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  2. Finally i got the trophy 40 mins ago. I had 625 wins and still no trophy but i figure it out something. I search the players who got this trophy recently and i saw many of them from Asia. I live in Turkey i guess i play in EU servers. I always have doubt about the problem is in the servers. I messaged someone who got this recently from Hong Kong and ask him to be host for me and play matches and let see if it works. We played a TDM and lost no trophy , i thought there is no hope again but i wanted to try to get 1 win at least and see if it works. Second game we won and BAM! i got the trophy. I am not %100 sure this is the right solition or it was a coincidence but for me this is the solution! (You can see my connection bars comparing the other players) EDIT: For players who havent got the trophy by trying the asian servers, try another regions from your country. Solution is about the trying different regions not the only ASIAN.
  3. speedomer Grand Theft Auto IV Like i said in the Vice City dispute, in this one i had something familiar(because of the randomly shooting act)i was in a public lobby and i was fighting some guys on the ship at the docks and while i was shooting the enemy players i figured out i was having enormous xp/cash when i accidently shoot the ship superstructure. I didnt even know what was happening but this is my story. I hope i also had a screenshot or video in this game too to prove i am not a cheater or hacker. I really had hard times while completing all of my hard games through the 10 years. I am not angry or something i am just feeling weird because this is my first time i am having a flag report and i am just thinking all those years and they are going into trash can in one night because of a one jealous guy of my skill. These all i can say, thanks for who those read this so far. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City When i see the vice city flag report i really smiled because i actually played this game like everyone from the guide.Hopefully i didnt delete the screenshots i havent known these will be useful someday in future. Bloodstained Hands just came later i dont know why i was just decreasing my accuracy as shooting randomly and cannoli poped first. But i am not lucky with the GTA4 flag cause i dont have any screenshots or videos, lets go there if you are wonder what happened. I think when i am in a GTA game , the game doesnt like my randomly shooting at the world https://www.playstationtrophies.org/game/grand-theft-auto-vice-city/trophy/128624-take-the-cannoli.html SCREENSHOTS: https://imgur.com/a/mRa5hje EDIT: reason for gta4: Maximum rank was reached too quick to be done legitimately. It's not possible to get into 10th rank by legitimate (including in-game glithces) means. As far as I know, in 2014, there was no permanent double cash (cash is actually XP in gta iv multiplayer) bonus, but still, you woudn't get 5 millions in 1 hour even with double cash enabled. reason for vice city:"Take the Cannoli" was earned before getting "Bloodstained Hands". Butcher rank stays lower than Godfather rank, so Butcher should've been earned earlier, on the way of going for Godfather.
  4. Thanks. I'll wait for now. There are more URs on the way to be earned next year. They will need to work more 😁
  5. I already proved the Vice City with my actual trophy screenshots. I dont have any evidence for GTA4 as it is clear its on ps3
  6. Thanks for your awareness. I was very desperate like 10 days ago but now dont think about it much, i didnt cheat at all already ,why do i stress about it. Just because you have 1000+ UR shouldnt make you a cheater instantly. The funny thing is my both flagged games are not consider as HARD games. They both are only grindy, also Vice City is not even Ultra Rare 😄. I feel sorry about the person who flagged me ''after a dedicated observation'' on my profile, he couldnt even find any HARD games to report.
  7. None of them answering. I sent message all of them. I dont know why they dont respond.
  8. @B1rvine @Squirlruler @MMDE @grimydawg___
  9. There is no unnatural thing about VC you can look at screenshots i put the links for those who wont believe. Also you dont need to disturb Bambam , i talked with him and learned my problem. I guess i must hide the game unfortunately if i want to stay in leaderboards. I dont want to hide a game that i didnt cheat but i will hide the game to stay on leaderboards for those haters. I will quit hunting trophies soon because of this unbalanced justice but they cant remove me from leaderboards. I will stay right there. I am just waiting a CRT comment to act.
  10. Thats exactly what happened in vice city, while accuracy points decreasing the game catch the godfather rank value at first beacuse it is the higher obviously.After than the butcher came cuz it is lower. About GTA4 yeah, i played and platinumed all of R* games except Midnight LA, and i never had something like in GTA4 even in RDR1.
  11. I don't want to be disrespect or seem like impatient but i am waiting for days to someone from the team respond my dispute. I just want to kindly ask is there anyone in team working on my dispute recently? Like i said this is my first time having this kind of thing through 10 years and i am just waiting here for days desperately. Many others got their responses mine is went through to end of 2nd page. Thanks.
  12. Definitely
  13. It is very good to see somethings changing finally. It also would be better if this leaderboard going to be a part of the main leaderboard section.
  14. Off-Balance 1:28.76
  15. Your thinking right but if you break too much basket type creates you can actually able to miss it, there is a little chance but still there is because i missed the 3rd gem for wumpas after i got perfect relic in Out for Launch level. I dont know are there any levels that have a chance to missing it but it is not a big deal after getting the perfect relic.
  16. Final Fantasy VII
  17. Level 43 Carnival of ChaosGet 3 stars on all Carnival of Chaos levels OVERCOOKED 2
  18. Resident Evil 2
  19. Wolfenstein : Youngblood
  20. Dead Space Dead Space 2 Quake Quake II
  21. Creed: Rise to Glory
  22. You definitely need a good team which is every person must know what they are doing. Team play is the key