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    PS4, Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards, The League, The Office.
  1. Welcome dude. Great to have you here.
  2. Welcome dude good luck with [email protected] I beat veteran on PC, it's a great platinum to have.
  3. Welcome dude I spent 5 years on World Of Warcraft before switching to a console. Grats on 100th post.
  4. ... Didn't unlock for me after completing game on veteran in coop, should I do it solo?
  5. Welcome to the forums buddy.
  6. Everlast- I get by
  7. The Croods, very fun, my kids loved it. I recommend it to all the parents out there.
  8. I'm a hockey fan Flyers and Penguins mostly. I wish there was a great hockey game out there since I refuse to buy EA games.
  9. I would love Daffy Duck sig with just my name on it, thanks to the artist in advance.
  10. Yakuza
  11. Also added to forums buddy.
  12. mine would be Fallout New Vegas, but pretty close, good taste dude.
  13. Alright, alright, alright, alriiiiight.
  14. Zombie Proof Vest To help you with RE5.