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  1. patch v1.70 changed many of the trophies; some for the better, but some for the worse. I'll try to help you maximize "the better" and avoid "the worse" trophies. you must know how to remove patches to revert to game version v1.00. For physical copies, delete the game, reinstall, and then delete/pause the automatic update file; for digital, refer to this thread. unfortunately, Terrorist Hunt (TH) is completely inaccessible when the game isn't updated, so trophies corresponding to TH can only be obtained by fulfilling the new requirements on the latest game version. Situations is the only accessible game mode on v1.00. There are 10 situations + 1 online, inaccessible bonus situation, and there's a trophy corresponding to each of them. Situations are sequentially unlocked, however, so you can't really pick and choose which ones you wanna do. I strongly recommend completing all 10 situations fully (with 3 stars) so that you unlock the trophy which now corresponds to 5 flawless ranked wins. The trophies take 2-3 hours using this playlist, which is just a fraction of the time their redesigned counterparts would take. Below, I'll list the 12 original Situations trophies – alongside the new ones – in default PSN order. And here's the full trophy list, for those curious of precisely what else has changed:
  2. got the trophy this way – it works note: Operation Trace Kill seemingly needs to be done entirely on veteran, or at least within the veteran time limit of 4 mins. Otherwise, you wont be able to escape the sun's heat in time... i tried for 20 mins to escape to no avail
  3. it probably should stay flaggable, but definitely shouldn't necessitate hiding the entire game ez fix would be to render flagged trophies worthless (0 point value) and visibly mark them as such illegit trophies aren't counted on LBs, and legit ones aren't hidden = win/win
  4. from what i can tell, you just edit the extension from "pkg" to "json". At least that's how it worked for Mad Max can you link these exploits so I can reference them? I actually platted this game last week with a couple friends, and the easter event exploit still worked for us
  5. why the new profile, lad? haven't you heard? you can finally change your ID now! 🤡 being a trusted source, i can confirm this gentleman is the only one on his team. Aside from me of course, but i'm just his receptionist! 🤡 back on topic, thanks for the legendary tip sir 💋 you know what they say: why play games when you can not? 🤡
  6. the link still works for me; here are the 3 links associated with CUSA01344 (Binding of Isaac: Rebirth EU)
  7. translated from
  8. there could be a point, but there isn't, because PSNP only tracks fastest completions instead of fastest plats, which defeats the whole purpose only an idiot would pursue a "fastest completion" for a game that's likely to get DLC and thus have their record be erased & in vain
  9. sniper elite 2
  10. i'm speaking of the HK version, as mentioned here: i've even asked some locals in-game and they're aware
  11. so servers are allegedly shutting down June 27. it's currently 2XP until June 18 (possibly longer for HK – there's no time limit) let me know if anyone wants to try going for this together. There's very minimal lag, surprisingly
  12. we need to find out which old trophies correspond to which new trophies. Maybe we can earn the old trophies on older patches to save some trouble. I never did any of the Situation trophies; maybe I ought to do those before updating my game
  13. yeah i followed a text guide from another thread to use the princess. 1st try yielded 455.80 2nd try 456.00
  14. nice one. how do we maximize our score? so as to not get 455.98
  15. hopefully they patch it so that it also deletes the game too would be pretty useful actually. wish all games did that