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  1. People on youtube are complaining that you need Ps Plus for this game for some reason. Super Bomberman Online had the same problem and that's why it flopped Edit: Can confirm. The game won't let you get past the initial screen unless you have PS Plus and will send you directly to the PS Store to buy it... I guess I will skip this one then.
  2. When PS4 came out they announced we would have to pay for online. When we complained saying that they were trying to rob us off like Xbox does to it's users, people said that they "need money to keep the servers of all games up". Which sounded like BS because we had free online in PS3 for years, but everyone seemed to agree that the money for PS Plus wasn't to get those dumb random rental games each month but it was to keep the online of every game. I get why PS3 games are shutting down and I get why free to play games shut down also because those can be played by everyone not just PS Plus players. I even get why those FIFA and NBA games are shutting down because EA needs the players to move to their newer yearly release of those franchises that looks and play pretty much the same which means if they don't cut the online of the old ones, a lot of people people won't buy the new game and will stay on the old versions. But why is a pay to play game, that was even given to those PS Plus subscribers to enjoy of those online servers, shutting down?
  3. That's not the only game of that style, it's just the only one I know. I remember seeing two or three more games in their list with those 97% rarity plats. I never said "it's bad to have them". Relax, I'm not judging you. I was saying that trophy hunters are the target market for those shitty games that have a plat, which is what the other poster was complaining about. He was annoyed at the fact that this game or Apex Legends don't have plats or even gold trophies, but 1 dollar shitty visual novels have plats.
  4. Tendency will not reset on NG+. You can kill them again there. If you killed any of the vendors and NPCs or invade somebody I think your character tendency gets darker. I'm not sure if Old King Doran counts, I think world tendency changes by -3 when you killed him but it may be character I don't remember. Just to be clear, the "named ones" are Satsuki, Selen Vinland, Miralda, etc... And NOT the black phantoms of each level who are also unique and don't respawn
  5. 1047 "wins" is so cruel. Should have gone with "1047 kills". It's still a grindy trophy but the devs wouldn't look like assholes for adding it. I read here that the devs need to pay Sony to get a trophy list into the game, and a plat with many golds is probably the one that costs the most. That's why some small free to play games don't even have. In the case you talk about, I'm guessing those are the types of games directed towards trophy hunters. The kind of shitty game nobody in their right mind would even play otherwise. I have 3 friends that like hunting for plat trophies out 120 in my friend list. The 3 of the have that "My name is Mayo" game with it's plat lol. I never seen the game but I read a thread here with people complaining about it.
  6. How do you get the mount all parts trophy? And can you get 100 wins without playing BR and just TDM or those don't count?
  7. Nobody? Damn, it's so hard to find any information about this. And "title" is such an unfriendly word to use on google. It sends me to all these articles about titles of MOBAS.
  8. Galactic ChampionGain 6 titles in a single Quick Match That one. I can't find any information anywhere about these titles, how to get them or what they are. I can't find a guide. Is there one? Is there an easy character to use for this? Or at least a list with all the "titles" and what to do to get them?
  9. So, what happened in the end? I'm having the exact same issue. Did you fix it?
  10. Switchblade still playable
  11. I don't think they really care. I know people that had been doing it since they bought a PS4 in 2013. Nothing has happened to them.
  12. Yeah, all can play if only one is subscribed. That's why people make fake accounts every 15 days to use the "free trial" and have online in pay to play games on their main account. I just can't be bothered, I don't care that much with so many free to play games with free online on the market. I guess I will move on then...
  13. I downloaded it and after I start, it sends me to the PS Store to get a PS Plus subscription. When I cancel, the screen says press any key to continue and then it says an "error ocurred". Then it goes back to the PS Store to get the PS Plus subscription. Is this a bug on my end? Can anybody else without PS Plus play this? Or is it required? I don't get why it would be. Every other free to play game lets you play online. That's the whole advantage of being free to play. If I have to pay PS Plus to play this game, then it's not really a free game. Is as "free" as those rental games that they offer each month on their subscription. Maybe it was a mistake and they wil fix it? Have they said something about this?
  14. 😞
  15. Has anybody that got it during that time uninstalled the game? Can you still download it again from the library after that or will it be gone forever if I delete it?