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  1. Here's the invitation I told you about :yay:

  2. Sharing is Caring - I can't find for the life of me either social chests or royal convoys. I'm logged on uPlay, I switch up servers, I check the maps. What am I doing wrong? This is so frustrating.

  3. Social chest (649,168) Royal convoy (923,494) 7 hours white whale (638,901) & (674,315) 7 hours
  4. Check your side quest list.
  5. I've found another trophy collector. Your profile looks so satisfying and cool. 

    1. LilM-87


      Thanks you too.

  6. Create UK account, I’ve done this and worked for me.
  7. Man this glitch for me 😢
  8. it’s been 4 years where you have been.
  9. thsbna_glitk_187 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 No it’s true I obtained the plat for mw2 in 2 days im professional player in all cod games, I got prestige 15 in cod 7, prestige master in cod 9, any questions message me on my ID.
  10. Faze
  11. Yeah same problem with me.
  12. You right thanks pro.
  13. watch dogs dying light the order 1886
  14. watch dogs dying light red dead redemption 2