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  1. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that these DLC trophies are getting ridiculous. 2 of the trophies in Social Club were fine, but "We Three Kings", as well as all of the trophies in "The Natural" are ridiculously hard to get due to them being entirely luck based, and rare occurrences as well. For me, it's incredibly annoying to try to get these, because it's completely out of my control. As such, I've made a post on the Four Kings Casino and Slots forum, which some members of Digital Leisure (the developers) seem quite active on; as such, if my post gets enough attention, it's likely that it will get the attention of someone at Digital Leisure, and if enough people support my post, then we may be able to convince the developers to change the criteria for the trophy! Here's a link to the post: Hopefully we can get them to make these trophies less ridiculous Edit: More people seem to have the trophies for "The Natural" than I thought, so maybe I'm just really unlucky with it and it's not as hard to get as I thought it is. However, it's clear that pretty much NOBODY has "We Three Kings", so can we all at least agree that that specific trophy needs to be changed?
  2. I'm looking to get a 4TB 3.5" hard drive for my PS4, but can't decide what the best way to go about setting it up is. For anyone who uses a 3.5" hard drive, how do you have it set up? Data Bank, Game Bar, SATA cable, etc.?
  3. Hey everyone, so I went to the Playstation E3 Experience, and they distributed a code to everyone for 5 standard card packs for this game. I don't play it, so I figured I'd put it here and let someone else take it. AL3T-99NG-23RE Have fun, and leave a reply below saying when you've taken it!
  4. Ah, I got it now. My bad, I misinterpreted what you were saying. I agree though, it is up quite early!
  5. He just doesn't wanna write a full guide, but is putting the video here for anyone who's looking for it. He's more just doing this as a quick convenience for people, I imagine. Besides, someone will probably write a guide for it on this site eventually. Consider this a temporary solution.
  6. The Ultimate Edition includes the Deluxe Edition and Season Pass. The full game is $60, but the deluxe is $70. So, the deluxe combined with the season pass is $120. As far as I know, the deluxe just comes with some extra in game stuff (weapons, emotes, etc.), but don't quote me on that.
  7. Great to hear that their expectations were surpassed. I haven't played Until Dawn yet, but I've seen a play through of the entire game, and it looks excellent. Looking forward to what the studio does in the future, be it a sequel or otherwise.
  8. What do you mean by "early trophies"? I mean, the list CAN be edited at anytime, I would assume, as Bungie changed two of their trophies in Destiny a year after release, but I imagine it's pretty uncommon for a trophy and its requirements to be changed. This is most likely the final list, unless something in the game makes a trophy unobtainable.
  9. Nope, base copy. And as it turns out, when I went into my first match, all the base game medics were already unlocked, so I assume everything else is as well. So the trophy requirements were met, I'm just wondering why that happened I totally forgot about the phone game. I should really play that if it helps with the actual game! And the thing is, even if the beta progress did carry over, I don't recall unlocking all the characters :/ But I am going for the plat, so as you said, my life is easier now
  10. So I just got Evolve, and while configuring the gamma settings as part of the initial set up, the trophy for unlocking all hunters and monsters popped for me. I've never played Evolve and have no save data on my PS4 for it, aside from Alpha and Beta data, which, to my understanding, don't carry over. Has this trophy auto popped for anyone else, or did I just get lucky? Edit: I'm seeing a few other people with this unlocked as their first trophy as well. Anyone know why this is?
  11. YUP. THIS. It's not that hard to become at least decent at the basic gameplay mechanics, and the timing is usually pretty predictable in terms of environmental hazards and enemies, but if you get bad spawns, you're done.
  12. No, see, the Vita is dead... the PSP, however, is now making its triumphant return!
  13. The new DLC is simply tied to new story content, and maybe the new level cap (that part I'm not sure about). However, almost all new Year 2 features were implemented yesterday in the most recent update, 2.0. Next week is when everything will be fully in gear, with the removal of VG and Crucible marks, higher level cap, and the addition of Legendary Marks. And due to Destiny being an online only game, I'm guessing you can't just uninstall the most recent update to get older marks; it probably wouldn't let you play at all. The trophies relating to VG and Crucible marks have been reworked, now requiring you to simply reach rank 1 with VG and Crucible. Check on your PS4 and it will reflect the change on the Destiny trophy list; PSNP just hasn't updated the list yet. Prequels? Every 2 years? Say what? Bungie's/Activion's original model for Destiny (back when it was slated for a 2013 release) was a sequel every other year, but as things currently stand, they're doing exactly what you said they should: focusing on DLC and making one huge universe. The first two expansions continued where the main game left off, and were integrated with vanilla Destiny. The Taken King is the same as the previous two expansions, only larger. It picks up where House of Wolves left off (though I'm not sure that specific expansion will play much role in the plot of TTK), and is purchased either as DLC for those of us who already own Destiny and the previous two expansions, OR as a bundle with Destiny and the previous two expansions for newcomers. There have been no prequels (thus far), and all 3 DLC packs so far have just been adding to vanilla Destiny, not replacing it. Also keep in mind that a lot has changed since then. Destiny was originally supposed to come out Sept. 2013, and we were supposed to have Destiny 2 by now. I wouldn't be surprised if they've significantly changed their release plan for Destiny, perhaps just continually adding on to the vanilla game, adopting a system akin to that of WoW. Or they could do Destiny 2. I feel like it'd be annoying and unnecessary to consumers, but hey, you do you, Bungie.
  14. 6th prestige, low 40's I believe? I don't even keep track anymore
  15. Mostly silver and gold trophies? Only 70 feats? Yep, this list is looking mighty fine