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  1. Interesting topic! I must agree with you that the industry has changed; Lost Planet 2 was so brutal with the achievements, even having you go as far as getting number one on a leaderboard! If I'm a massive fan of the franchise I'll buy it up and worry about the Trophies later. Any PsPlus free game I always check the trophy guides to see if it's doable then I check for online. I used to always 100% a game, since the introduction of Trophies/Achievements I really have lost touch and it's a shame, Mafia 3 had so much collectibles that were an interesting read but I never bothered to collect it.
  2. Hi, can anyone tell me the way to get "Welcome to the Crows Nest?" I got it on the original Comrades with no effort.
  3. I actually thought you was joking! No this is impossible. UK/EU cannot get it this way anymore. I have 2 controllers. As I stated previously, the only way is to use a Vita and a PS4 IF YOU ARE FROM THE UK/EU
  4. Hi, can anyone help me, I've tried every solution posted and game session after game session but nadda! My two options left are buying a Vita or someone here who owns both the Vita and PS4? Please get in touch.
  5. Having the same problem with the mouse, I saw someone found a solution? could you post that script? The mouse seems to miss the options goes to the top left then activates shield.