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  1. My Name is Mayo I love mayonnaise!
  2. 2009 - 3 favorite: Fallout 3 Hardest: Wipeout HD 2010 - 1 Dragon Age Origins (great story, I still play it to this day) 2011 - 1 Motorstorm Pacific Rift (the online mode was tough as hell but had tons of fun) 2012 - 0 2013 - 6 Favorite: Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty (PS3) Hardest: Hotshots Golf World Invitational (vita) 2014 - 2 Favorite and hardest: Xcom Enemy Unknown 2015 - 2 Favorite: Dragon Age : Inquisition 2016 - 7 Favorite: Fallout 4 Hardest: Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty (vita) 2017 - 8 Favorite: Skyrim Hardest: Hotshots Golf World Invitational (PS3) 2018 - 7 Favorite: Dirt Rally Hardest: Xcom 2 2019 - 5 Favorite: Fallout New Vegas Hardest: Thief (not really hard but I guess nobody liked it enough to complete, I personally loved it)
  3. Racing Games and WRPGs Most recent racing game platinum I've got is Wreckfest and for WRPG its Fallout New Vegas (my favorite game of all time)
  4. Metro Redux, great series, Exodus is my GOTY so far
  5. just saying he /she rather play for platinums and miss out on good games, kinda like you too.... do you not like any past GOTY winners? its just weird, dont see the point of collecting hunderds of plats if all the games are trash, you need some quality plats bro 👍
  6. not a game breaker for me, it looks interesting and its only 24 bucks so why not? I see that you only play for platinums so i can see why its a big deal for you, hell you even platted my name is mayo twice lol
  7. 2007 so thats ten years 😀
  8. got the 5000 trophy milestone today with "vault dweller" from fallout 4, been planning this one for a while lol😎
  9. got my 5000th trophy milestone today, i had this one planned for about half of year ago, now im going to take a long break from trophy hunting lol trophy name is "Vault Dweller" from fallout 4
  10. This is my best year collecting almost 1000 trophies, I could have had more but I took my sweet time playing my favorite games fallout 4 and skyrim Bronze 2755 to 3346 Silver 645 to 841 Gold from 223 to 348 Platinum from 15 to 21 Best game I played: this year its Deus ex Mankind Divided Worst game I played: I dont know, probably some indie game that was free on psn this year
  11. 7.5/10 lots of plats in just a couple years, impressive!
  12. infamous first light for me, was pretty boring doing the arena challenges, this is by far my most boring plat
  13. Vault 101 Citizenship Award my first trophy ever
  14. well out of the racing games i've platinumed, i would say both of the sonic all star racing games were the easier ones for me, the other racing games i have plat are wipeout hd and motorstorm pacific rift but those were real hard
  15. superbuu3 likes indie games and is in top 100 in his country