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  1. Hardest in game part was getting/planting the last C4 around Graves tank. Actual hardest part was the over 2 hours I spent on the final mission on Vet and game kept crashing.
  2. I had zero issues with this game up until the final mission on Veteran. Game kept crashing, deleted, re-installed, started mission over, everything I could. Took over 2 hours for it to finally work and get plat. I get co-op/MP potentially having issues, but for the campaign to be broken like that? Come on Devs. Be better.
  3. Just make sure to only have PS4 version downloaded to PS5. At least now there's a popup warning you that you're playing ps4 version on PS5. No PS5 trophies will pop unless you play that version.
  4. I can afford PS5 games, I just don't really feel like paying full price for them. I bailed on my Cold War pre order for 2 reasons. 1st being, I'm not excited for a COD game with Zombies. 2nd being, it's 101 dollars for standard edition, and we all know Activision will keep dropping content at insane prices for DLC. One just has to look at dlc prices for their PS3 titles to realize that 100 game then turns into 250 with dlc, or at the very least 150 for a season pass. As others have said, I'll wait for sales. Doesn't help Devs really, as they rely on launch sales, but prices vs economic instability aren't on par.
  5. Won't be Day 1 for me. I let pre orders pass as I wanted digital, but couldn't get one. Got on 2nd wave. ended up with physical. Supposed to ship on the 16th.
  6. I sometimes do the EZPZ games after a long grind, just to refresh the mind and also slowly knock another game off the list. But I'm with you, I don't like the change and I play what I mostly enjoy. I'd like to be given the option on whether I would care to use this new system, which I'd rather not. Just want to add that there was a time trophy level meant something. Generally, most higher level guys could be counted on to show up for online portions of games. Nowadays, a lot of higher level guys, based solely on my experience, are more concerned with popping trophies on piss easy games, than showing up for a grind. Nothing will change how things are now.
  7. Working on Deus Ex Human Revolution. Just need to find the other EBooks. Probably going to start Deus Ex Mankind Divided next
  8. Currently grinding Champions on Paladins. Then it's finally time to get serious about Killzone Shadow Fall before servers disappear.
  9. Glitch or no glitch, I could care less. My only thing is playing through entire missions on Recruit, then pausing, changing difficulty, close application, restart game, that's more a pain in the ass than beating it on Veteran. Game is a breeze on Vet. To each their own, but to me, that's not exactly the definition of saving time.
  10. 129 BURNOUT PARADISE REMASTERED What an awesome, fun game this is. Had it on PS3 but never got around to it, now servers are closed. Was asked to join for the Wildcats trophy and ride 10 miles to start and thought, why not, it's a racing game I can just mess around with here and there. Boy was I wrong, game is addictive. Favorite mode is definitely Road Rage, what a blast. Has some help with the online portion of the game, which things easier as every game I entered was just people running the map crashing into each other, but never setting up challenges. I'm a FPS type by preference, but this is a fun & easy game for anyone to play and plat. Now I want to do the EU stack, game was so fun. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 3/10
  11. 128 Platinum SingularityYou collected all the trophies for Singularity I have finally got to this gem of a game. Was hesitant to start due to reading about how wonky the online was.Yeah it's finicky, but we managed to get ourselves and our alts in through either restarting game or joining on friends. The beauty of this game lies in the campaign. What a really fun game to play, Got all main game trophies in 1 run, as Hard is really not that difficult. Was immersed in the story, actually read all notes and listened to all audio tapes to know what happened on Katarga-12.It's an older game, (2010), but honestly it holds up to today's games gameplay and graphics wise. Difficulty 3/10 Enjoyment 10/10
  12. People don't realize they have to be 1st going into the 1st turn, not 1st coming out. Play San Diego or Dallas, you'll get a holeshot every time.
  13. PS3 Army of Two 40th Day Remember Me Red Faction: Guerrilla PS4 Payday 2 Resident Evil 6
  14. 126 MONSTER ENERGY SUPERCROSS Supercross God Fun and easy quick plat, I really enjoyed this game. Rewinds make is super easy, but still fun to tear through the tracks. Going down to Skydome/Rogers Center was a yearly thing for me to watch these bikes rip through the course. Enjoyment 10/10 Difficulty 2/10
  15. Just finished my Grounded + run. Hotel basement with the Runners/Bloaters was the hardest, followed by the David battle. Bricks/bottles, stealth and a lot patience will get you though this amazing game. Apart from the 2 sections mentioned, this game was made to be played on Grounded, very limited supplies and finding ways to survive each section with the limited supplies given.