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  1. For 10-20 people who want trophy I don’t think that EA will return servers for the dead platform.
  2. Hello.Need help with Budding Artist, One Better, Certifiable trophies. Thanks in advance
  3. So if you buy Rain game in Hong Kong psn it will give trophies for Lost in the Rain ?
  4. seems like it not possible anymore
  5. This game is digital only or they planning to release physical too maybe someone know?
  6. you can try to ask them
  7. A lot of games today it’s just same game sadly. Assassins Creed/ all sport games/ Call of Duty/ Battlefield/ Fortnite style games and more. If you want original games it’s Hideo Kojima games or indie
  8. Try to download and play dlc directly on PS4
  9. I know because of that ask who is responsible for those games now. Maybe directly Sony Twitter? New Japan Studio Twitter: Playstation Twitter:
  10. Which Twitter we need? Both games is Japan Studio. This one?
  11. Any dlc needed? Maybe dlc make platinum easier,someone know?
  12. Mostly just finish on Supersoldier. Not so hard
  13. This feature still works or they closed it?
  14. I think just try new disc