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  1. Switchblade still playable
  2. I don't think they really care. I know people that had been doing it since they bought a PS4 in 2013. Nothing has happened to them.
  3. Yeah, all can play if only one is subscribed. That's why people make fake accounts every 15 days to use the "free trial" and have online in pay to play games on their main account. I just can't be bothered, I don't care that much with so many free to play games with free online on the market. I guess I will move on then...
  4. I downloaded it and after I start, it sends me to the PS Store to get a PS Plus subscription. When I cancel, the screen says press any key to continue and then it says an "error ocurred". Then it goes back to the PS Store to get the PS Plus subscription. Is this a bug on my end? Can anybody else without PS Plus play this? Or is it required? I don't get why it would be. Every other free to play game lets you play online. That's the whole advantage of being free to play. If I have to pay PS Plus to play this game, then it's not really a free game. Is as "free" as those rental games that they offer each month on their subscription. Maybe it was a mistake and they wil fix it? Have they said something about this?
  5. 😞
  6. Has anybody that got it during that time uninstalled the game? Can you still download it again from the library after that or will it be gone forever if I delete it?
  7. I can't connect into a game since saturday. I tried everyday at different times but nothing. The game dies on the 1st of June. Do you guys think they will fix it for one last month or will they ignore it and wait until the 1st of June to kill it? 😞
  8. Thanks. I've learnt a few things since I posted. 100.000 healing will be very easy with those tanks and you do get a notice that you have a kill streak at the bottom left after your sixth kill. Sad to know there is no way to keep track of how many I already have or even how many I got at the end of the match.
  9. For the 100 kill streaks trophy. It doesn't even tell you that you have a killing streak, I only found out about them because of the trophy. Is there a mode somewhere in the game where the stats are? Also the healing for the 100.000 healing points.
  10. This game was so brutal for me, convinced me to stay away from racers. Then again I've never been that good at racers, I'm just bad I guess. I can't unlock the last 40 laps, the black series. It requires a gold medal in the first 160, or at least 3 silvers in a row to get the joker that gives you a "gold" medal. I've done them all but #130, I can't even get silver on that one. I tried so many times, but I've given up now. To think the last 40 are even harder. Just crazy
  11. Can you still do that today with minecraft japan?
  12. Where does it say you can earn trophies? Edit: Nevermind. I'm reading the thread in the game forum
  13. Well, his fear is not that they may or may not do that, is the fact that if they do that and give another 3 months until the servers for trophy syncing shut down, there is no way in hell he will finish playing everything he has in his PS3. So, we basically need to play all that now because when they send the notice of trophy syncing ending, they will not give us a reasonable time to play what we have. Suddenly playing all those PS3 games feel like a "job" I have to do now
  14. The thing is, If they are giving 3 months notice for the store closure, how much time would they give for the closure of the syncing servers which 99% of the players couldn't care less about?
  15. You can so far but I'm told that as soon as Nintendo killed their store in the Wii, these services like Youtube and Netflix followed soon after. Not sure if that is true though