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  1. I have started this game today and got a big surprise 🎁💣
  2. I started today and after 12 hours non-stop (bathroom and meal times included) playing legit i have managed to became level 49. Now i will let the game play by itself with afk method. So i guess there is still a little chance if you be hurry and dedicated enough.
  3. Yes, you can combine completed levels through the versions
  4. This is not impossible on 1.08 but whoever want to try this game, i drop some knowledge here. 1. Enter the game normally with lastest patch (1.08) , skip the Bethesda screen by loggin in (you will see it when accepting rewards for Doom Eternal) 2. If you are online you will see a green dot next to Bethesda.net on the main menu 3. Quit and delete the game but keep the save file 4. Downgrade the game whatever version you like and enter the game you will able to skip the Bethesda screen Bonus Knowledge: Previous versions may be slightly comfortable but this won't reduce the pain you are going to face, this game won't turning into walk in the park even if 1.00 version.I completed so many hard games but this was brutal by pushing your patience. The problem is respawning monsters not their movement speed. Also in 1.00 there is no shortcut to select weapons with d-pad, you need to scrool all the way with L1 and R1 and this means a big negative in ongoing battle. Long story short, anyone gonna try this need to be very patient and try a lot because your not actually going to fight with demons whether the version is , you just clear the run path by killing some of them.
  5. I like to watch my stats game by game and see which game how much points costs in rarity leaderboard. Lately my rarity leaderboard points haven't changed even if i completed some rare games recently. I had this before but it started to increase somehow don't remember clearly. If i am not wrong this time, it should have been changed a little but it hasn't.
  6. I was concern about this but unfortunately happened i dont know if there is a little chance that this DLC doesnt have any trophies but i dont think so. Campus and Sunset Harbor DLCs are out of the two Season Passes. I think they will create a 3rd Season Pass with this DLC and make a group those last 3 DLCs. I hope this would be the last because there will be 3 Season Passes and each one include 3 DLC, no any DLC will be out of the SPs. But this is Paradox, it is unclear what will they do...
  7. It was always possible. You need a serious couch coop partner, i was lucky because i have a gamer brother. We brought one of our ps4s together to vacation and a monitor, he had not have any much games to play because there was no internet. So i forced him to play this game and we got progress day by day. This game is need much patience and he is not patient as much as i am, so we played through by taking breaks. The most difficult part is coop because some levels are needed to complete without dying, both player must be alive whole level. The other hard part is the impossible power up , you need to practice that method and need to grab that power up and finish the mission. After the coop done, singleplayer is not much of a problem, very easy because you know every level. I saw some people did this with shareplay partner but i am not sure if it is that a good idea because of minimal lag. Levels are not too long, the game took me 70 hours, besides the Crash Bandicoot 4 which took me 100 hours to complete because of long levels.
  8. I have 84 (if i counted correctly) at the moment , never counted before but still have some UR games to play. I hope i can reach 100.
  9. Hotline Miami 3 - First two games were amazing, this title must be trilogy. Syphon Filter Trilogy - I wish Sony make a remake or remastered for this exclusive title, at least for first 3 games.
  10. I guess i started around 1996. I started with PC first and followed by NES games. I remember i was playing LOTUS racing game and The Lost Vikings on my old PC.
  11. Definitely
  12. It is very good to see somethings changing finally. It also would be better if this leaderboard going to be a part of the main leaderboard section.