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  1. Now is the time people I’ve been waiting for them to change the xp system and now they have and it’s double xp weekend. For every 7 min match I’m getting around 6000 xp. I went from 66 to 81 in a little over 2 hrs of play.
  2. Can anyone boost my 2 characters to lvl 30-35 for me and my gf to play?? Please just looking for help to get my gf to play games/ first person to get platinum on ps3
  3. Resident Evil 5 u just need to grind the collectibles and maybe find sum1 with a infinite gold egg.. If your into that sort of thing
  4. Mib - men in black, dont think any posted that
  5. Family guy Wolf among Us
  6. Wooops didnt even relize this started lol guess i mite actually b tring for week 3
  7. Super easy can be done local 2 controllers no need for online
  8. Been playing dark souls 2 for over 100 hours, has a big learning curve if not used to series few hard boss battles e.g. Medusa if u didnt figure out how to rid area of poison. None of the souls games would i consider easy,... Just very enjoyable to play multiple times
  9. Mario and Luigi BOOM enough said
  10. Sorry to say i have to be leaving too, gotta focus on moving... Good luck in the new season everyone
  11. Ugh going to be another low week.. No motivation to play
  12. Defintly getting fuse from this sale... Debating on army of two.?.?
  13. Nice hopefully you are enjoying it. Havent played it myself but the old ones on pc and n64 were awesome!
  14. Top 4 real close this week, Good job everyone..
  15. Im struggling with lbp2 hard to find ppl to play lvl and let u dive in. Anyone pick up any anime sales games? I snatched up One Piece 1&2