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  1. there could be a point, but there isn't, because PSNP only tracks fastest completions instead of fastest plats, which defeats the whole purpose only an idiot would pursue a "fastest completion" for a game that's likely to get DLC and thus have their record be erased & in vain
  2. sniper elite 2
  3. i'm speaking of the HK version, as mentioned here: i've even asked some locals in-game and they're aware
  4. so servers are allegedly shutting down June 27. it's currently 2XP until June 18 (possibly longer for HK – there's no time limit) let me know if anyone wants to try going for this together. There's very minimal lag, surprisingly
  5. we need to find out which old trophies correspond to which new trophies. Maybe we can earn the old trophies on older patches to save some trouble. I never did any of the Situation trophies; maybe I ought to do those before updating my game
  6. yeah i followed a text guide from another thread to use the princess. 1st try yielded 455.80 2nd try 456.00
  7. nice one. how do we maximize our score? so as to not get 455.98
  8. hopefully they patch it so that it also deletes the game too would be pretty useful actually. wish all games did that
  9. rare plats are better because they earn me @Aela 's adoration profiles with lots of ezpzs make me sick 🤒
  10. the adhoc trophy seems to be unobtainable. won multiple adhoc matches on v1.00 and v1.01 and it still won't pop. i got the "online win" trophy from my 1st adhoc match, so i'm guessing the devs shit the bed and programmed adhoc matches to count as online ones. the 1 guy who achieved most of the trophies is a hacker 🐒
  11. donezo now to shatter my ego by unveiling my stupidity: Deaths CH 4: during the chase after the school Computer Lab. Ran out of stamina due to route unfamiliarity. CH 1: Didn't take the time to line up a simple jump. (opted to keep sprint momentum) CH 1: running through 1st crop field; enemies were already alerted, presumably because I sprinted too far before taking stamina break. CH 2: after crucifixion, i crouch-walked into the sleeping enemy. he woke up & killed me. CH 2: N&L encounter #1. Instead of running straight past him and taking a non-lethal hit, I ran to the right of him into a wall; he shot me and THEN i ran past him (and the "non-lethal" hit killed me).
  12. attempted my 1st Messiah run today, got about 70% thru before i had a weird death first, here's a funny moment shortly before i died... i accidentally ran straight into the demon and here's my death, during the CH 4 chase that gets triggered when you enter the crawl space. ran outta stamina for some reason
  13. i did my part this week. might as well post the exchange to keep this thread alive me ubi i tried
  14. lol @Hakoom   i've only ever done Mein Leben for 1 person and it wasn't RD :lol: never done SMB for anyone either; i lost my skill in that game weeks after my plat ^_^


    so thanks for trying to credit me, but his accomplishments were his own I'm afraid -_- Only thing i've ever done is link him my ML video, which has some great original strats in it 💁

  15. special thanks to @Fill_Fill who just got 5 of us the trophy all at once 😍 popped after 1st match, after 22 wins now i'm free to start the other tropes