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  1. yeah, i've been a major opponent of that anti-platinum propaganda bs for quite some time now. I've taken matters into my own hands, with a userscript now, plats are all that matters, and nonplats (like Blood Dragon) don't exist
  2. Good shout; I used that AI glitch to speedrun the campaign to do that 1 online trophy, but forgot to include it also added some OC: Override: Mech City Brawl | The current patch requires a paid DLC skin to unlock 'Elevated Look', but this can be bypassed by reverting to v1.00; see this post for details.
  3. holy shit that's an amazing breakthough. Thank you for your service to this website!! I'll definitely do it this Summer then
  4. I appreciate all the support. I picked a bad time to make this dispute, as it's the 1 day I actually left the house. Still haven't read most of this thread, but I've gotten tonnes of support on Discord, and I'm honored. Since this is my last dispute, and potential employers will undoubtedly refer back to it to assess my qualification as a software engineer, I'll clear some things up: Yes, I got a modder to pop Big Leagues after I'd done all other trophies. Since I've made public posts admitting this, it should be clear that I've never really cared about the leaderboards, as it's much more satisfying for me to have the platinum. I've intentionally been making my milestones n-1 (399, 499...) because I knew I'd eventually unhide BO2 (or have it whitelisted) and these milestones would be corrected to 400, 500, etc. None of my plats were achieved via CFW, and my hardest trophies are proudly uploaded to YT (SMB, Wolfenstein 2, Outlast 2). But, there's always the chance I paid someone to do them and merely uploaded their footage. It doesn't actually matter. What matters is that anyone can achieve any hard trophy, if they're stubborn enough. Whether or not CFW timestamps exist on my profile is irrelevant. CFW was the thesis of this flag, which has been disproved -- that speaks for itself. The real danger is that anyone can get indisputably flagged if they stir the pot too much. Grimy's previously mentioned other games like RAGE and CoD Classic, and made it seem like those reports could get approved at any time. So if you're passionate about the leaderboards for some reason, my advice is to kiss ass and lay low, otherwise somebody will expose you for that time your PS3 glitched and popped a trophy 7 seconds later than normal. Or they'll fabricate evidence as Yuri has attempted, trying to equate requesting Dead Rising 2 co-op help to requesting a DR2 save file. if the unobtainable trophies are synced after they become unobtainable, that's suspicious. Risky & stupid to leave now-unobtainable trophies unsynced. But even then, obviously it should be a case-by-case basis. Safe to say I don't think anybody would mind if that Resistance 2 flag stayed.
  5. i first boosted most of the trophies with @pot1414, and lately i've resumed boosting with @a3069namebke. Both users will corroborate that i've played with them https://ibb.co/p3tf2BG // time played https://ibb.co/4jWsXB5 // MP wins https://ibb.co/P42F44r // current XP (I don't even have the level 38 trophy yet) dw, once this is lifted I'll be unhiding BO2 to protect your precious echo chamber of a leaderboard. Enjoy competing with everyone else that has only 1 PS3 and doesn't understand how syncing works I have 3 false flags now, and I won't be disputing any more. Only in a dystopia are people guilty until proven innocent, and I hope more people realize that and start disregarding the leaderboards
  6. GIONAScm2 Driver: San Francisco Reason: proxy report by anonymous: https://i.imgur.com/wolu5K2.png - online only trophies synced unreasonably late - CFW or mimicking CFW No wonder RD left this superficial, dystopic site 🤡 only reason i'm disputing is to add this to my signature Steps to reproduce: 1. Own 2+ PS3s 2. Have your main PS3 being used for something, and thus you must boost on your other PS3 one day (save is stored in server) 3. Pop a trophy, but don't sync it (offline mode masterrace), and furthermore, don't use that 2nd PS3 for a couple months 4. Congrats on your CFW! 🤡 clowns
  7. lol they told you to scram? must be their first MP boost to think that'd work
  8. good post, but not worth renting the game over (I don't even like fighting games). I'll wait til they sell 20mil copies
  9. just noticed this stack is not part of the SGW series, despite being registered as a stack of the WW version https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/10577-sniper-ghost-warrior-contracts
  10. you can get it easily without DLC by reverting to v1.00: Do most of the game on the current patch. Get enough coins to buy every skin for any mech (except the paid DLC skin). Note: v1.00 doesn't have coins; you cannot buy skins, and getting duplicates gives you nothing. When you're ready, revert to v1.00 and the trophy will pop when you reach the main menu.
  11. it waits some time before auto-starting. the longest humans will wait is 1-2 mins, so around that then werewolf queues are 3-10 mins cuz there's only 3 and it's the only way to have a good time in this game
  12. they did add bots. 15-18 of 'humans' are bots now. they don't have a squad; they just stand still and shoot in your general direction. this let me get 15 kills in a match once and no, you dont need to wait til Dawn to turn now; you just need 5 blood points. static/bot/human corpses are worth 1/2/3 each
  13. since EU stack has legit achievers, you'd assume NA is also possible despite no legit achievers yet. After all, NA has much less game owners But no, it's somehow unobtainable. The 10 kill steak doesn't pop. Tried on all 3 game modes, with different characters, and even in the offline Survival mode i've tweeted the devs and recommend you do the same
  14. inb4 "hardest plats" ends up being soulsborne or easily boosted games ...and best hunters ends up being based around subscribers/twitter followers
  15. Should try contacting devs and see if they'll reset your progress. Ubisoft and EA have done that before