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  1. heads up, you need to inflict damage on the bosses to get the trophies for beating them. But the misc. trophies will pop regardless, such as Can't Touch This
  2. Deux Ex: Mankind Divided is now obtainable again, for the time being at least. Data Detective should pop after any Darknet file #2–5
  3. finally got all the online trophies Darknet file 1 kept kicking out, but file 2 became unlocked so I just played thru that and trophy popped after I skipped the "replay news" cutscene
  4. the energy exploit? There's a thread about it in this subforum; check out this post trivializes everything except the "no augmentations allowed" missions
  5. yes, it seems we can all play Breach again... for now. But we should make haste I'm currently turboing the energy exploit so I have 1mil energy after lunch 😁 will not stop until I get the MP or servers break again now we should bother the Splinter Cell devs for a fix 😉
  6. any update on this? what exactly is unobtainable?
  7. 51 hidden trophies reason why 51 = PSNP doesn't let users hide individual trophies reason why hidden = PSNP insists on hiding flagged trophies, instead of just visibly flagging them + omitting their points reason why flagged = wrong place, wrong time 🙃
  8. thanks for the submissions. Any details or corrections are always appreciated. I should probably start posting the changes... Aven Colony | An unknown patch (no later than v1.05) allegedly added extra objectives to some missions, making the platinum take longer. Note that v1.04 fixed major technical problems involving crashes & frame rate, so revert at your own risk. Dead Island Definitive Collection | v1.02 accidentally added a debug menu to both games that let players do things like spawn items and teleport places to obtain story progression trophies quicker than normal [thread, video]. It was patched out later that day with "v1.00", indicating that they outright removed the patch from PSN servers. Divinity: Original Sin 2 | v1.05 patched this unlimited gold exploit. There isn't much info about how this affects the trophies, but it's an RPG, so buying the best gear will surely speed up all trophies. Every version prior to v1.05 should re-enable this exploit, including v1.00. Dying Light | 1) The Feb 2016 patch made 'Things That Go Ka-Boom' (DLC) harder to obtain because the Viral and Goon zombies seem to have more health (source). If you're having trouble, you may be able to revert to a prior patch if you can find its URL in this list. 2) This exploit lets players duplicate care packages to reach legend level ~250 in ~45 mins, trivializing the gameplay to make most trophies faster/easier. It works as of v1.15 (US, CUSA-00078). FlatOut 4 | v1.03 has reportedly made 'Jay will be Proud!' unobtainable. You can simply delete the patch to earn the trophy on v1.00. The Long Dark | v1.07 removed a debug menu that let players instantly unlock all trophies [source]. v1.00 doesn't seem to have the debug menu, and the oldest recorded patch URL is for v1.21, so this seems irreversible for the time being. edit: I tested The Long Dark (NA) v1.00 and updated accordingly
  9. source? if this was legit, surely it'd be posted on PSNP by now
  10. thanks, i've added pretty much everything let me know if y'all find a Dying Light dupe exploit video that currently works. I checked a few videos, but there's many complaints of game crashes @S_y_n_e_IR_g_Y
  11. these lists need to be linked as stacks also, claims there's a German stack, so 1 of you guys is rong it's on sale in EU, so hmu if anybody knows where the stack is from
  12. holy shit this actually works LOL i wonder what other cheat codes exist? p.s. how did u even discover this? can't find it anywhere else on the internet p.s.s. @Thropy_Croissant look, a free UR this is so cool; i hope some idiot flags me for this just so i can smugly link this thred
  13. Nice, i had no idea. I just abused online co-op to get carried thru most bosses added to OP But why do you say the digital version removed it? It wasn't released late or anything, and I read a GameFAQs thread about a user that apparently did do this glitch digitally by deleting the patch
  14. Updated, and also added a brief FAQ @enaysoft thanks, I love learning about niche games like that. Out of curiosity, is the training ground exploitable via system clock? To artificially progress time for fast XP