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  1. 1. I need 96 results. Aiming for 100, got 68 so far. 2, The project is due June 11th. I'm planning to start to gather them on June 1st 3. Didn't... remember. It's my first experience with doing surveys. Next time I will 4. Just a mid-term project. Nothing too serious but I do need to gather the results. I'm doing the survey to see how the gaming community accepts digital games. According to some studies I've read digital sales are rising year after year but from personal experience I know that people are still divided over physical and digital (except on PC where digital sales make up almost 100% of the sales). This could be used to know where companies should focus, or if they should make use of both of them. I'm seeing a lot of people adding special editions on "others", so that could boost sales of physical copies.
  2. My objective is to know gamers' opinions. It wouldn't be much use to me to survey random people who don't know anything about the subject. And it's only a a mid-term project it's nothing really serious, but I do need to get the data.
  3. I'm from Portugal but I've been living in Brazil for 4 years now. We should play some time
  4. I missed it. I'll update the list thanks.
  5. Hi everyone. I don't think I ever used these forums but I used the site a lot to track my trophies. I'm making a market researh for a university project about "Videogame Digital Distribution" and I need to conduct a research to understand people's general opinion about this market. It's a quick survey. It shouldn't take more than 1 minute to answer and it will help me a lot. Any tips to help me improve my work will be greatly appreciated. LINK TO SURVEY Apologies in advance if this is not the right place to post this or if it's not allowed at all.
  6. Still crashed. What a pain... Equiped the Armor of Brutus and he memory loaded just fine. I was wearing the Armor of Brutus and inside of Tiber Island Hideout, if that matters.