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  1. Sorry no. Not gonna spend any extra dollar on this game. Just want the platinum and be done with it. Right now grinding / farming zeni is the only thing left to do so not gonna bother with DLC characters.
  2. Just downloaded version 1.25. Did they changed the amount of times you can rematch down to just 1 for Ranked Matches again?
  3. EDIT: Got all trophies unlocked thanks to Smzthy ! Much appreciated.
  4. This is actually good news to me. I would love to see game devs doing simple things like this. Make a great game. Release it to the market. Move on to make something different. Instead of milking the fuck out of the same game over and over by releasing an endless amount of DLC.
  5. Chapter 3, because thats when most of the the gang are alive and together. At least during the first half of chapter 3 that is still true.
  6. RDR2 online is the worst online experience I've ever had with any game. The single player story was amazing, the Online is total trash. Three main ingredients are: 1) With the current update, I'm getting game crashes once every 10 minutes in free roam (error code CE-34878-0), making it practically unplayable. 2) In the rare instance where the game doesn't crash, there is still a chance that RcokStar Games servers failed and have the player(s) disconnected from whatever they were doing 3) Even if the game runs properly on a system level, everyone that plays this game are nothing but griefers. Nowhere is safe, not even while playing co-op missions. Never have I got so much hate for a game's online component, where the game's single player was such a masterpiece in all aspects.
  7. Guys I've spent 90% of the time playing Ranked Matches since I got this game and I gotta say this isn't platinum difficult, it is platinum impossible due to Gold League.
  8. In game time: 84 hours. Real time: 1 year and 4 months
  9. Ok, I was at work when I made the previous post so couldn't logon PSN store to personally confirm this, but now that I did return home I can tell you the Hong Kong PSN store (which should share the same digital contents as other Asian regions) actually has all three of those versions available as full games to download, the Asian-Japanese version costs $388, the Chinese and Korean version costs $349 and the Asian-English version costs $312. All of those prices are in Hong Kong dollars, since its the HK PSN store, you can convert the amount into any currency you prefer from here: Once again, the English version found in Asian PSN store will most likely share the same trophy list as North American version, so choose carefully if you are looking for a new set of trophy list.
  10. Looking at this page: it doesn't seem like the Asian PSN store (which is basically Hong Kong PSN) have any P4G the full game available as digital downloads. It does, however, have 3 different languages (all hard copy) for you to choose from: 1) Asian English version (VCAS-34018, same trophy list as North American version) 2) Asian Traditional Chinese version (VCAS-34012, same trophy list as the Korean version) 3) Asian Japanese version (VCAS-34011, same trohpy list as "made in Japan" Japanese version) Only thing it doesn't have is the EU list. If you have already platted the North American version, I would recommend you getting the EU version instead, since it's also in English, basically 100% the same as North American version, but you get an additional trophy list. On the other hand, the Korean List and Japanese list can only be achieved by playing the Chinese version, Korean version or Japanese version, and all of those aforementioned versions does not have the option to change the game into another language. if you don't mind at all then feel free to import. This is coming from a person who has platted the Korean version trophy List, Japanese list and North American list, as well as half-way through the European list (all 4 versions I played are hard copies)