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  1. #164 - FIFA 15 (VITA)
  2. All Stars Completionist Gain all stars in 'All Stars'.
  3. What? You Want Me to Dance? (%3.99) Scarface Mansion - Finish the heist on stealth in 13 minutes or less on Mayhem or above.
  4. It's a big and mixed cabinet. I saw ''Magic Mushroom'' trophy that i guess he is very high when editing this cabinet 😁
  5. Yes. It helps me to endure stresses which i encounter in real life because while you are doing a ultra rare game you are facing too many problems and stresses .After you defeated or accomplished all of them you are adding more power and endurance to your personality.
  6. Guns, Gore and Cannoli
  7. Dark Souls: Remastered
  8. I am always saying, you can try other regions too. One of my friends got the trophy yesterday with an Australian guy. So it's up to you. The solution is in the servers. Nothing change this except activision. Good Luck