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  1. well yeah, I even said that in the OP. what I don't understand is why I got pick #24 despite being ranked #7 after the Zion game (which is the last event before drafting begins)
  2. I was ranked #7 overall after the Zion game (top 14 get trophy AFAIK) but didn't get the trophy, and the Roster says I was pick #24. What gives?
  3. It glitched on me in the same way - got platinum on all 39, and dev on 4-5. When I read your theory, I'd already closed the app to investigate. When I booted it back up, I started grinding the Mangum Training platinum medal (takes 6s), and the trophy popped after 10-15 platinum medals. So your theory isn't entirely correct, but repeating challenges did make the trophy pop. I'm curious if one could get the trophy simply by grinding the same challenge just as I did, rather than doing every challenge
  4. yes, 594 stars autopops. the first achiever is a PS5 user who immediately autopopped the PS4 stack too. kinda fucks over PS4 first achievers due to the autopop since PS5 is much faster and arguably easier to get 594 stars in, but it is what it is. that's why these cross-gen stack leaderboards don't really mean anything
  5. You read her post too early and missed her edit (courtesy of me ):
  6. @Darkette How exactly did you grind XP to reach lv7 (# rounds), and how long did it take? I just hit lv6 (6k XP) after like 8h of grinding... I'm in disbelief that I seemingly need 10k for lv7. I've been doing 50-round games for the most part. I tried the 400-round strat near the end of lv5, and it gave me 1 egg/little man and just barely took me to lv6 As a side note, seems the 1,000 kills is glitched. Should I just do it again on a new profile? nvm lol, it popped just now at ~2800 kills
  7. let me know if it starts to work again. i ran into the same issue, which is why i've abandoned the game for now. it's as if i'm shadowbanned from matchmaking with my other PS4
  8. Thanks for the even simpler breakdown. But why did you change your hat after the first 400 matches? The OP seems to advise against it, corroborated by the video which shows him hatching all 8 eggs at once rather than starting from ~5 eggs like you did. I was under the impression that after hatching 3-4 eggs, your progress is reset at the next hatching screen
  9. So to clarify: Reach level 6 to raise 1 little man Play 400 rounds (3 cups) with the settings you mentioned 150 rounds for cup #1 150 rounds for cup #2 100 rounds for cup #3 Repeat #2 So 800 rounds without leaving... is that right? Why should we suicide instead of killing the other player? What is the benefit of "equalizing" (killing both players with grenade)? Instead of doing 3 cups at 150-150-100, can we instead do 4 cups at 100-100-100-100?
  10. you never know which games will get a PS5 stack with save transfer
  11. just wondering, why do some trophy lists get renamed for readability (e.g. Legendary Edition: Mass Effect) while others don't, namely stacks (e.g. JoJo and Persona Dancing)? i believe Mango once said the original names cannot be changed, but it seems like many do get changed
  12. anyone know if custom matches similarly work for the 20 wins + 20 1st places?
  13. I managed to self-boost a decent amount in late 2020, but something about the matchmaking has changed... I've spent the past 2 days trying to matchmake my 2 PS4s in various ways, to no avail. Not a single matchup with my alt. Any boosting secrets? (i'm guessing not, since all of you seem to play this JFF)
  14. This is the most recent info I can find about the exploit, and it indicates you can still save scum, so not sure if it's worth adding to the list