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  1. well, there's some good news at least... Those of you that have seen my threads know that MLB 16 has been abruptly unobtainable for almost 2 weeks. My friend and I emailed the devs over the weekend, and, well...
  2. i was gonna reach out to devs personally, but turns out they shutdown 8 years before Goldeneye did lol these game servers are clearly still situated in someplace; there must be at least a janitor that regularly enters the server facility that would reboot the servers if we asked, but I've no clue how we'd find such information Support staff are useless idiots trained only to help even bigger idiots that just need to reset their router to fix their problems. Sadly it seems the only way to address these advanced issues is to have enough influence to make an outraged tweet or thread go viral. And something tells me that ain't happening
  3. jesus christ... the absolute state of PS3 servers imma be salty if i actually need to wipe my friends list
  4. That's a very cool trick; are you saying the weapons don't retain their infinite ammo though? (like RPG as you mention) If they do have infinite ammo, I'd absolutely love to do this!
  5. Neither of the trophy guides marks this as an online trophy, but i'm skeptical... It would have to provide these daily missions using the internal clock a la OlliOlli 2, which is very rare to see https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/715590-freedom-wars/70635986?slog=1 Special ops also seem to have been added post-launch (source) ...thots?
  6. while we're at it, you guys should check MLB The Show 16 as it's seemingly been down for a week for my friends and I if it's in fact down, we ought to email [email protected]
  7. Found their email address; apparently they're quite responsive on it in regards to MLB fixes, so it's worth a shot [email protected]
  8. see: figured this needed more attention. Blame Sly for giving every stack its own subforum devs' Twitter: https://twitter.com/SonySanDiego
  9. multiple sources indicate the weekly challenge isn't showing up (both PS3+PS4) more people should confirm so we can start harassing the devs, if true EDIT: 1 week later, still not working. Try contacting the dev/pub: https://twitter.com/SonySanDiego
  10. what a mediocre video; such a joke that he didn't put Flappy Goat on there
  11. diamond cup is actually super easy on vita, as there's a glitch every week or so it's not even UR
  12. is this still happening? or did i miss the follow-up still see that game as untested
  13. dunno if this has been mentioned yet, but there's a glitch (for me at least) where Sessions are not showing "all games", even while having the box checked in Settings
  14. nice tip, this will be handy dandy now to just figure out how to pop the more obscure trophies like Slapocalypse and hitting the enemy Tower ground level with a flying Elemental p.s. why'd u give up on the AS stack
  15. i can connect fine, but the trophy guide implied you could just start from lv7 but you can only start from lv1... not gonna bother with this online trophy unless someone'd invite me to their game