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  1. Recorded that just for you. Take note of the date and time in the corner if you don't believe me.
  2. Does not affect trophies but it DOES affect cross saves. Exact details here:
  3. I already confirmed for you that it does. lol
  4. Just checked those games on my PS3. Jet Set Radio has a 1.01 patch. Shatter and Knytt underground never received patches. Own Rayman 3 HD but never installed it.
  5. I have a lot of digital stuff installed on my PS3 that I regularly kept up-to-date over the years. I'll give the games a look later and post my findings on what versions my games are currently on for future (and current!) reference.
  6. I'll happily provide proof if you'd like, I stream PS Now games all the time from my PS4. Yup! Wired gigabit fiber, absolutely no hiccups in gameplay streaming and latency is low enough to play rhythm and fighting games without issue.
  7. PS Now is great because it has a LOT of delisted titles you can never purchase again, even if you tried. It also gives access to a lot of games that sell for over $60 physical. I love the service, PS3 titles run flawlessly and the ability to download and install all PS4 games on the service is great.
  8. YES!! It was Skate 3! Thanks so much. I'm trying to pick up all last minute dlc's for PS3 that add trophies for all my PS3 games and I remember reading that about Skate 3. Off to buy them now.
  9. Yeah, it's driving me crazy because I read about it maybe 4 or 5 days ago but I completely forgot which game it was.
  10. I remember reading that there was a game that had cheaper dlc if purchased from in-game (which then sends you to the PS Store) than from the PS Store itself, if that makes sense. If anyone can help refresh my memory, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  11. WRONG. The base Japanese release is censored, the Premium Edition is UNCENSORED and identical to the US release, PLUS it has a Japanese language option that is not available in the US release. So for anyone who's interested in playing the game, make sure to pick up the Premium Edition.
  12. Strangely, it's not listed as a PS+ game this for March but sure enough, it's listed as free for PS+.
  13. It is absolutely mindblowing how the servers have been up with no issues for the past 5 hours! Huge thanks to you, @kevao97! I was able to knock out every trophy possible in multiplayer ONLY playing today. I was unable to connect to multiplayer over the weekend and today was the first time I was ever able to get the user agreement to pop up. The 100 kills replay trick worked like a charm too. Just for anyone having trouble with it, here's the exact method to get it to work every time: Create a game, I'd suggest 6 vs 6 Extermination with your squad being composed of all grenadiers or machinegunners. Set the opponent to 6 shotgunners. Battlefield width/height minimum and it should have large, destroyed rooms with number of rooms set to few. First turn, just have all your units aim at a spot where your buddy/alt account will send 5 of their units to (not all 6!). Prime the turn and have your buddy/alt account send 5 units to the spot where all your units are aiming. Prime the turn and hopefully all 5 die and 1 unit remains somewhere safe. THIS NEXT PART IS KEY! DO NOT PRIME THE SECOND TURN ON THE SECOND PLAYER'S ACCOUNT (in fact, the second player can leave immediately after the first turn is over). The first player (with the machinegunners/grenadiers) will simply prime the turn (aiming/moving units no longer matters). After the first player primes the turn, press start and exit to the multiplayer menu. Select "My Matches" and the game's status should now say "Waiting..." Enter the game and "Waiting..." should be displayed in the center of the screen. Press Ok, then press square, press X to watch the replay of the opponent's units being killed then press start and exit back to multiplayer menu. THIS WORKS REGARDLESS OF SERVERS BEING ONLINE OR OFFLINE. Repeat this process until 100!
  14. Enjoy your trial, buddy. lol