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  1. I can confirm what stated above, just got my plat with same stats as a defender. Played story mode on beginner just stealing the ball on kick off and scoring, so those passing stats were so low. I think I put something like 6-7 hours more than story mode tbh. Nothing like playing 600-700 games for sure as stated in the trophy guide. It's wrong and must be corrected to avoid ppl to just waste hours on an already hour-eager hobby....
  2. Same happened to me but I played on a single savefile contiunously overwritten in the ps+ cloud fearing corruptions (my ps+ digital version froze at least 30 times and more). So when I reached 100% didn't got the trophies for the same reason, but couldn't "rollback". TBH this is a oversight on the trophy guides, ppl that made them are still awesome but should had report this bug and warn us.
  3. Ok so I self-tested it and yes, you get an S-rank and of course the trophy. Ps: the infinite knife is useless, lost it on the first zombie, then got mobbed and had to run away! Stupid me, I thought it was "infinite" in quantity, not in durability.
  4. Good to know. S on standard is very doable (done Leon B within 2 hours) so I'm gonna do Claire B with infinite weapons....
  5. Hi, just asking if anyone managed to get the trophy using infinite weapons (Samurai edge and Knife). I know you can't use them for S+, but since we only need and S....
  6. Damn, I'm sorry to hear that. Fallout is one of my favourite franchise but I knew that 76 would be a mess so I didn't buy it.... I still have nightmares playing FO3 DLC Op. Anchorage on ps3....1 step every 10 seconds.....
  7. Indeed won't give a F*** to "skipped" games anymore. If after 2-3-4-5 or even 6 years I still have to play them, it's because I really don't care about them. Easy plats? Sure, but why wasting time if anytime soon Sony would mess with our ids and wipe them all? They really don't care about trophy hunters, we can't rely on them. Before After
  8. My card fixed itself the past few days. The games I've played moved up on 3rd and 4th spot, Dragon Crown moved 2nd and Ace Combat came up. Now I got some trophies on Deponia and....it's still down somewhere in my games' list and not on top. So the problem is not fixed at all. Won't give a F anymore, it'll fix by itself, by Sony or by PSNP guys....or by no one. Don't care anymore about my card and my trophies.... I think this problem fixed my trophy/achievement addiction after 12 years after all
  9. Ehm.... Tales from Space. Last trophy earned august 6th 2016....it's between Eventide (may 12 2017) and Hyperdevotion (may 8th 2017).
  10. I'm continously get 80711008 error on my ps3 while syncing and browsing my trophies.
  11. Did you already had hidden trophies? You synch from ps3 or ps4? Because I keep getting weird psn errors while browsing trophies from ps3...
  12. Maintenance didn't help
  13. A new game is just a temporary fix, it won't solve the matter. Just play and get a trophy on any old game and see by yourself. Edit: really hope to see this solved tomorrow @ 8 am CET after the server maintenance
  14. Played a new game, then booted an old one and got a trophy. The new one is at the top, but the one with the new trophy didn't move at all. My trophies' OCD is killing me lately
  15. How did you manage to fix them guys?