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  1. Might try and get theĀ infallible trophy on fall guys today, everytime i look at the game on my list it taunts me lol

  2. Plat # 33 Assassins Creed 2 (Ps4)

    Now to become part of the brotherhood

  3. 6am and drinking chocolate milk, good times :)

  4. Thank you very much for the pass, i used guess pass number 2 (WZCAE74TXPL) Now i can watch some anime
  5. Welcome to the site
  6. I really want to game today but feel so sleepy, Only managed to wake up because neighbour's dog was barking outside lol

  7. Did you try using the playstation store via a pc and not the console... i tried and it popped up.
  8. Mostly i buy from Amazon, but if the game i want is pricey i try or Simply games.
  9. Welcome to the site. Enjoy you're stay
  10. Welcome to the site Hope you enjoy you're stay here,
  11. EU and US can play together cross platform PS3 - PS4 and PC You just have to both pick the same world and server when creating you're characters and you will play together.
  12. Welcome to the forums, hope you have a happy time here
  13. Welcome to the world of Ps4 and to the forum Many great games await you.
  14. Daily goals for today, #1 Play Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor. #2 Eat Ice-Cream. Not the greatest of goals, but its a start

    1. WidthOfACircle


      Sounds like a great day to me!

  15. Welcome, Hope you enjoy you're stay here and happy gaming