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  1. this rumor was probably started by a jealous Xbox user. i feel I should add that this is a joke and not serious. Haha.
  2. I actually enjoyed a lot of the games I've played so far. At first I used them to bridge the time between longer plats as little throw away games but found myself getting into the stories or gameplay. I find a lot of the games differ from each other but they all have a sort of charm mixed in with the grime.
  3. Super weekend mode NA PS4 - 3m56s
  4. I ended up getting it in the long run but Digimon Alll-Star Rumble came close to breaking me mentally. Was down to the last digicard I needed, got most of the games trophies in November, finally got the last card I needed the next year in July. Playing the same levels over and over again with Wormmon as he slowly hopped along the levels to get to the last stage where the card had a random chance of being... I sometimes still see him hopping along when I close my eyes....
  5. Sorry I was at work but glad someone got you the info. Hope it works out for you.!
  6. Put yourself on the wait list. I did and I managed to get a copy this morning.
  7. I'm blaming my roommate, he came home from work and than boom! Network goes down. Haha
  8. I really want to play this game but I don't want to spend that kind of money on it. Going to put it on my watch list for sales
  9. At first glance when I woke up I thought this was based off the anime "Maria the Virgin witch" at that point I was like dear God why, now after having some coffee and seeing it again I noticed the error of my ways but still got a good laugh out of it.
  10. Sweet, looks like I might just be a Legend than, if you'll have me. haha I also have to say loving this idea, thanks for starting it up.
  11. The worse part about picking up a game on the way to work is the wait until you get home...

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    2. Lord_of_Ra


      ^Shit, that happened to me once or twice. At the third time I ate in front of the people. Damn hungry.

    3. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls


    4. TheGnomeWarrior


      That does sound pretty bad, yet all I can picture is Peter Griffin slowly eating chips.

  12. The worse part about picking up a game on the way to work is the wait until you get home...

  13. Do I still get Legend if I am missing the Bloodborne DLC?
  14. A day off that is not a hoilday... time for some gaming!

  15. PSN ID: TheGnomeWarrior Systems: All of the Above, PS3, PSVITA, PS4. Add on: I will most likely Add blank friend requests but would be nice if you like me know you saw me here. I am usually a solo gamer but can and will play multiplayer games. I fancy myself a trophy hunter and enjoy playing all types of games. game type of choice is RPG. I am not playing the PS4 a lot right now, still have a lot of work to do on the PS3.