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  1. u shouldnt let trophies dictate how u play hav fun and juss b urself
  2. i hear rdr2 is pretty good
  3. blackout is a tun of fun, but i think i'll start boosting the skin unlocks...
  4. Every night, I can feel my leg…
  5. it's the custom mutations glitch. my strategy was to play on Blood and only spawn Wardens
  6. this can take upwards of 200h if you do it normally, so thank god for the recent glitches that make it possible in 5-10h now we just wait for the trophy fix
  7. no challenge = no fun not buying. gonna plat bo4 instead, then maybe rent this in V years if i need some quick trophy trash
  8. were u playing solo or with teammates
  9. for both trophies, are you checking your kill count to verify that you're getting the required kills? both trophies took a few attempts for me, but training them into a group of 10+ eventually worked
  10. make sure you're playing on Classic, not Casual make sure you're using the upgraded axe (Redeemer, not Retriever) make sure you charge the attack before throwing to maximize power it might take a few tries. worst case, it should pop during an insta-kill
  11. haven't started the game yet, so i can't relate i waited ~8 yrs for this game, so waiting another 1-2 weeks for optimized trophy guides + time-saving exploits was the only logical choice for me
  12. you need to use a weapon equipped with an elemental modifier that corresponds to the catalyst you're trying to explode Gas zombies = Cryofreeze Fire zombies = Brain Rot Liquid zombies = Kill-o-watt Electric zombies = Fire Bomb not my discovery, but seems to be true
  13. is this permanent or temp
  14. well i for one am glad it doesn't have a plat – my backlog is yuge enough as it is in fact, i hope more AAAs release as nonplats so that i have some breathing room to work on my backlog full of cool plats
  15. can anyone else confirm if it's patched? also, would this exploit work offline? if so, we could probably still do it if we revert the patch a la Mad Max