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  1. Need help with 'Friendship Rules' Trophy. Happy to help with other things if needed. psn id: ahadraja Thankyou
  2. So guys what do you all think. Can you lift my flag, i legit plat all my batman games i really love them i wouldn't do anything non legit way tbh i don't remeber about those stamps and why my trophies popped when they shouldnt be i got no memory of it since its like 5-6 years ago but i wouldnt hack/cheat simple trophies and do all hard trophies legit way. Thanks for looking into my dispute
  3. ahadraja Batman: Arkham Asylum How come you dispute me now of the trophy that i earned 6 years agos thats not fair. I played that game six years ago and i did all my trophies legit maybe at that time you can do more riddler challenges earlier without doing story missions