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  1. How it can help?
  2. Works for PS3 version too?
  3. They released PS5 just to sell again all PS4 games:) already we have doom eternal/ metro exodus/ a plague tale/ wreckfest/ jedi fallen and more and soon Tsushima / gta5/ Death Stranding. Great. Exclusives that ps5 have now is Demons souls/ ratchet 2021/ Returnal/ Destruction all stars
  4. Game is B category,so not expect ultra good graphics
  5. Will be amazing if they return servers back for tdu2 but sadly its impossible now because game is too old and old platforms is dead. They shutdown online during my boosting session without any warning same like Activision with Transformers
  6. This is very sad that they want to remove completely PS3/Vita in few years PS4 even from people memories. When you check friends which games he playing it’s very bad that you can only see ps4/5 games. / Expire dates also not updated for me on ps3/vita, but when expire date come it now shows fine that my plus will expire in next year.
  7. Maybe just for chapter select from the beginning
  8. Just wait goty complete edition. Or just buy gold edition(season pass included)
  9. Maybe when vita/ps5/PS4 from your account is also online?
  10. Wow this game seems really full of hackers. And because of sometimes ps3 sync trophies even without you do it, this game is really hard to do.
  11. When hackers appeared in this game? From 2015 or later?
  12. They wasted 2 years. Waiting Shaolin Monks 2
  13. Knack(2013)
  14. Sad. So need to waste 20 more hours for ps5 version platinum