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  1. persona 5 1000000000000000/10
  2. i have a lot of favourites in the game, it's hard to decide lmao all the girls are great so i wouldn't be surprised by anyone's choice tbh, and don't understand why people argue over other people's choices so much online if i had to rank my favourites: 1) Makoto Nijima 2) Sae Nijima 3) Futaba Sakura 4) Ann Takamaki 5) Tae Takemi 6) Sadayo Kawakami i haven't finished the game yet, or met Haru if it wasn't for the annoying descriptions, and Futaba so low ranked this is actually a pretty good list imo. Also Ryujii was one of my least favourite characters in the game
  3. THE WITCHER 3 GOTY/Complete edition 10/10 I'm in love with this game
  4. I'm sorry I thought I had a different thread open, and answered if I played the game above me, then edited it out sjsjs , then I checked your profile and edited in the answer to this thread idk if you saw trine 2 because of it's annoying collectables so I give up
  5. Trine 2 hard, I tried but the collectaboes were so annoying
  6. I think you like tomb raider
  7. Disney infinity 2.0
  8. Sly, because it reminds me that I started and uninstalled, I need to reinstall and play it's always in top of my trophy advisor Also your completion rate is great, wow I'd never have one like that ,
  9. 9/10 I couldn't do a single thing on don't starve so give up idk how hard THST one is but I'm so bad at this game
  10. Dragon age inquisition, and the witcher 3
  11. AC 2 or liberation ?
  12. You've been a member here for a long time
  13. Me: I'm not going to start anymore trophy games until I finish so,e

    also me : starts the witcher 3 which I'll probably play for hours, and no other game