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  1. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13756-sniper-ghost-warrior-contracts-2 is missing from its series https://psnprofiles.com/series/225-sniper-ghost-warrior
  2. So for clarification: Be one match away from lv50 Have both versions of the game open Play a match on PS4 for the trophy Play a match on PS5 and trophy should pop again Is that correct, or do I need to start a match on both consoles at the same time?
  3. what's the quickest way to suicide?
  4. Jeez, save some info for the trophy guide!! lol It was definitely thrilling. Can't comment on the KH3 comparison since I don't do DLC and haven't played a KH game, but at least these trophies are rarer! Really grateful you guys came along and gave me the motivation to finally finish this game*. *...'s online trophies
  5. The game is on sale currently, but I see the last wave of achievers was on Sep 24 (for featured event). Will there be another?
  6. there actually is another AC game you can plat
  7. Nobody seems to know this, but animus hacks don't permanently disable trophies or saving, and they can therefore be exploited when replaying missions. Credit goes to this TA solution How animus hacks work: When you activate a cheat like invulnerability, it seamlessly becomes active when you unpause the game. While the cheat is active, game progress won't be saved and trophies won't be earned. When you turn off the cheats and unpause the game, you enter a loading screen to reload a checkpoint from before you activated the cheat(s). For example, I tried liberating a fort with cheats on, but when I turned them back off, I respawned elsewhere and the fort was still under enemy control. However, when you activate cheats while replaying a mission (it cannot be the first time - I tested that), any sync points you earn will be saved and the cheats will automatically be disabled when you return to free roam. This trivializes the vast majority of optional objectives, since you can become undetectable, invulnerable, always 1-hit-kill, etc... It's speculated that you must complete your final optional objective(s) without any cheats in order to unlock 'Perfectionist' - I did this to be on the safe side, so can't verify whether it's true. Note that the bottom 3 animus hacks (weather, time of day, season) do not disable trophies/saving, so feel free to keep it clear and sunny if you prefer. This also helps with Encyclopedia of the Common Man since the workers only operate in daytime, and some of them have unique activities exclusive to winter. How useful are they? Generally speaking, anything involving stealth or not taking damage becomes trivial, with a couple of exceptions: There's a sequence 12 mission objective to not take any fire damage. The invulnerability cheat doesn't help you with this, despite working for similar objectives in other missions. On very rare occasions, you may still be detected despite using the Ninja cheat (undetectable). I think this happens when you try to pass a line of guards guarding an entrance to something, so try to just go around them. Also, you'll still be detected if you perform a high-profile action such as shooting or killing a guard in front of other guards. In the boat missions (naval/privateering), the only cheat that has any effect is 'semi-auto' which normally makes it so you don't have to reload your pistol, but on the boat, this removes the cooldown from the swivel shot (but not the cannons, unfortunately). There's one mission in particular that becomes quite a bit easier with this, 'The Chase' naval mission; it becomes a lot easier to keep your ally above 50% health. Obviously you should attempt the optional objectives on your first playthrough, but this is a helpful trick for any frustrating missions (or if you beat the game many years ago without minding the optionals, like me)
  8. fairly certain Deterrence (and Disarmament) can be done offline, although it's less practical. You need sufficient offline resources, which are much grindier to get than online resources Offline research timers only count down when you're playing the game, so you'd have to wait ~24h of gameplay before the nuke develops
  9. Would be nice to be able to filter games by discount% like PSPrices does, for those of us who aren't picky and buy any game that's on sale for a good deal lol keep up the good work, btw. i don't even use PSPrices anymore
  10. a decent spot to exploit this is CH 15 at the very beginning. kill the 4 dudes, then a 2nd wave will come from behind you. kill all of them except the armored shotgunner in UC2, the spot i used was the beginning of Desperate Measures or whatever the chapter is called
  11. this doesn't seem to work - when you save and quit to main menu, the highest difficulty you can change it to is Crushing
  12. well yeah, I even said that in the OP. what I don't understand is why I got pick #24 despite being ranked #7 after the Zion game (which is the last event before drafting begins)
  13. I was ranked #7 overall after the Zion game (top 14 get trophy AFAIK) but didn't get the trophy, and the Roster says I was pick #24. What gives?
  14. It glitched on me in the same way - got platinum on all 39, and dev on 4-5. When I read your theory, I'd already closed the app to investigate. When I booted it back up, I started grinding the Mangum Training platinum medal (takes 6s), and the trophy popped after 10-15 platinum medals. So your theory isn't entirely correct, but repeating challenges did make the trophy pop. I'm curious if one could get the trophy simply by grinding the same challenge just as I did, rather than doing every challenge
  15. yes, 594 stars autopops. the first achiever is a PS5 user who immediately autopopped the PS4 stack too. kinda fucks over PS4 first achievers due to the autopop since PS5 is much faster and arguably easier to get 594 stars in, but it is what it is. that's why these cross-gen stack leaderboards don't really mean anything