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  1. Terrible prices.Will buy most of the PS5 games on sales.
  2. I redeemed code that come with the collectors edition,so dlc is free to me? Because when I redeemed nothing happened)
  3. so which trophies unobtainable right now?October 2020
  4. from what i understand there is no trophies in this one. Trophies in dlc - Scarface Heist Pack
  5. Tried to unlock this with few different people in last few days. Still no luck,always problems with squad invite.
  6. When is release date?
  7. On my time gmt+2 it’s already 18.9.20 / 00:23
  8. Same. Maybe need to wait few more hours
  9. Sorry ,my mistake. Searched - Disintigration / because of this game was not found for me
  10. They removed game already
  11. They planing to do a big sale before closing?
  12. Hello.Any way to find online pass somewhere for this game? On ps store i not see online pass,on Ebay even if copy is new,code already expired.Asked about few codes Sony and they always telling me that code expired in 2015. Asked publisher of the game - 505 games, if they can give me online pass,they telling me,that title is too old and they not working with it anymore. And developers of this game was closed already.So any way to play online on this game?Thanks for the answers
  13. Just check every week this page if it have new earners:
  14. Platinum is impossible now from 0 to 100% ?
  15. Hi. I never saw double xp in this game,strange