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  1. Thanks for the help man! ☺️
  2. I am facing the same problem. 8 hours at 99%
  3. Okay, I will try that and post here the results. Edit: Worked!!! Thanks.
  4. Hi. I am facing the same problem, i have my profile public it works fine in psn and other websites aswell but here it says its private. Is there any way you guys can fix this ? Thanks in advance. ☺️
  5. Edit: I am done! Thanks!
  6. Yeah I am using that trick to do the bug farming kills Btw was just me or when I started the game it said We've lost the war then the game crashed and when I re-started it finally the winning screen showed up... I was so nervous when it happened ...
  7. congratulations! We rock!
  8. Kinda odd but its not the first time this happens so maybe you are right! thanks
  9. wth, some people were playing against insects/bugs and I joined the match and it was for real they were playing against them. wth is this ? how is this possible ?
  10. we got totally smashed, its unbelievable.
  11. we got smashed in the 1st defence try
  12. Well thats not that much important, atleast for me, cuz I want to have 100% and without that uncommon trophies I will never get it! Anyways wars are progressively getting slower and slower so in 2 years I believe this trophies will be way much rarer then now! For me what is important is that we are getting closer to our objective and its good that now everything is clarified! Btw we are "winning" this attack and its looking good, so if you guys are afraid to start this game I would say that now is a great opportunity because after we finish with the iluminates there will be only cyborgs left and people will focus on them only!
  13. You are wrong hommie. You have to complete one mission in the illuminate (because we are attacking them now) and complete all missions for 1 planet in cyborg if you want to get both trophies ! The missions against cyborgs its to get Peace and prosperity reigns again and the mission against the iluminates its to get Spreading Managed Democracy! Hope this helps!
  14. I agree with you I just hope the next attacks to be in the middle of the day!