first 4 battles will get you the ingredients for one crown for each character. Took me about an hour and a bit all told. Equip all of these and you will double your money. A single run of the Millenium tower will deliver 55m Yen. You could also do the last 5 stages of the battle arena (26-30) and complete the bonus requirements. You'll get an electric whip which sells for 1m, a set of Dragon Boots, Dragon Kinagashi and Dragon Helm which sell for 300k each and if you use the poundmate, Megumi, for the 30th battle you will get 4m+ for that battle alone. Noveau Riche crowns on all 7 of the party will deliver 410k each battle for the first 4 battles. This took me 4minutes and 45 seconds to do these 4 battles so you can easily make 8m yen for 5 mins work