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  1. Tough to ignore that most games are done in 30 seconds or a little more. Scrolled quick and no way God Of War on Vita takes 24 seconds. 47 seconds? Really?
  2. Glitch or no glitch, I could care less. My only thing is playing through entire missions on Recruit, then pausing, changing difficulty, close application, restart game, that's more a pain in the ass than beating it on Veteran. Game is a breeze on Vet. To each their own, but to me, that's not exactly the definition of saving time.
  3. 129 BURNOUT PARADISE REMASTERED What an awesome, fun game this is. Had it on PS3 but never got around to it, now servers are closed. Was asked to join for the Wildcats trophy and ride 10 miles to start and thought, why not, it's a racing game I can just mess around with here and there. Boy was I wrong, game is addictive. Favorite mode is definitely Road Rage, what a blast. Has some help with the online portion of the game, which things easier as every game I entered was just people running the map crashing into each other, but never setting up challenges. I'm a FPS type by preference, but this is a fun & easy game for anyone to play and plat. Now I want to do the EU stack, game was so fun. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 3/10
  4. 128 Platinum SingularityYou collected all the trophies for Singularity I have finally got to this gem of a game. Was hesitant to start due to reading about how wonky the online was.Yeah it's finicky, but we managed to get ourselves and our alts in through either restarting game or joining on friends. The beauty of this game lies in the campaign. What a really fun game to play, Got all main game trophies in 1 run, as Hard is really not that difficult. Was immersed in the story, actually read all notes and listened to all audio tapes to know what happened on Katarga-12.It's an older game, (2010), but honestly it holds up to today's games gameplay and graphics wise. Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 10/10
  5. People don't realize they have to be 1st going into the 1st turn, not 1st coming out. Play San Diego or Dallas, you'll get a holeshot every time.
  6. PS3 Army of Two 40th Day Remember Me Red Faction: Guerrilla PS4 Payday 2 Resident Evil 6
  7. 126 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS Supercross God Fun and easy quick plat, I really enjoyed this game. Rewinds make is super easy, but still fun to tear through the tracks. Going down to Skydome/Rogers Center was a yearly thing for me to watch these bikes rip through the course. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 2/10
  8. Just finished my Grounded + run. Hotel basement with the Runners/Bloaters was the hardest, followed by the David battle. Bricks/bottles, stealth and a lot patience will get you though this amazing game. Apart from the 2 sections mentioned, this game was made to be played on Grounded, very limited supplies and finding ways to survive each section with the limited supplies given.
  9. 125 THE LAST OF US REMASTERED What can be said that hasn't already been said about TLOU. Such an incredible game, enjoyed all 3 playthroughs, Ellie was such a badass, that I am very much looking forward to TLOU 2. Some cheap moments on my Grounded + run, mainly Hotel basement and obviously David battle, MF'r can see though walls. I've owned this game since release on PS3 and then again on PS4. Huge regrets that I never got around to playing this Masterpiece until now. Great characters, story was very well done, hated that Joel couldn't be honest, but I understand his why's. Happy that I chose this as a Milestone Plat, probably could have just done 2 runs, but I honestly never felt bored playing this game. Not sure what can top this one, excellent job Naughty Dog. I thought their Uncharted series was the cream of the crop. They can do much more with this franchise. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 6/10
  10. Finally getting around to The Last Of Us campaign. Simply WOW, have read so many amazing things about this game, all of them true so far. Kicking myself for not having played this on PS3 when I owned it.

  11. Congrats, I have finally jumped on this game after many years owning it and never playing. I'm finding the MP somewhat enjoyable, although I don't know the maps very well and the good spots to hide, but it's decent so far. I'm doing MP first, then I will immerse myself in campaign.
  12. # 113 BATTLEFIELD V World War Two HeroCollect all other Battlefield™ V Trophies Difficulty - 5/10 Enjoyment - 7.5/10 Overall a decent game, MP is frustrating at times and Death From Above was a royal pain. I might be in the minority here, but after reading and hearing the backlash from the War Stories, I actually enjoyed it. A little far fetched with a different agenda? Yeah, I can see that, but apart from character selection, the stories are done quite well. Only did the Hardcore run, but I think I'm going to run through on an easier difficulty and enjoy it instead of stealthing most of the missions. Not a MUST play by any means, but a decent addition to the franchise.
  13. The way both teams are playing, I wouldn't spend money to go see them. I'm near Toronto, so Bills games look fun again. I know this is the NFL thread but, I really thought the Devils were going somewhere this year. Sadly, it looks like Hall will walk unless he gets dealt at the trade deadline. Nucks are a fun team to watch, so should be a good game.......well better than Giants/Jets anyway lol.
  14. After a 6 month break from gaming, managed to plat 2 games this weekend, COD-MW & BF1. 

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