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  1. Murderer Soul Suspect
  2. add me on ps3 darkXhayley if you want.

    1. MrCostari


      I see we both have Diablo 3 RoS (haven't played yet) Watch Dogs and BF4. Wanna team up some time?

    2. OpaqueLotus


      Showing that Helghast luve !!!! haha yeah!!!

    3. nenugalimas


      We have plenty of games in common, you can add me.

  3. colonial Radec from killzone 2 c:
  4. killzone 3 and battlefield 3.
  5. need 4 speed hot pursuit or need 4 speed most wanted. both my favs!
  6. Diablo 3 is my new favorite!! CX
  7. MW2
  8. My Ps3 name is Hayley
  9. either when the game is boring or glitched while i trophy hunt. annoying af
  10. dog days 2!!!!
  11. the amazing spiderman 2
  12. im working on skyrim just a few trophies left yay!
  13. names with NOOB and XxX_-- in it. not creative at all..
  14. almost 4 on this account. not much considering i had 22 on my other, i dont really go for platinums that much i just enjoy the game without trying being as lazy as i am.