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  1. gotta go to settings app and disable internet/wifi from there it's a bit more annoying than Vita i detail the steps for both consoles in my guide
  2. nah, they're pandering to the reddit outrage that insists on a 10h platinum with no MP, no collectibles, no spice. lack of MP is expected from the MW games, but not even any spec ops in the base game? they must be embarrassed of it
  3. yep, it's necessary. every account needs to alternate opponents, even the alts
  4. ? Golden God was my 2nd last trophy (before Dark Cotton) so i guess i ought to be flagged too 🀑 welcome to the club of false flags, we've saved you a seat
  5. updated with R6 Siege and BL3 I'm only going to include games & exploits that will/can work, so I've held off on adding ones that require always online (Tera), or a friend to help online (Warhamer Chaosbane) Borderlands 3 | Patch v1.02 and various hotfixes have nerfed XP & Eridium gain, drop rates, and some equipment. There are various v1.00 exploits that you can try abusing, like this God mode. Be wary of potential progression glitches that might force you to update. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | A patch changed most of the trophies, making some harder and some easier. You can revert to v1.00 and use this thread to get 12 trophies easier in Situations mode, saving you potentially dozens of hours.
  6. thanks for the tips! i tried it with Ruiner and then Mercenary Kings. Neither worked, even though the latter worked months ago i don't get any errors; cmd gets filled with links just like it's supposed to, i download the appkgo etc, but eventually there's only ppkgo links that appear
  7. do we know if the JP servers were also closed?
  8. method 2 seems just as reliable as method 1 from my experience. Method 1 stopped working for me, and method 2 didn't work either. It forces me to download the /ppkgo/ files @timpurnat so does this debug stuff actually work?
  9. any update on the attainability of this? there's Xbox achievers so... @NinjaThomas666
  10. yikes i started the JP stack too the other day, so let me know if you find a workaround, or the JP servers don't actually close or something
  11. @BlindMango should game titles be translated to English when possible? I remember Persona 3/5 Dancing [JP], for example, were changed from JP to ENG, but Persona 4 Dancing [JP] is still Japanese If we are in fact translating titles, Grand Kingdom [JP] fits the bill tooγƒšγƒ«γ‚½γƒŠοΌ”-ダンシングγ‚ͺγƒΌγƒ«γƒŠγ‚€γƒˆγƒšγƒ«γ‚½γƒŠοΌ”-ダンシングγ‚ͺγƒΌγƒ«γƒŠγ‚€γƒˆグランキングダム
  12. i've been looking for a reason to play this game, so i'm glad the devs came to their senses
  13. no, i wouldn't play games w/o trophies however, i would trophy hunt w/o gameplay (and i do quite often)
  14. can you link me to the official announcement?
  15. excellent, now let's band together and file BBB complaints for NFS The Run, BFBC, and TDU2 oh, and BO2 + GTAV (okay it probably won't work for every game, but certainly for the likes of NFS/GTAV where they abruptly removed a key feature)