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  1. My friend had his progress wiped too; makes me scared to start this. Hopefully the servers smooth out soon, but not exactly sure how we'd know if/when that happens...
  2. I was really worried about this challenge, and after finally doing it on WW with 11.48, I feared the CN stack would take another dozen or so attempts, but voila - 13.43 first try May this serve as inspiration for future generations
  3. If someone could write one of those pseudo-trophy guide comments so I can quickly knock out these plats, that'd be great
  4. Also, CN list has less trophies because it lacks The London Heist minigame, which sucks because that was the most enjoyable one
  5. You still can't stack this game if you meet any of the below criteria: Already reached lv50 (Maxed Out) on only one version Already purchased all customization items prior to popping "Buy a customisation item" and "Spend 100,000 money" trophies on both stacks Aside from those 3 trophies, the rest should be stackable normally (with just a single console). I went PS4->PS5; PS5->PS4 should also work, but I obviously can't confirm.
  6. Any chance Sword and Fairy 7 uses server-based save transfer (like FF7R) so we can at least autopop all PS5 regions?
  7. I'm still seeing recent achievers, maybe you just got unlucky? https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/5358-playstation-vr-worlds/2-king-of-the-road I've been meaning to do this, so hopefully you just got unlucky 😅
  8. Nearly a year later, I finally finished the grind and was able to pop both plats, so huge thank you to OP for sharing this workaround. Just to confirm, Tooled Up and Geared Up autopopped without issue. I did a lot of research, and these two weren't stackable at launch, but they were fixed a couple years ago. I got my first plat on the PS4 stack, then played a match on PS5 stack and these last 2 trophies popped. To anyone interested in trying this, it's fairly simple to do, but there are risks: One person tried the workaround and ended up getting locked out of both Maxed Out (lv50) trophies Planning XP: You get 500/400/300 XP for placing 1st/2nd/3rd+ in a match. I grinded my XP in TDM since you always get either 400 or 500. You will need to carefully plan lv49->50 such that you're guaranteed to level up on both game instances regardless of outcome. Supposedly there are other trophies that people are unable to re-earn, like spending money and buying an item. So be sure to stack these trophies before you buy everything in the shop, for example.
  9. I wish I could buy a superlike for this post, the community needs more of these savepopping guides
  10. "Replacing PSNP rarity with PSN rarity would be absurd" - why? Is it because trophies are a niche of the overarching PSN ecosystem, thus PSN rarity is skewed and meaningless? I hope that's not the reason, because the same can be said about DLC rarity, since completionism is similarly a niche of the overarching trophy ecosystem. Forum otakus detest and vehemently deny this notion, yet platonism is the prevailing approach to trophy hunting outside of these otaku communities. If these people aren't just whURs seeking to inflate their stats, then there's always Husky's script to display "global" DLC rarity.
  11. GOTY: Sol Cresta Trophy Guide written by CelestialRequiem Exceptional Trophy Guides: Atelier Sophie 2: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Dream Trophy Guide written by jermthejerm Sol Cresta Trophy Guide written by CelestialRequiem Exceptional Gameplay Guides: Grand Theft Auto III - Is That All You've Got? written by TugaSonic Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker Encounter Guide (Pandæmonium) written by zekunlu Exceptional DLC Guides: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth - Repentance DLC Trophy Guide written by BalefulFrog Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker DLC Trophy Guide written by zekunlu and MakoSOLIDER New Author Excellence: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout Characters Guide written by Seamndel Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Trophy Guide written by hishomie1 Retro Enthusiasts: Splatterhouse Trophy Guide written by xTOTHORO Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space Trophy Guide written by JFwibbles Exceptional Use of Original Content: Ticket to Ride: USA and France - The Complete Trophy Guide written by NemoG Devil May Cry 4 - Bloody Palace Guide written by UnhallowedBlood Exceptional Use of Formatting: Spelunky Trophy Guide written by SquidGeneral10 and Uzi_wad DragonFang Z Trophy Guide written by AihaLoveleaf
  12. I just ran into your profile and saw the pfp, love the edited version, gave me a good chuckle.

  13. I'm surprised the people lobbying for ego-stroking inflated DLC rarity aren't also lobbying for PSN rarity to replace PSNP rarity
  14. I ran into a game breaking glitch near the end of the story, so just waiting for a patch. I have a bunch of notes about how the savepop works, so maybe I will make a guide if I'm not too bitter when this glitch finally gets patched. I was in a similar boat to you, but I also had a midgame save at Destination: Skellige, which was helpful to save time winning the Gwent tournament and having a starting point for the fist fights and horse races. As a general rule, every quantitative trophy can be savepopped, even the 50 headshots provided you didn't revert/overwrite the save afterwards like most people did. The main and side quests will need to be redone obviously. If you wish to savepop the other stacks, my advice is to change Autosave Interval to the minimum (2 mins, iirc), and whenever a quest trophy pops, just reload an autosave from beforehand and create a manual save. This will sync the manual save to the cloud, which can then be loaded on any of the other stacks.
  15. I don't think that's true... I used this workaround for all 3 level trophies (10, 25, 50) and the XP/coins were only saved for the match that finished last. So if I got 400xp on PS4 and then 500xp on PS5 a couple minutes later, the 400xp would be erased from history once the stats update (e.g. rebooting game)