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  1. People mistaking Link for Zelda.
  2. Just keep going at it. It took me three tries with Hilda before getting ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Just keep spamming 236A (Skewer), use 214A/214B (Condense Gloom) to create a rain of projectiles, creating a 'wall' between you and your opponent. If your opponent gets too close, you can use a grab or use B+C (Force Function). Also pray that you don't go up against Seth or Merkava on match 20+.
  3. I had a glitch where even though I completed everything, the challenges would still say I'm missing 100% completion in all areas. I fixed this by having to replay meeting the characters that give you powers with a friend's new save file.
  4. Awesome signature. I always liked how you make your signatures. Kotori-chan~! Maki is best girl. This is my newest signature. I was actually making this signature for myanimelist but I figured I might as well update my old signature. Such a shame that there aren't many good images or renders of characters from Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain which forces me to cut them out myself. Not my favorite thing to do in the world but if it's needed, I'll do it.
  5. Nice gameplay. This sort of reminds me the time when I used to play Call of Duty a lot before I got into trophy hunting.
  6. Welcome to PSNProfiles! A pleasure to meet you. Any success with the job searching or no?
  7. Far Cry 3 for $9.99 USD sounds great. I was hoping for Transistor to be on the list though.
  8. This game: Hannah Montana The Movie:
  9. A success, a great achievement.
  10. - Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Operator Spotlight. If you still play Rainbow Six Siege and one of your main operators is Tachanka, here is a guide created by my friend.
  11. Black Ops II: Getting Tower of Babble after joining a number of gaming sessions. Really proud of this one and currently hoping to get the Black Ops II platinum sometime in 2016. Metal Gear Solid 2, 4, Peace Walker, and V: Getting the 100% and Platinum for these games was an awesome experience. The characters, the story, the gameplay from this series is something I won't forget. Rainbow Six Siege: When I am the last person alive, the heart pounding action of this game makes for some intense moments. Payday 2: Crimewave Edition: Doing every heist on Deathwish difficulty was a very fun challenge.
  12. That's odd. I couldn't find MB coins on the AU Playstation Store but I could easily find MB coins on the US Playstation Store.
  13. Before getting Meat Wall, I had an idea where me and a friend would change our search preferences to match each other's for the highest chance of encountering each other and hopefully we end up facing each other. We would meet in a spot and kill each other via breaching charges. This never happened as I got it before I need to resort to this option. Getting two groups of five doesn't sound like a bad idea. While you have the group, you can make Senseless and Wrong Number a lot easier and/or faster to obtain.
  14. There isn't really a way to get this trophy other than keep playing. Two times when my Breaching Charge blew up and hit someone, it put them in a downed but not out state. Using Exothermic Charges does not count for the trophy. I finally unlocked it when my friend forced someone in a wall that I was going to breach. There was this one match that I was in where the person on the attacking team used the Breaching Charge as a defensive C4 as he was taking the objective from the defending team. There are two tips I can give you for this if you are playing solo. One, use your drones to scout the area to see if the enemy is behind a wall that you can breach. If there is, breach it and hope for the kill. The second tip is use Fuze. Use his Cluster Charge as a distraction to force the enemy places to a wall/window if it doesn't kill them. Once they are next to your Breaching Charge, breach it. Beware of Mute's Jammers when doing this. It's best if they are disabled before doing so.
  15. If you have friends who play the game, a headset is a must. The ability to talk to teammates and hear enemy movements is a huge advantage. If you are playing with randoms and don't have a headset, that's fine. Randoms will leave you alone anyways and will kick you if you happen to team kill. I would still recommend having a headset regardless for the reasons said earlier.