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  1. My first run was red mostly because I just shot everything that moved, and gave hank like a million blue pills. Oh and my guide finally got approved, so if you are having trouble with anything check it out! https://psnprofiles.com/guide/410-Lone-Survivor-Trophy-Guide (rate it 5 stars and favorite it if you are awesome)
  2. Spyro the dragon Shaun Palmer pro snowboarding James bond: Agent under fire, and James bond: night fire (maybe as a combo pack thing) Ultimate spiderman Starwars battlefront 2
  3. I am not even a big fan of JRPGs, but this is in my top 3 favorite games ever. I wish there was some hundred knight psn avatars.
  4. Well since my guide is never getting approved heres the piece about daddy: (press start to look back at this guide during the chase) When you get to the part with the Daddy (the thing in the elevator) turn of your flashlight before pushing the button, and imediatly after you gain control of your character go left. Then head left till you reach the lit up door, dont worry about the monster getting close as long as you hold left he wont catch up. Then go right to the lit up door, and then left all the way. Then go left past all 8 lifts and go through the lit up door. Now go right all the way, then go left through the first door you see. Head right all the way, then go right a little bit and go through the door to the staircase. The monster will stop following you. If you need any other piece just ask
  5. Actually its being marketed more like Apple Tv... but with a vita built into it.
  6. What i wana see i ps vita mirroring on the ps4
  7. Yea but then I re uploaded it without that part
  8. This game is awesome, but I feel like it would have been better for the vita. Personally, I would love to be able to play a level between classes.
  9. What model Ps3 it runs fine and error free on my super slim
  10. I tried to copy paste it to the forums, but mods keep taking it down
  11. Madoka Magica: The battle pentagram, I also really want Soul Eater battle resonance, but thats for psp
  12. I wish that The Witch and the Hundred Knight was on vita. Ill be buying minecraft whenever thats out for vita.
  13. The PsVita is being reborn now that the Ps4 is utilizing it. Also long term getting a vita will pay itself off in free games assuming you already have Plus and plan to keep renewing it.
  14. haha it even changed the comment to "Im a big girl now"
  15. I know I have to wait for a staff member to approve it, but its been a good 2 weeks is there a way I can message staff members? A lot of people are having trouble with the game, and I would like to have a guide for them asap, and I don't think it works if i just link the guide https://psnprofiles.com/guide/410-Lone-Survivor-Trophy-Guide