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  1. Last time on this celebration I won real Platinum Trophy but Sony broke it somehow during shipping and all ended that they just send me psn voucher
  2. Ps vita version was also free?
  3. 6 people already got those trophies in may 2021, maybe they not broken?
  4. Because conflict/ war stories not working. Last BF game was in 2011 - bf3
  5. How much years possible to use Vita Battery and possible to somehow replace it ?
  6. you can write about this problem on their last post about LBP servers
  7. Have 31/50 now
  8. Some people still somehow receive this trophy in may 2021. But I tried now and still impossible to earn.
  9. No EU sales right now on Vita
  10. Try talk with them on Twitter
  11. This game and Mafia 3 is worst technical games on PS4, trophies all glitch,save corruption and more
  12. Very time consuming. Trophies seems like mix of Predator Hunting Grounds/ Brink/ Assassins Creed Brotherhood and For Honor
  13. Maybe will buy PS5 in 2-3 years from now. It’s impossible to boost it with team on empty lobbies?
  14. Connection is terrible on this game. Just keep trying
  15. Hello, can't unlock Scoreboard 25% trophy,its glitched right now? For example i did perfect run on Kling Kong level and was in top 250 players but no trophy