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  1. I got bugged "A Collector of Sorts". Maybe you need to find all items un same difficulty
  2. Both problems have been patched
  3. And... "Arena Champion" too, it freezed by the 50% done.
  4. I'd finished twice the final battle (console) and nothing. I know there is a video but instead i'm throw out to map, and stucked (no move)
  5. 6 months later but... Yesterday i got it using this combo: FLEX+ (X2), DUAL WIELD+, FLASH OF STEEL+
  6. Ok, The problem is over... 🎉🎉 Servers up again
  7. Three years ago something like this happened...
  8. Well, no more potions from Shovel means keep the barrels waiting for potions, isn't it? I hope they fixed the "problem" with skeletons archers...
  9. He was talking about game crash before fight Heart, i had the same problem and changing language, like he said, solved it
  10. Maybe weapons one. @WaddysWDS si te fijas, en la de los Behemots te piden cosas como hacerlo en X tiempo o recibiendo X daño solamente. Mientras que la de armas se basan principalmente en usarlas y hacer daño con ellas Fijate:
  11. Oh, i didnt read It... Thanks
  12. I was playing a daily climb and got more than 99 Block, but trophy "Impervious" didn't popped so maybe this mode disables some trophies... anyone else?
  13. When "Odin Sphere" met "Journey to the West"
  14. I think you can check them in "CHALLENGES" in the MAIN MENU
  15. I had the same problem, of course level is important... but if you watch @DanTheManGum video, i was doing something wrong, not waiting to hit several objectives. Use dust, use dynamite (unleashe if u can), and now... wait, just hit one or two enemies, and use dynamite... and always, always with dust. Good Luck