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  1. Hey. It's me. 


    Armored Core 6. That's it. 

  2. Popped both my plats, thanks. For the PS4 stack I had to enter a match to pop some that should've popped in hideout, but all is well - thanks for the assist!
  3. Which trophies are you still having trouble with? For each trophy, what does your career progress say you should be at? 1250/1000 assists >30/30 crew contracts 498k/250k XP (as per XP chart) This one popped on PS4, but isn't popping on PS5. Which platforms do you play on? PS4/PS5 (started on PS5 and played on that version mostly) Did you play the trial (either at Block Party last May, or playing up to Street Rank 25) before buying the game, or did you buy before you started playing? Latter (PS+)
  4. Hey man, it's me.


    Wanted to visit the ol' profilerino to let you know that I think you're a super terrific person and that being Canadian isn't the worst thing in the world : ^   )

  5. Hey dude, it's me again. 


    Could help but notice you platted Dirt 5 in like 15 minutes. You have any tips for a stupid fucking neophyte like myself on how I can plat a game in 15 minutes? Do I need to play harder games? 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      My guess is autopop

    3. hore


      the plat is highly skill-dependent, and boy was i skilled after the first stack...

    4. CelestialRequiem


      Go for something less daunting next time. Like Sol Cresta. 

  6. Not sure if you meant to quote me, but I haven't done this, so I'm not sure. I assume it copies the exact amount rather than adding it, but if you test it and it works, do let us know
  7. This thread's methods don't seem to work on PS5. Husky's Charles method may work (see Mad Max subforum), but I personally just download the games onto my PS4 (using method #1) and then transfer them to my PS5. One way to do this is via external storage, but this will force-start game updates as soon as you plug the drive into a console - and this behavior happens independently of any "automatic update" settings. This is especially problematic if you have really good internet - if I don't switch from wired to wifi beforehand, the game is probably updated before I can even pause it. Another way is via LAN transfer, and this didn't force-start game updates when I've used it, but it's more effort than just swapping via external. Also, for people having issues doing this on PS4 (method #1, at least), start by making sure you're not trying to launch PSX from the download folder - I'd move it to the desktop. The PSX folder must also be whitelisted on any antivirus software. Lastly, if you don't see a green checkmark in the PSX startup window, give it a few more tries (this worked for my friend). Tips: Always test it by starting a download for a game you know the size of. For instance, I know Mercenary Kings v1.00 is a ~328 MB download, so if I see that, I know I'm all set. Likewise, if you encounter a connection error that pauses the download, repeat that process before resuming your primary download - sometimes it stops working and you'll need to restart PSX The download speed is based primarily on your PC's connection, not your PS4's. I was averaging 2-4 MB/s with a wired PS4 and wireless PC, but when I switched that around, it spiked to the 25-30 MB/s range
  8. @DangerSpice Can you check my crew contract progress? Something strange happened where my 2 friends got the trophy last week but I didn't. I think I have a rough idea of what happened, but some things don't add up. So to preface, my friends and I have been in the same crew the entire time - a crew that I created. I'm certain we didn't complete 30 crew contracts last week, but I accidentally kicked my friend from the crew and when he rejoined, his trophy popped. I did the same thing to my other friend, and it popped for him too. So it seems like some sort of exploit to get credit for the same crew contracts by rejoining the crew. But when I promoted one of them to leader and attempted the same exploit on myself, it didn't work... But yeah, it'd be nice to hear that my crew contracts are still incrementing properly and that I'm close. I should be at 24-26, I'd think. And my friends' PSNs are Mrlazyman213 and Dovahki1nn, if you'd like to investigate the glitch
  9. Is there any additional autopop for PS4->PS5 (i.e. an explicit save transfer option), or is it equally as limited?
  10. Anyone have updated info about this (or more specifically, the autopop)? Judging by the 100% Club of both versions, the game seems to autopop, but nobody on the forums has mentioned it
  11. Any updated info on this? Perhaps I should just transfer my save prior to collecting the final collectible...
  12. So how does the save transfer work with regard to trophies? Surely it must have some degree of autopop
  13. Ugh, sucks to hear the save transfer is still fucked :/ Wonder if Ubi will ever bother to fix it. For now, I've added a warning to the OP that it's still broken
  14. What's our next project, and why is it EDF 4.1? 

    1. hore


      I do own that game actually (3 stacks, in fact), but my surface-level research indicated the games are much easier/quicker offline (i.e. solo), do you know anything about that?

    2. CelestialRequiem


      I don't. That's good insight though -- so I'll look into it. 

  15. Cross-gen Ubisoft games have been acting up the past 4-6 months (R6 and AC:V not autopopping correctly), so it's not guaranteed this will work, but it's what worked for me at the time (and that other guy, it seems). Good luck!