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  1. we need men like these on the front lines to test this shit. Idc how inconvenient it is to switch games just before each trophy pops; idc how janky it is to make USB backups of BL3 autosaves in order to autopop some annoying shit -- if it's possible, it should all be tested!
  2. took about 5-6h to re-plat this. took around 10h the first time around (due to exploits), so this isn't much faster in comparison, but it would've been much longer if nothing autopopped some life hacks: only have 1 dualsense? you can utilize remote play to play local matches with a DS4. good for the brutalities, fatalities, mercies. you can "restart match" as soon as the opponent is dead, entirely skipping any loading/animations of the opponent dying. For example, if grinding brutalities, you can restart match as soon as you punch their head off for using 100 consumables, you can quickly quit the tower after confirming which consumables you'll use. you'll go back to the tower selection, entirely skipping the loading into the match / exiting the match
  3. impressive; certainly has a lot of potential some thoughts/suggestions: -Stacking games seem to be quarantined, in terms of "prices in other regions". Ideally all continents should be visible to facilitate efficient stack shopping. -Add a Stack label that identifies stacking games. So if I'm browsing NA discounted games and I see Sackboy: A Big Adventure (Ps4), there would be some sort of indication that there's 2 additional lists (Ps5 NA & Ps5 EU) -On the topic of continents, some games never go on sale in certain countries, so a way to monitor game prices with respect to continent rather than individual country could be useful. -Add a Minimum Price field to, for example, exclude F2P games -Add an option to only receive discount emails below a specified price (inb4 premium feature) -Add a price history chart, just like PSPrices -Add an account setting to globally exclude nonplats -Maybe an option to link our PSNP and/or PSN accounts to automatically populate our Library?
  4. i too would like to know this
  5. this is the reason why i love online trophies; once the online servers go down, everyone is screwed except me cuz I prepped these stacks a long time ago ps3 stack doesn't have the vendetta trophy btw
  6. if this post gets 2 likes i'll quit trophies too in solidarity edit: you can't like your own posts? this site really does suck
  7. well what's the fastest way to get XP to unlock classic characters?
  8. game's on sale, shame... thx for the heads up
  9. Thanks, I've added Vampyr, and also Pure Pool based on research i've done recently. For anyone curious: Pure Pool | The single player is very difficult & unfair, but v1.00 has 2 benefits: the AI seems a bit easier (source) and there's a minor visual aid to help make better shots (source). Note that the disc version seems to come pre-patched; the only confirmed reversion used the digital version.
  10. i...... got it first match i played today (on a server i created; stable gold rush) i even have a video
  11. so im on the game now, and there's certainly something weird going on... every server i've created has been a stable one (gold rush) and my friend was able to join my squad (which normally never works)
  12. (This is for the Korean stack of Assetto Corsa) The ultimate edition is on sale (here), and I guess the regular version is either delisted or disc-only... Do I need to buy a physical copy, or will the ultimate edition grant me the KR stack? EDIT regular CUSA07602 UE CUSA11487 UE seems to be shared with other regions such as EU, so im guessing only the regular ver. disc stacks...
  13. really looking forward to the wave of salt that hits shore as people gradually realize over the coming years that single player !== offline, and to never trust trophy guides
  14. these games should form a series https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3468-ride https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3464-ride https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/5220-ride-2 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/8309-ride-3 https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11394-ride-4