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  1. In my opinion, trophies went to shit during COVID-19's peak and the years following. Too much shovelware was pushed into the PS Store while actual games end up with either uninspired "just beat the game for a platinum" trophies or grindfest garbage to waste your time. Honestly, I also hated when Sony changed the trophy level system to this crap where everyone is in the hundreds. It felt satisfying to reach milestones like level 10, 20, 30, etc.
  2. FF13 was never released digitally.
  3. I put in all that work on the demo alone. I'm in the top 5-30 in the leaderboards for some of the trophies, as they all popped off the first song I played on the full release. Synced trophies now, so you should see it, along with 4 more trophies or so. Also, you've played story considerably more than I have in the full release, seeing as you've already completed the game. I've only played mainline Final Fantasy 1-10 so far in story mode, skipping Crisis Core and Advent Children. Considering the fact that you played through the entire game before hitting 300 cards, I'd have to assume that my method worked out better than yours. I just felt like dropping by to advise others on the easiest method to guarantee a lot of collectacard drops. I never said to play Multi battles to win cards, I said to specifically do it for good summon stones, which takes very little time to achieve.
  4. Don't waste your time grinding with characters that boost rates by a small margin. The true key to getting a ton of collectacards (and other drops) fast is to play Multi Battle against other players and receive summon stones from their Proficards. Most players are sharing summon stones with incredibly high stats, such as 3x 40% collectacard drop rate. It doesn't matter if you win, lose, play ranked/unranked, or on basic difficulty. You will receive all players' proficards following a battle along with their respective summon stone. I've already received the 300 collectacards trophy with minimal effort thanks to Multi Battle.
  5. 5 different DLC sets for Diorama mode.
  6. Owned the first on PS2 and used to play TRF2 back in the day over at Chinatown Fair in NYC. This trophy list is pretty lame. Pathetically easy, which I figure was on purpose to get the trophy-whore crowd to make a purchase. Honestly, it's not a bad idea, as general interest in The Rumble Fish can't be particularly high. They can use whatever help they can get to make sales. I'll wait to pick it up when it inevitably goes on sale, for 50% or more.
  7. We're discussing the console's performance in 2 years time. Here's a reminder of the quantity/variety of titles the PS4 received after launch.
  8. Hard disagree. The PS4 had INSANE hype surrounding its release and had huge titles drop in 2014/2015. The PS5 had almost nothing exclusive in 2021 worth owning one for and it's only NOW that the console is finally starting to pick up steam with titles that showcase what the system is capable of. There was also far better third party and indie support for PS4 on launch, as well as a lot more Japanese talent dropping great games. PS5 is getting insane amounts of bullshit shovelware with a few decent titles sprinkled in here and there (that are still not entirely exclusive to PS5).
  9. I'm fairly certain the 50k gold was for returning players. I had played the game back in 2016, so I had the 50k waiting in my account the moment I fired it up after all thsoe years. I was unable to get it on an alt account that had never launched the game before. I finally managed to 100% the game today after a grueling week of hard work. The 50k bonus is a huge advantange, as getting all heroes and level 5 perks helped tremendously. Regardless, the game's quite a bit of a struggle (especially after level 20) up until you're able to deploy 5 different unit types. Last trophy I needed was Badge of Honor and (unfortunately) I joined the #1 ranked alliance, which demanded 3000 points minimum from all members. lol That was definitely a grind and the leader constantly kicked players out that weren't putting in enough work daily. For those of you without 50k, good luck. Even with the best heroes, perks, and hats, you will constantly have close calls from all-out wars trying to destroy an opponent's base. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be without the Commando, Bombardier, and Colonel, considering damn near every base post-level 25 has tons of hero units and maxed out structures.
  10. @baboon_overlord Oh look, a trophy boosting goof that criticizes others for playing games they're good at/enjoy.
  11. Keep in mind that you'll likely be expected to play/contribute to the alliance. A lot of the active ones will quickly kick members that aren't pulling their weight.
  12. @bobjoehill Which heroes should we be using specifically? I've been getting murdered by 3 star bases. Not sure what combination I should be using.
  13. Necro bump! Just wondering if anyone out there still has the glitched update installed on their PS4 also! I grabbed it back in 2015 when a user on reddit posted about the update giving access to all tables. After confirming that everything did indeed work, I disabled automatic updates and stopped using rest mode entirely (in the off chance that it may somehow update something despite the setting being disabled). 7 years later and I now have it installed on extended storage that I use on my PS4 Pro. For anyone wondering what version it is, it's 1.07! Hopefully someone out there can manage a way to find that specific update so that others can downgrade to it, as there is no way to get most of these tables anymore.
  14. Popped the platinum yesterday. Founders' Trophy was a breeze, in my opinion. I recorded my gameplay knocking out every stage of the tournament, so check it out if you think it might help!
  15. Just dropping in to confirm that vanilla Death Stranding from PS+ Extra on PS4 DOES count towards Hit Play/1994! I simply downloaded the game, went to to the title screen and left it there for 2-3 minutes and quit the game. I checked to make sure it was on my trophy list and opened PS App on my phone to confirm that it appeared under "Recently played" and it did, as well as giving me 20% completion towards Hit Play/1994. For what it's worth, I do NOT own a PS5 and do not have the requirement to launch Returnal.