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  1. Hi, did you manage to get this trophy? Nvm, got it. I had the point system on fast 4 and didn't get it the first time, I believe it has to be on standard.
  2. It's currently on sale in Brazil, around 10€ if you do the conversion. Is it worth it for that price?
  3. I see a bunch of DLC trophies (Operation Dark Hours, DC Outskirts, The Pentagon, Coney Island, Warlords of New York and Operation Iron Horse) but the only expansion pack available to buy on the PS Store is Warlords of New York.
  4. Yeah, someone confirmed only daily count. It's weird how some people unlock it quicker, I checked one of the first people to get it and did it in 3 weeks
  5. Do you actually have to get 100 daily packs or do prizes from squad battles and online rewards count as well?
  6. About that trophy for opening 100 free packs. Is it daily packs or any pack that you earn for free? If it's daily packs it sucks to have to log in for 100 days
  7. A tournament with no entry requirements is coming on June 6th.
  8. Starting this now, looks like it will take a while. The fact that every win regardless of division or game mode always gives 20xp is ridiculous.
  9. Agree with everything except the part about buying the best bike. Sometimes the bike with the highest PP or even with the best stats isn't the best bike for some reason. If you're having trouble just see which bikes are in 1st or 2nd place and go with that one. I can play on 85% difficulty most of the races and win with ease but there are some races that I have to put it down all the way to 60%. Especially with the slower bikes and under 300PP races.
  10. Anyone else think the last update (1.10) made this trophy better? I had been having some trouble with it and then in about 5 races i went from 1800 to 2000, the safety rating too.
  11. I've cleared two subs already and nothing on them seems to raise chaos. I've been waiting for this DLC to try and get the trophy for max chaos with minimal grinding but it looks like that won't be the case. Do you think stuff is not giving chaos because of a glitch or because the objects don't belong to Blackhand and because of that chaos is not awarded?
  12. Update 1.09 out. "Skill rating rebalancing", could be easier to get this trophy now. Can anyone confirm?
  13. I always skip the questions about crashing or collisions. And I don't know if it has any effect on how many times she shows up. Maybe if you don't want to talk the won't want to interview? I've been answering everything now. Even if it lowers my rep to see if she shows up more often.
  14. My problem is that every time I get an interview I only get questions that affect the upgrade departments. Is there any way to change this?
  15. 1. I need 96 results. Aiming for 100, got 68 so far. 2, The project is due June 11th. I'm planning to start to gather them on June 1st 3. Didn't... remember. It's my first experience with doing surveys. Next time I will 4. Just a mid-term project. Nothing too serious but I do need to gather the results. I'm doing the survey to see how the gaming community accepts digital games. According to some studies I've read digital sales are rising year after year but from personal experience I know that people are still divided over physical and digital (except on PC where digital sales make up almost 100% of the sales). This could be used to know where companies should focus, or if they should make use of both of them. I'm seeing a lot of people adding special editions on "others", so that could boost sales of physical copies.