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  1. there's literally no info about this trophy anywhere what does this entail? hopefully it's just a mega-grind and not broken
  2. any info about whether there will be cross buy and/or save transfer?
  3. a player finally showed up, and so this seems like the NA stack. meanwhile, the other stack has all EU players. and no, a jp ps4 stack doesn't necessitate a ps5 one. see Fortnite
  4. i gilded every base game event and the gold medal trophy didn't pop, so DLC is definitely required for plat
  5. yes, the DLC is integrated into the main game, and yes, the guide has confusing wording. That excerpt makes no sense and doesn't really tell us anything. I'm not certain whether the DLC events are required for plat, but i've made a list of them and will actively try to avoid them to see if the gold trophies still pop.
  6. have you been able to personally confirm this by knowing which events are DLC and which aren't? There's always several new events available, so surely we can just avoid the DLC ones... i've made a list of the DLC events, below
  7. doesn't work on ps3; once you press join, the game won't let you interrupt it. pressing custom games does nothing
  8. dont think it works on ps5 unless someone finds a workaround. method 1 & 2 both failed method 1 yields error CE-106444-9 when trying to download the game. starting download remotely via PC doesn't work either method 2 only gives me useless /ppkgo/ links
  9. my friend and I had this issue too. that's some shitty programming
  10. i have ~1600 unplatted games in my backlog; my ps5 resolution is to get that number to 3k
  11. great news, but then why did you say: did you initially start dropping nukes for a match already in progress...?
  12. oh, good to know. too bad none of my friends really have a Ps5 yet if you or anyone else is trying to fill a boosting group, hit me up
  13. what makes it easy, turning off crossplay i suppose?
  14. no clue; haven't played any of these new ubi games - just heard people say it's too much trouble to try cross-saving every trophy I didn't know ACV has manual saves - how many save slots are there? I assume it would work the same if I do everything on the Ps5 version, making manual saves to pop the Ps4 counterparts?