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  1. How much is season pass? Season pass include in collectors edition?
  2. I see 3 dlc on ps store. They important or no?
  3. One of the problems with those games is a lot of trophy stacks
  4. I like to play some easy games between big ones
  5. Yes you can import this edition but still its only import from US, there is no EU version of this edition.I know about Skybound store. With vat and shipping this edition will cost for me around 400$ seems standart platinum,only something hard possible will be hard difficulty
  6. Collectors edition is US exclusive right?
  7. Probably The Order 1886 and Shaolin Monks
  8. All obtainable or some modes already removed?
  9. Probably same situation like Gotham Knights/ Plague Tale2/ nfs 2022 and more. Sony asked not release for PS4 for more PS5 sales.
  10. What about PS4 Japanese version? There is platinum achievers
  11. They fixed this trophy with latest patches or it still unachievable?
  12. Will check it but should because I am in the alliance too with others
  13. I created my own alliance - ‘badge of honour’ to avoid kickers owners so if everyone want can join. No more kicks on this alliance