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  1. i don't buy nor play any game unless i plan on obtaining its plat eventually
  2. haven't counted in several months, but about ~200 of my plats are duplicates/stacks have i ever told you the definition of insanity?
  3. nice profile, he is quite impressive, but you could use some more plats. play more shit like Slyde
  4. to anyone with the same issue, I figured it out thanks to Gage. Here's the exact order of steps: Pickup coins leave the room advance time 1 day go back in room no need to close the app. Make sure you double-tap the PS button to change time much quicker. Takes <45 seconds for 1k Lums
  5. my last trophy is to get 1,000,000 Lums and I only have 480,000. So naturally, I'd just abuse the pet room by visiting it for 1,000 Lums, then changing the date and repeating. This has been confirmed to work, and only takes ~5 hours to get the remaining ~500k ...but it's not working for me. I'm using manual date/time, and I've even tried disabling internet entirely. I also close the app before altering the date, obviously. But regardless, 1 day later or 1 month later, the Pet Room coins are never respawning... what am i missing?? it's supposed to work
  6. good catch Lance, I forgot NFS is always online. Removed NFS Added Sheltered Added Titan Quest (thanks to @grifteskymfning for summoning me in the relevant thread) Sheltered | v1.02 made 'CORRECT CODE' unobtainable, but deleting the patches should make this achievable again on v1.00. Titan Quest | This duplication exploit worked on v1.03, but doesn't work on v1.07. It made all trophies quicker & easier. Players should test whether this works on v1.00; if it doesn't, you'll have to find the corresponding patch URL to revert specifically to v1.03.
  7. you guys should try deleting the patches, it should work on v1.00
  8. Thanks for the contributions, fellas I've opted to remove irreversible online exploits, since they're probably not interesting to most people Anyway, here's a recap of new additions since my last post: Constructor | v1.09 patched an exploit that made 'BUILT LIKE A THUG' easier to achieve; the trophy would pop from killing 5 zombies or cockroaches, not just workers. Details in trophy guide. Reverting to v1.00 should re-enable it. Metro Exodus | v1.00 has this exploit that lets players achieve 'Hardcore' and 'Eternal Voyage' by essentially just replaying the 1st mission. This means you only need 1 playthrough instead of 2, and can enjoy the game on an easier difficulty. Note that this has only been tested on disc, but should work the same digitally. Need for Speed | The DLC trophy 'Mental Unblock' has allegedly become harder after a late-2018 patch. Apparently, "v1.03 allowed you to get that trophy by getting 350,000 points in 'Mental Block' with Ken Block's car WITHOUT having to finish the race in time". So if you're having serious difficulty with it, try reverting to v1.03. Redout | Patch v1.03 arbitrarily made the Career medal time requirements much stricter, drastically increasing the difficulty of 'Pile Up Trophies'. You can simply delete the patches and breeze through the Career on v1.00. Shadows: Awakening | Patch v1.08 made 'Got Gud' unobtainable, but users confirm (here) that the trophy pops normally on v1.00. Table Top Racing: World Tour | There was an exploit to achieve 'Gold! Always Believe In Your Soul!' much easier by just drifting in a donut pattern to accumulate the required drift points. Check out this thread for details (scroll down to Special Events). Multiple patches have crippled/removed this exploit, but deleting the patches to play on v1.00 should do the trick. (thanks to @TheYuriG for summoning me to the Metro Exodus exploit thread!)
  9. This will be a useful addition to my thread, but I'm concerned that future patches could make save files incompatible with v1.00 – many games have done this So if that does happen, can players do everything on v1.00? or is it too glitchy
  10. seems to involve TLoU, Destiny 1, and a 3rd game that I can't make out. wouldn't surprise me
  11. not sure if i ever posted in this thread, but i fully support it. I've personally adapted the term and actively encourage friends to use it granted, site suggestions are largely ignored, but it doesn't really need to be officially implemented if everyone learns & understands it themselves
  12. i only get stressed when trophies feel unfair i platted GoW1 last night, and Challenge #10 took me a few hours and had me raging like a sperg because it's mostly RNG-based whereas for something harder like SMB, i'll be calm as a Hindu cow because it never feels like i'm getting screwed over. and it's fun to play
  13. if this thread's still maintained, i can be moved from Adventurer to Master Hunter i have all 7 unique FC plats (9 if you count stacks ) p.s. maybe put a star next to our name if we also did all the stacks, just to make us feel extra special
  14. can somebody compile the most important tips to improve efficiency, into 1 cohesive post? I've skimmed the last couple pages, so I have a general idea, but some details would be nice. I've barely started the trophies; still need most miscs and 5-stars, so I'd appreciate some guidance to use my time efficiently. Some additional questions: 1. Should i grind coin to account level 70+ before attempting Rift Lord maps? or can i do these maps well below lv70 since I've every trap at tier 7? it's pretty frustrating how stat boosts are skewed towards high levels... (a lv100 has 4x more dmg and 2x more HP than a lv1, but improvements are negligible until lv50+) 2. What is the best loadout for 5 stars? (hero, guardians, consumables, upgrades, traps, parts, traits) I'm told that Max is the best char for 5-stars. So assuming that's true, what's the best upgrade path for him? And what are the best traps & such? There are guides out there, but they intentionally use mediocre traps to demonstrate how F2P players can still achieve 5-stars. I only care about what works best that's all for now. any & all advice is appreciated
  15. As a former champion of the PST stacking leaderboard, i fully embrace & encourage this suggestion 🙂 just as long as we also get another leaderboard that only counts duplicate/stacked trophies