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  1. Focusing more on 'quantity' than 'quality', two games in my list most relevant here are NCIS and Megamind - between them, there are 12 such gold trophies that at least 80% of users have earned, mainly from completing fairly short levels of the story 🙃
  2. Of course, for those in a PS Now-unsupported region like me, none of the free trials are possible, unless we still happen to have a US card still active...somehow 😕
  3. So I've been in continuing contact with them (replies have sped up considerably of late) and it's been passed on to a 'specialist team' that should be able to handle such an issue. Sounds like now it's just a case of waiting and hoping for the best. 😶
  4. If people are interested, I can get a session going for this - it looks like all online trophies are possible to attain within the same race (with creative reversing, that is) ;P
  5. At least they bothered to fix "so close!" for this one
  6. I've only received one message back, though it was non-committal saying that they wouldn't have any information on it yet as it's old and not getting regular "updates"
  7. Nobody's earned any of the online 'rate' trophies since July 12th, pretty sure it's a server issue I've asked Activision about it, hopefully it's because they didn't notice rather than they didn't care 😕
  8. Have you tried to download the DLC from both an account from the same country/region of the disc, and the account from HK?
  9. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/3624-touhou-genso-rondo At least 11 trophies, including all the "Feeling Refreshed" trophies, need updating
  10. For those starting from scratch, the best I could find is USD $70 in the US store For those needing the DLC only, the Hong Kong store has all of it for HKD $233, or ~USD $30 So not the best situation, but still possible if you're desperate
  11. It's been postponed to September 24, if that helps a little
  12. As long as you can download the DLC, yes - no online trophies
  13. It's currently running at 0.58%, so i'd say yes
  14. Nah, they stopped caring about this version years ago
  15. Yes, they can - I've used both for duet/rap purposes If you're looking to do both region's trophy lists, just remember PS2 discs are region locked, but PS3 aren't