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  1. Nice Bug but useless. The maze is not realy hard. In the jap. Version i got the trophy in my third try and in the NA version I only play the chapter and got it. I use a touchpen and type B. In the fourth section you have to wait a bit and use the third hole and not the first hole. In the other sections you have to take your time and move not to fast. If you move to fast it is really hart to control the firefly.
  2. Thanks
  3. Hi, One Question.

    I read you have got the Sherlock Homes Trophy in Silnece.

    Was it version 1.00 or 1.01?

    1. dernop


      afaik this trophy has been broken with the 1.01 patch as i read on several occasions. i personally got it with the 1.00 version back then.

    2. darkriku96


      I had the last version when I got the trophy, but I´m not sure of when the patch came out. I may be able to see it later when I get home!

    3. Animefreak93


      This would be great.

  4. Was it Version 1.01 or 1.00?
  5. Hitman Absolution. This was a really good game.
  6. Hoping The firefly Diary gets a second Trophylist. That would be great.