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  1. I got more than 100k gems and I'm also level 10 and those 2 trophies didn't unlock
  2. Realm Royale let's you do this but I can't find a way to do it here. Nobody is queing, and even if they were, they wouldn't be dying to these bots so the 20 revives trophy would be hard. But if bots can be on my team I can let them fight until they die and then revive them. Can you do this in this game?
  3. Then laugh because every game I would play on PS5 if I bought one it's already on PS4 thus I see no reason to buy a PS5 right now. Same reason I never cared for upgrading to a PS4 Pro. Different types of gamers I guess. For me, every time I buy a new console is about "not missing out". I've been playing since the NES era and it's always the same, a bunch of games release that are too good to release on the old system and also too good for me to pass out and not play them. I always try to hold and stay and try to finish the backlog on my current console, but I always fold in the end and when I buy it to play those new games it's always worth it to leave the old great console I was playing behind. I bought a PS4 on october of 2015 (1 year and 11 months after it released, we are right now at 1 year and almost 10 months since PS5 released). I held for a long time but MKX not releasing on PS3 and Bloodborne being a PS4 exclusive forced my hand. I just couldn't miss out on playing those games To me, PS5 generation has been very dissapointing. If all you can offer me is better loading times on the same games I already play, then I'm ok missing out on this one and continuing playing on my vanilla PS4. You need to give me something more here to make the jump.
  4. That's why you should never invest your time in an online game of Ubisoft. This happened with HyperScape already. They abandon their games as soon as they realize it's not going to be "their Fortnite", and they pull the plug shortly after. Delayes and developmental issues aside, they wanted this game to be "their Rocket League" but I played it once on release and it wasn't as fun. This was because in Rocket League, even if you suck, you still get to touch the ball several times per match. In this game though, "you relied on your teammate passing you the ball". This made the game more similar to 3on3 Basketball (another free to play game) than Rocket League. In that game, whoever starts with the ball will try to move around and try to shoot to the net or pass it to somebody better positioned. And it's always the former lol. Sure, you can steal it in the opponent's turn, but that is not as common in a game like that as is in Rocket League where you essentially are hitting the ball instead or carrying it. 3on3 Basketball gets constant updates from time to time and has been around for years. Right now, pstimetracker tells me that there are almost twice the players in Roller Champions than they are in 3on3 Basketball. So, Roller Champions are obviously giving them some profit and could easily sustain itself like Darwin Project, Switchblade and many other free to play games around. But I think Ubisoft doesn't care about "some profit", they are looking for a new fortnite that will make them filthy rich. So, from their point of view those devs are better used on a new game where they can try again to hit the jackpot. It really sucks for the communitiy that really enjoys those games. In every game you have the "hardcores" that play that game mostly. I can still find people on games like Switchblade and Fantasy Strike and those games are nearly dead. But with Ubisoft online games, you better not get too attached. Because they don't last long. That's why I said, don't invest your time in their online games. If it is not the next fortnite they will kill it in record time, and if it is the next fortnite, well you will have a lot of time to play it because they are going ot milk that game for several years anyway.
  5. I'm glad Super Bomberman R Online is dying, they locked that "free to play" game so that ONLY PS Plus players could play it. How is it "free" if I need to "pay" a subscription to be able to play it? It wasn't a first month free to ps plus players exclusive like Fall Guys or Knockout City. The game was literally free at any point to download as long you were a PS plus player. No other free to play game does this in PS4, they are all free for every player. That game can die and can burn in hell as well. I'm glad that decision was a financial failure for the devs.
  6. It's abandoned from the devs POV. They said that they could shut down the servers in June of last year I think, so everything after that is borrowed time I think. Last time I played was 2 months ago. Everything is the same, you can only play on quick mode. Lots of new accounts that don't know how to play and are weaker than bots and also the dedicated hardcore players that never left and have 1000+ level accounts. It has a lot more people than several other free to play games that haven't announced their shutdown. So I don't know what will happen tbh. It's a fun game and was not a hard plat.
  7. Oh, yeah. I never really bothered with PvE that much. Looked like a ridiculous grind. But playing on quick mode was fun, a lot more fun than Smite for example because it had a faster pace
  8. That game was awesome. I thought we would have League Of Legends Wild Rift by the time it shut down. But right now we have nothing like that, no MOBAs, only Smite or Switchblade I guess but it's not the same. And Switchblade may die any die now. SA played on the NA server so I guess it's dead here too 😞
  9. This is hands down the worst game I've ever played in PS4. Damn!!!
  10. Bloodborne. I love the setting of this soulslike, looks like london in the 1800's. Werewolves, vampires and lovecraft but not exactly. Amazing game but there is so much more they could have done!
  11. I downloaded and played a match but I don't have the trophy list in my account. I once played a game where you needed to unlock a trophy for the trophy list to even appear in your account. Is this game like that too? I killed a player and no trophy appeared... well I killed a bot because the game forces me to play 15 bot matches first. Maybe bots don't count for trophies then and I need to play 14 more matches to unlock real players that I can kill to be able to get a trophy for the trophy list to finally appear? Or maybe there are no trophies for the free to play version? DC Universe locks the trophies for new players, but you still get the trophy list when you install it. In this game you get nothing. Very odd 🤔 Edit: Yeah, the free version does have trophies. You just need to play on a game with people for them to unlock. Once you win a trophy, the list unlocks in your profile. The game will force you to play with bots 10 times after the tutorial, you can see how many matches you have left when you queue. There are some objectives to do that if you do them, you won't have to play the 10 times also.
  12. Galactic ChampionGain 6 titles in a single Quick Match That one. I can't find any information anywhere about these titles, how to get them or what they are. I can't find a guide. Is there one? Is there an easy character to use for this? Or at least a list with all the "titles" and what to do to get them?
  13. No. And Super Animal Royale does not need PS Plus anymore since an update in December, so you can now play that one too!! The only 2 that require PS Plus right now I think are Super Bomberman Online and Final Fantasy Dissidia NT or something like that. All the other 100 free to play games in PS4 are free to play for everyone!!
  14. Damn, 1 plat and 11 gold trophies. How come there is no PS4 release? You can't tell me that THIS game "needs" a PS5 to run, the graphics looks like one of those free to play games that steam gets every two days, which are usually some students projects or something like that. The gameplay looks like the 3d version of that PETA free to play game for PS4, "kitten squad". A kitten shooting robots and freeing animals from cages, only here it's a rabbit. That one was an easy 100% but not fun at all. This one I don't know. I wonder why they didn't release it for PS4 too? No reason not to :/ Edit: Oh, so it's the same game. Same company that did the PETA game Kitten Squad. The game it's the same but in 3D. Same weapons, same enemies, same traps, everything seems to be the same. Just in 3D. It's like when franchises would jump from SNES graphics to N64 graphics when that console came out, and I'm not exaggerating lol
  15. Yeah, dude, the game is still alive. You get a few players and the game fill the rest of the teams with bots. New players are actually MUCH weaker than bots lol, so they are a pain to have on your team. And I keep finding a lot of new players all the time plus the hardcore players that never left that seemed to have over a thousand hours into the game based on their account level. Is not a hard plat at all. Hardest trophy is to play 100 matches I think or something like that.
  16. I don't think it's worth it because the numbers have to be extremey low for them to do something like this (and they are). Darwin Project announced their shitdown, people came back and played it a lot and they decided to keep 2 of the 4 servers up, but that's it. No DLC or new content coming. Switchblade said that they will shutdown the servers in june or leave them open based on how much people played. They are still open, we play it, but nothing new is coming. Not that many players. I also feel this announcement will mostly have the opposite effect that you think because if they don't care about trophies, it's most likely that the player will move on to a game where it's future is not at risk and whatever progress they get there doesn't dissapear.
  17. Are there bots in this game? I waited for 12 minutes for a squad match, couldn't find a match. Then 20 on a solo match. Nothing there either. I went to team deathmatch, the last mode available. There I found 3 people in one match then 2 in another, 1 of them had been in the first match. I guess my region had given up on this game? But one of the problems of this game which was the reason I didn't give it a chance when it came out was that there seemed to be no servers for my region, the lag was ridiculous. So maybe is super dead worldwide? They should have added bots, that's probably why people got tired and abandoned it. Realm Royale will wait for 1 minute for players and then it will pair you up with bots. So, there's like 7 players and 92 bots. It's actually fun because even if you suck you feel like a top players because killing bots is easy lol. Beat having to wait 20 minutes for a match IMO.
  18. Yeah, confirmed. You just need to play on a game with people for them to unlock. Once you win a trophy, the list unlocks in your profile. The game will force you to play with bots 10 times after the tutorial, you can see how many matches you have left when you queue. There are some objectives to do that if you do them, you won't have to play the 10 times also.
  19. Wait, I'm not sure if this is what yo mean, but does this means that if Tera Asia game server shutdown, then Tera NA game servers would shut down as well because it's all the same? That's kind of a relief, no way Tera as a whole is shutting down. While I'm at it ,I'd like to ask you all a question about japanese games. There seem to be many F2P games that have a separate trophy list for Japan only. Games like Caravan Stories, H1Z1, Skyforge, CRSED, War Thunder and 3on3 Basketball. Japan servers don't last long and they shut down all the time. This is a problem because we don't seem to get warnings most of the time from Japan about these shutdowns, Skyforge came unannounced. H1z1 and Skyforge already shut down and the games are inaccesible. But War Thunder, 3on3 Basketball and CRSED seem to be different because I log in and these games makes me play in the servers of my region, they all autopop trophies as well, unlike the first 2. Does this means those games are safe from shutting down then unless they shut down globally? Because if servers in japan were to shut down I can still log in to the game and play the game in the servers of my region. right? 🤔
  20. This and Super Bomberman Online are the only free to play games that require PS Plus to play. I have no idea why, but I'm sure it affects the player base big time
  21. People on youtube are complaining that you need Ps Plus for this game for some reason. Super Bomberman Online had the same problem and that's why it flopped Edit: Can confirm. The game won't let you get past the initial screen unless you have PS Plus and will send you directly to the PS Store to buy it... I guess I will skip this one then.
  22. When PS4 came out they announced we would have to pay for online. When we complained saying that they were trying to rob us off like Xbox does to it's users, people said that they "need money to keep the servers of all games up". Which sounded like BS because we had free online in PS3 for years, but everyone seemed to agree that the money for PS Plus wasn't to get those dumb random rental games each month but it was to keep the online of every game. I get why PS3 games are shutting down and I get why free to play games shut down also because those can be played by everyone not just PS Plus players. I even get why those FIFA and NBA games are shutting down because EA needs the players to move to their newer yearly release of those franchises that looks and play pretty much the same which means if they don't cut the online of the old ones, a lot of people people won't buy the new game and will stay on the old versions. But why is a pay to play game, that was even given to those PS Plus subscribers to enjoy of those online servers, shutting down?
  23. That's not the only game of that style, it's just the only one I know. I remember seeing two or three more games in their list with those 97% rarity plats. I never said "it's bad to have them". Relax, I'm not judging you. I was saying that trophy hunters are the target market for those shitty games that have a plat, which is what the other poster was complaining about. He was annoyed at the fact that this game or Apex Legends don't have plats or even gold trophies, but 1 dollar shitty visual novels have plats.
  24. Tendency will not reset on NG+. You can kill them again there. If you killed any of the vendors and NPCs or invade somebody I think your character tendency gets darker. I'm not sure if Old King Doran counts, I think world tendency changes by -3 when you killed him but it may be character I don't remember. Just to be clear, the "named ones" are Satsuki, Selen Vinland, Miralda, etc... And NOT the black phantoms of each level who are also unique and don't respawn
  25. 1047 "wins" is so cruel. Should have gone with "1047 kills". It's still a grindy trophy but the devs wouldn't look like assholes for adding it. I read here that the devs need to pay Sony to get a trophy list into the game, and a plat with many golds is probably the one that costs the most. That's why some small free to play games don't even have. In the case you talk about, I'm guessing those are the types of games directed towards trophy hunters. The kind of shitty game nobody in their right mind would even play otherwise. I have 3 friends that like hunting for plat trophies out 120 in my friend list. The 3 of the have that "My name is Mayo" game with it's plat lol. I never seen the game but I read a thread here with people complaining about it.