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  1. And the best of the bunch IMO. Made me chuckle at some of the responses more than once. None of the others had me wanting to play through again to see was I missed. (Yeah, I know Late Shift pretty much forced us to, but I didn't want to! ) I felt it manipulated our emotions and preconceptions much better than the others. For example, I started out despising Rayne and ended up quite liking him. And Zak, he was really set up as the bad guy, eh? I felt so bad when I pointed the finger at him and he wasn't the murderer. Did anyone else notice that the brand on the radio was Dekker? And I was disappointed that I didn't get to choose one of the options offered at the end, like leave with the Tarot crowd or stay in August. Hints at a sequel, perhaps? I hope so...
  2. I completed my Hard run using the Gunship kitted out with the Ancient Weapon, Berserker and Equaliser. With enhanced energy installed too, it turned out to be a pretty formidable setup.
  3. I'm trying to complete a hard run ATM and discovered that if I fit Berserker, the Ancient Weapon doesn't damage my ship if I only fire it when boosting. So I fitted Energy Extenders and boost everywhere. However, I make the inevitable error and mess up the run. Best I've managed so far is Sector 5. It's pretty annoying that all the later stages always seem to have a jump suppressor, usually on a frigate! Whilst they are easy to take down, it's not so easy to do with a dozen other ships bugging me. At least that keeps Beserker happy! I'm not usually a fan of Rogue games, but this is the best. Great game, I'll be sad to see the end of when (if!) I get that platinum trophy. A sequel or more DLC would be most welcome.
  4. The guide doesn't mention you can visit a service stations and pay to repair your hull. I'm currently using this weapon on my fully perked Interceptor, with Leech installed, too, of course! As the starter ship, it doesn't seem to get much love from players. Most guides I've read suggest using the Scout, but I think the Interceptor is better. Before I found the Ancient Weapon I was running this with Dare Devil and Loadout B for the Beam Laser Mk 3. Press fire and just hold on! Since I didn't need a shield I could fit better aggressive mods, such as the Weapon Overdrive Mk 3. This and a fully upgraded BL Mk 3 + damage booster was devastating, especially against Guardians. Mind you, because of its low range I always had to be up close and personal. However, this seemed to be advantageous, because I appeared to be inside the missiles' turning circle, so they invariably missed.
  5. Very late on in the level you'll get told to go meet Damir to go to the Oasis. Once you enter the area you can't get back to free roam. Damir will head up a slope and get scared by a few bats. Then he'll walk down the hill and say something along the lines of "Look right over the entrance." The entrance is on a ledge that is too high to jump to, so you need Damir to boost you up. However, the glitch means he'll stay up top & not come down to help you, meaning you can't progress the story. I can't find any info online other than this has happened to may other players on all platforms. Someone posted a video showing Damir 'teleporting' to you, if you tried to jump up to the ledge, but that never happened for me. Since you can't leave this area (which probably wouldn't help anyway) the only option it seems is to restart the chapter! I went exploring before I joined him, so maybe that caused the glitch. So I suggest going with him straight away. You can explore later before going through the entrance. Also, I recommend making a Cloud Save before joining Damir for this mission and make a Quick Save before heading down the one way slope. There's nothing dangerous here before the entrance so you can keep that till you're safely up. I'm off to re-start the chapter on Reader now. I'll put it back up when I get back to this part.
  6. My daughter and I enjoy playing co-op games together, but it's so annoying when the second player doesn't get any trophies. She has her own sub-account and likes to collect them, too (I wonder where she gets that from? ). Surely there's no excuse other than laziness for not allowing both co-op players to earn the trophies. Games like Party Golf (up to 8) and Word Search by POWGI (4 players) amongst others manage it, and the Lego games, for the most part, have been doing it for years, so why not this game? It takes the shine of completing the levels together.
  7. That's what I did early on, but we're back to the lack of resources problem. I could usually manage to upgrade everything 1 or 2 levels, but once it got to 5+, the required resources were so high, I couldn't do them all. Mind you, is it possible that upgrading 5 levels uses less resources than 5 individual levels? One thing that niggles me a little is that upgrading is all or nothing. I'd have liked to option to choose the level rather than force it to my current level. As for ship levels, I've never had much of a problem. If my ship health got too low, I'd make a point of boarding a ship to recover my health.
  8. Sure, there's nothing wrong with upping the ship levels, but they should have left the trophy requirements at the original max-out levels. And I'm finding it a real pain because I'm charging through the player levels - at least one per session. I'm now at 54 and spending all my resources to keep my armour & weapons levelled up. So I never have any left to upgrade the ship, even after buying all the blacksmith's stock.
  9. That's out of order. I was two away from completion and noticed last night that all of a suddenly I was nowhere near! It didn't really register at the time, but after I read your post I suddenly realised this. Surely, devs shoudn't be allowed to make trophies more difficult once they've been earned by others
  10. It's a matter of opinion of course, but I reckon the dlc is well worth that. especially if you want that 100%! Faster Baby was ok, but nothing special and a bit annoying at times. Worth playing though, to get the toughened car. It's the only car I tend to drive now. I really enjoyed Sign of the Times and it was one I quite fancied playing, because when you've done the story, you get to fix up Sammy's place. Haven't done more than the first mission for Stones Unturned, but reviews suggest it's the best of the three. Since I collect Deluxe/Specials anyway, I'm happy with the £15 I paid. It also included the pre-order weapons, which I don't think you get with the PS Store dlc. This meant I got the silenced pistol really early on.
  11. Amazon.co.uk are sellling the Deluxe version for £13.48. Full game & season pass in a plastic sleeve/cover. Rather annoyingly, I bought that last week for £15!
  12. Did you craft any Legendary weapons.outfits? Another thought I had was that the game might miscount or give more credit to crafted items. I regularly crafted both to contribute to the 'collect x of' type objectives. I'd mostly craft quick and cheap items for speed up, but crafted a fair few Legendary items to push on for the two trophies.
  13. That's really odd, because I checked today and my stats when the trophies popped were: Legendary weapons: 19 Legendary outfits: 15 I wonder if this is cross-vault stats, because this is on my main one which I started with the PS+ dlc, but I tinkered with 4 or 5 others before dumping them. Anyhow, I wish the 100 Objectives and 50 Raiders would be equally as kind. No idea how many objectives I've done, but my 170 population vault is only showing 30 Raider attacks.
  14. The way I got this was to upgrade the Overseer's Office, so I could send out 3 parties at once. I needed these for the Quest trophy anyway and they often found a Legendary, but more importantly they'd find the rare items needed for the next step. After I'd sent out the parties, I'd start crafting a Legendary Outfit and Weapon, then time skip to speed up completion of both. I got the Weapon trophy when a party brought one back, although the stats were showing I'd collected 19. The outfits trophy popped when I collected the crafted outfit.
  15. I turned off the music, because after a few hours it started to grind, but there's worse. I often play games at night when the rest of the household has gone to bed. My wife came down to complain about the very loud ping the game makes every time I changed colour. In the end I had to turn the TV sound off. So could you tone it down or have a a softer sound for this?