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  1. Had no problem using a second ps4 and an alternate account to match up. Just joined session and was easy beating trolls in stage 3 I think it was. Got all the trophy’s in one go. No problems connecting although the both ps4s were same network and in same room not sure if that matters but had no issues.
  2. Decided to try it last night never have much luck meeting randoms playing. Got matched up with gio who was considerably lower level then me but he proceeded to kick the bosses ass. He finished the white one basically on his own with some hits from me. At this point boss went down I started attacking black and got downed. Spent rest of match watching him beat the black boss while I hide and ran. Lame strategy on my part but I just wanted this finished. Gio you Awsome thanks to you I can play something else until this gets more trophys if that’ll d ever happen. Thank you
  3. Yes enter op. If not there teleport out and go to a new op. If it's there it'll be there right at beginning of the op you'll see a boss marker for it. I just went through op list until it showed up. If it doesn't show up by time you run through op list make difficulty higher or lower depending where you started. And run through op list again. Change to different op each time you
  4. Same I started on cosmic worked my way up the list. He'll appear right away when you enter. If not there leave and try new map. Setting difficulty resets maps so try on other difficulty. It showed up on train yard? The juggernaut is the boss in the map he showed up on.
  5. Looking for cosmic doop as well. If you see one send me friend request please I have psn app I'll see a message RUNNERBLADE
  6. if your still helping I need help getting the last few trophys. send me an add PSN: RUNNERBLADE just say minecraft in add message