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  1. Easy, just ask a question and answer it with a question so there would never be an answer for that of the asked question. I'll begin ~ Why does avocado taste bad?
  2. Users with no avatar shouldn't bother playing. Other than that have fun.
  3. I'm watching Breaking Bad. Watching all of the episodes before the other half of Season 5 premieres. What are you watching at the moment?
  4. Crash Bandicoot Black Spyro
  5. EU still has it better than NA. I already played Sleeping Dogs and its awesome, you guys won't be disappointed.
  6. What makes you think that?
  7. Probably Iron Man 3 or Fast & Furios 6.
  8. I agree, this game is going to be great cant wait!
  9. As much as I didn't like the naval missions in AC3 I'll still be getting this game since I loved AC3 but I'll be getting this for the PS4.
  10. All depends on the price!
  11. Let's see if all this "Always online" stuff is true.
  12. The combat looks hot!
  13. Sucks to hear this since I just recently started watching all the seasons, all thanks to my brother and fell in love with the show. R.I.P Futurama
  14. Angry Beavers
  15. Most definitely Splinter Cell: Conviction.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exSjF5JqZZM
  17. Need to hurry up and get Batman Arkham City