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  1. (This is for the Korean stack of Assetto Corsa) The ultimate edition is on sale (here), and I guess the regular version is either delisted or disc-only... Do I need to buy a physical copy, or will the ultimate edition grant me the KR stack? EDIT regular CUSA07602 UE CUSA11487 UE seems to be shared with other regions such as EU, so im guessing only the regular ver. disc stacks...
  2. really looking forward to the wave of salt that hits shore as people gradually realize over the coming years that single player !== offline, and to never trust trophy guides
  3. these games should form a series https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3468-ride https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3464-ride https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5220-ride-2 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8309-ride-3 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11394-ride-4
  4. Scratch that... I've edited the OP with my findings: Just saw this recent thread about the trophy being obtainable on v1.00. I'd thought Hive was an online-only game, but it's not -- it can be played locally with up to 4p (splitscreen). I deleted the patch, and sure enough, I got the 10 killstreak trophy. Perhaps the plat is obtainable after all...
  5. My NA copy is still at v1.13, so yes it must still be unobtainable
  6. congrats woggly, you certainly deserved it the most. I'm trying my luck now, even though it's likely too late. At the very least, it's another glimmer of hope for those dedicated enough to keep trying. I am curious how often you tried; every day? how many matches each session? etc... Also, can anyone confirm whether you actually need to be in the same team+squad for the trophy to pop? I have 3 PS3, but that doesn't do much... Just now in this first match, my 2 alts are on the opposite team. Would like to know whether I should retry or let the match finish in these scenarios
  7. would you mind elaborating on how Popori Brawler makes the game easier? I'm starting the AS stack soon with a friend and am currently researching which classes we should be for the easiest/fastest time
  8. was really hoping to grind out the kills before all the poor people populated the servers via PS+ and make boosting much longer, but at least it sounds like there's still hope for a fix...
  9. finally got a response from the devs https://twitter.com/CatnessGames/status/1300732466332930049?s=20 @JorgeSleep
  10. i still have about ~1200 games i haven't platted yet. Even with these exploits, I'll still never plat them all before i die, but they certainly do help thin out the backlog
  11. nice, this should cut the plat time down quite a bit. shame; it looked like it would've been fun to do legit
  12. >"i can't actually argue anything you wrote, so i'll try some ad hominems" keep seething, and don't forget to dilate i've got nothing to prove, unlike you, who spends every waking moment trying to repent for stacking Albedo 3x
  13. lol, you see how your narrative falls apart? "team games are ez to carry solo, except.. well... a lot of them" and i can argue you're just bad at Team Tail Tag since you can give tails to your teammates (grab them to communicate this), and you can grab enemies so your teammates can get their tail easily serious question, have you played the game at all within the past week or so? you probably still think destroying the bottom floor in Hexagone is a foolproof strategy to win every time it's very telling that you didn't even mention Rock N Roll as an RNG game, since teammates often fuck off to fruitlessly try sabotaging other teams the fact you haven't lost a Hoopsie Daisy and haven't been contested with Fall Ball kickoff goals doesn't indicate you're good, just that you haven't played the game much lately I closely follow the meta and know most/all of the strats to win/carry, and my opponents often do too. Maybe the game just uses SBMM or something, idk what to say
  14. mine crashed too; youre safe
  15. yup, still works after that hotfix. My blacklist grew as my streak grew, but basically: 0 streak = nothing 1 streak = jinxed 2 streak = perfect match (low risk, but also low reward) 3 streak = every elimination game except Slime Climb (but honestly, you should have enough time to quit them all except maybe Perfect Match) 4 streak = nothing? (I didn't encounter Slime Climb, but might wanna quit that depending on your confidence) i played most of the team modes and quit if we didn't have a solid lead in the last 10s. The hardest part is not being stubborn in the finale. I was often too stubborn to quit on Hexagone cuz you always convince yourself you can clutch it (even on the bottom floor), and that cost me 1-2 streaks. But sometimes that's simply the only way to win...