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  1. Played the PS4 port of AC5 earlier tonight and it's kinda strange. The CG sequences and gameplay are in full 16x9, and triggered Supersampling on my PS4 Pro, so they may be displaying in full 4k. It was buttery smooth... Noticeably less quality than AC7, of course, but still LOADS better than the original. The strange part is that all of the menus and briefing screens are in 4:3 with the sides blanked out. Not 100% why this is the case, but at least the important stuff is full resolution. So it's definitely NOT like the other PS2 remasters like Dark Cloud or Wild Arms 3. Bandai Namco DID put some extra work into the CG and Gameplay to make them buttery smooth and full screen.
  2. I never have to touch this game again. I'M FREE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-eVT4Jb520
  3. Well, this won't matter next week! Neon Chrome will be one of the June 2017 PS Plus freebies. ^^d
  4. Well, it's one of the PS Plus Freebies for Feb 2017. ^^d
  5. I'm the same, though I think it's got more to do with having depth perception so you can gauge distance on the 'beats' better.
  6. Get in the car.
  7. Took me 5 months to get 100%. I did not mess with the clock, and only made one purchase. Still haven't completed Earth, but I don't really care beyond the trophies. I will probably just ignore it unless they actually add upgrade patches.
  8. Heh... Just got a message on Twitter from the author of PSDLE, @RePod37: https://twitter.com/RePod37/status/802760970166763520
  9. Yeah, I've been a PS Plus subscriber almost the whole time... I've got tons of games I own, but never fired up. Doing this on the PS3, Vita and PS4 would take a ridiculous amount of time. I also figured that this would be something others would appreciate as well. What makes you think I haven't? >
  10. Is there a way to add games purchased but not played to the Trophy Advisor? There's a Chrome Plugin called PSDLE that can scrape one's download list when visiting the PSN Store, so perhaps a similar method could be used for this extra function?
  11. Ow, my arm. Apologies to my poor abused X button.
  12. May not be free, but with the VR update, Hyper Void is now one of the cheaper and longer lasting PSVR titles. Definitely one to grab!
  13. Here's a tip (not just for Killah)... 15 minutes is NOT ENOUGH. This game is not a short-play game. Playing a level from beginning to end will usually take at least 30-45 minutes. If you need to stop, just keep in mind that it saves at the beginning of each 'day', so for better or for worse, you'll lose everything you've done since the last 'break time'. This can be useful if something gets screwed up. Another thing about 'Break Time': Any 'loose' ingredients will disappear, so be careful. Anything that's being carried by yourself or a robot will be safe, but anything laying on the ground in a 'bubble' will be lost, so be careful if you're collecting ingredients near the end of a day!
  14. I spent 5 hours trying to find species 10/10 today and it ended up being on a floating island (and strictly diurnal). I hadn't been paying attention to those because I didn't think they'd spawn up there. ^^;
  15. Shame there's a profanity filter. I don't think anyone would oppose naming those cave beetles 'Little Bastards'. It's certainly been a natural thing to fall from MY lips when encountering them...