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  1. Its $40 here.
  2. $20 on gamestop site. Think ill buy a new game now.
  3. I dont see what the problem is. Import the asian version which has english subtitles and get your virtual boob fix on.
  4. I played both the 360 and PS3 version (digital). The refined controls on ps3 made it a substantial improvement over the 360, but that framrate though...ouch.
  5. I enjoyed it as well. However having said that, I must point out that: 1. I paid $6 for it new. 2. I played with 2 of my friends online through the entire campaign. 3. I play a lot of "average" games that I end up liking a lot. 4. I think Deadly Premonition is one of the best games I've ever played. Ever. Im serious. 1 and 2 did make the game much better, even so much that I bought the Collectors Edition on the cheap for like $15 (the one with the loader included). Still havent opened it yet but thats ok. Having said ALL that, I played Duke Nukem Forever start to finish and enjoyed that game too. It's a classic shooter that looks ugly but it is what it is. If the load times werent so atrociously long i would play it again on ps3. I think people jumped on the hate bandwagon for this Aliens game much like they did on the Duke Nukem game without even playing them.
  6. I bet MS paid exclusive rights so its not like Sqeenix is going to be hurting for cash, so I wouldnt really say its bad news considering we all know the PS4 version is coming in 18 months or so.
  7. Here's what he wrote that really sunk in for me, (and I hope it sinks in for others here as well): Why did you store your debit card information on Sony's servers if you knew their security was questionable? I don't know, I guess I never thought it would happen to me. I could have been more careful, and I definitely will be in the future.
  8. Why

    I bet they're banking on Christmas sales too.
  9. I'd say no. Reviews have shown that the same glitches from the previous game still appear, so if it were me I would wait until Bethesda releases a patch to fix it and then another patch to fix the new bugs the first patch created. Plus, by that time it may be a little cheaper anyway.
  10. I really liked the actual gameplay as i found it far more engaging than the conveyor belt of notes like GH and RB has. But getting those Diva Points and doing all that dumb crap with patting everyones heads and buying them stuff just annoyed the hell outta me. I have the 2nd game for months and still havent opened it because to get the Plat its pretty much the exact same as the first but more grindy.
  11. This. Actually since the konami tmnt is not on psn i really want the xmen arcade game. I've become so desperate that i messaged several people if they would gameshare it to me with no dice. I even offered Paypal but nope.
  12. You can probably shut it off i know you could turn it off on Rivals even though they said that game was online only too.
  13. YAY!
  14. Play lots of games, follow trophy guides and earn lots of trophies.