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  1. P4p
  2. I'll play all of your levels, please do the same
  3. ok, will do that. Its a US version btw
  4. There are only a few items that I need for the platinum, I would really appreciate it if someone is willing to help. I will return them to you immidiately, I just need to hold them for a few seconds for a trophy to pop up. I would repay the favor if you need help with any online trophies for any game. I would really appreciate the help. In case you are wondering why Im doing this,its because I fucked up world tendencies for 1 ring that I need, and also I really dont have luck farming rare stones. I've been trying to get this platinum for a long time, on several accounts, but something always comes up. I have a 281 level character and I only need 1 of each stones, because I will be doing a duplication glitch. Im gonna send you the complete list of a couple stones that I need.
  5. I agree
  6. So I recently replayed tomb raider on ps4 and it reminded me how much I actually enjoyed the game, I even got a platinum. I started thinking about the potential sequel and how they can improve upon the first game. What are your thoughts? I made a video on youtube regarding this called : Tomb raider 2 on next gen. So if you want to you can check it out