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  1. Thanks for the info. Don't think I've got the 'nest', but def' have the other two. I had a quick blast at this on a Crystal Craggs world, where I was picking up a few gems along the way. I'm pretty useless at copying though, so always mess up. I'll keep trying...
  2. Looks a useful method, but I can't tell what you used in the second video. The last one I recognise as a boulder, but not sure about the flower type thing in the middle. I also wondered if there was a potion chest we could use since they are much more expensive & might yield a quicker return.
  3. You can get this trophy by dispelling a Nightmare. I find they appear pretty regularly, often (it seems) after a change of location during story progression. Of course, you could summon one, but you only get 4 uses, so why not save them to get rid of a Nightmare when one appears? It'll save you 3 minutes of hiding. Also, you don't need to kill one to get the Mixed Signals objective. I was given this after I'd avoided 5 or so Nightmares. I was hiding under a desk in the Lobby at the time & received it after the Nightmare dissipated.
  4. But you didn't say it was easier, you said it was longer. It is, for sure, but not by much and I sure most knowledgeable trophy hunters would expect that. Besides the OP wasn't even comparing it to Mayo; he said this game is an easy plat', which it is.
  5. Warning? Seriously? I completed this game in just under 3 hours & Mayo in two. I'm pretty sure that any sensible trophy hunter would expect this to take longer.
  6. It's definitely worth trying, but I think you should probably delete your save file as well.
  7. There are one or two points of no return & there's one scene which you only enter once. So there is some potential for missing the ravens & having to replay. However, there's one raven on every scene[1], so just make sure you find it before you do anything else in a scene. [1] Except for that area you only visit once. You'll know it, it's the obligatory 'maze' puzzle.
  8. Darn, you are right! When I did it I thought it had cleared all the photos. Such a stupid way round to do it. Surely, you're more likely to want to block other people's than your own. However, the easiest solutions is to simply hide the annoying photos; only takes a couple of button presses. Would be nice if there was an option to remove others', though.
  9. Nope, sub-accounts use the same PS+ account &, I believe, anyone logging in on your main console can also use your PS+.
  10. There is a way, create a sub-account. My daughter has her profile on my account, so earns all her own trophies. Last year in a PS4 trophy community there was a similar discussion to thread & one vocal poster flamed me for mentioning my Complentionist friend. Basically, he refused to believe anyone could 100% their TL & demanded I provide my friend's PSN as proof. Of course, I didn't, but the thing that made me laugh was that he was on level 3 with no plats, but my 8yo daughter was level 4 with 4 plats. I'm guessing that because he couldn't 100% his TL, he assumed nobody else could. I'm never going to have 100% for many reason, not least because I'm not good enough to on every game I play, but I'm sure not going to miss out playing games I enjoy simply because it'll show <100% when I move on. My son's sub-account was attached to mine till he was 18! Only took Sony TEN+ years to allow sub-accounts to be taken over when their owner turned 16. 😼
  11. I could have had many more plats if I'd replayed those games I'd already got on PS3 (TT games in particular), but I have a policy of not revisiting old games I've already completed (unless it's a cross-buy and/or I get the PS4 version free with PS+). Metro Redux as one of those, in reverse. Last Light was free on PS3 & I really enjoyed it, so I bought Redux because it included 2033 & it would have been dumb not to play Last Light again - especially as it was easier on PS4. Borderlands is the only other game where I've done this, but mainly because I never actually completed it on PS3 & the Handsome Collection cross-save helped me get a head start on the PS4. My trophy hunting is generally based around new experiences, so I don't see the point of spending time & money on old stuff simply to boost a relatively unimportant counter. I too generally only play games I'm interested in, which is why most PS+ games these days get deleted after a quick try out. Although, I'm not averse to the odd easy game for a simple plat'. 😇 And I must confess that a few on my TL are there because I regularly play co-op games with my 9yo daughter.
  12. Once you've got the 5 photos trophy, you could turn off Photo Mode from the Options menu.
  13. But don't you find when you're playing nothing else, sometimes, it becomes a bit stale? Same thing happened to me with the excellent Horizons:ZD. I felt I was ODing on it, so I took a break to play a few 'fillers' & went back refreshed. I'm back into AC:O now I've grabbed another plat' & levelled up. I'll probably push on for the plat' now.
  14. Yeah, I'm having timeout from AC:Origins. Not because it's difficult, but more because I got a bit bored of traipsing around the desert. Besides, my trophy haul wasn't going up! This is the one thing that annoys me most about some games. Although I'm not really a Completionist, if I think 100% is achievable (at my skills level), I'll push for it, but devs seem to be putting more & more annoying, grindy trophies in. I don't mind a few 'Kill 50 with X weapon', because it forces me to try a weapon I might not normally want to use, but all too often they set stupidly high numbers for every weapon, or (as in Elite Dangerous) a stupidly high number of levels to achieve online. All too often, I've had a cracking time playing a game, but then been left with a couple of trophies that make me despise the game by the end. Sure, I could do what my none trophy hunter friends do; play the game, enjoy, move on, but you know that feeling when you're only 2 trophies away from that plat', eh?
  15. Then you don't understand trophy hunting at all; it's about numbers, pure & simple. This is very different to Completionists, who have to 100% every game they play. They are the skilled players who deserve our respect, but it's just silly to complain about people who like to aim for a large trophy haul, when we are really only talking about meaningless awards designed to make us play/buy more games or play more of the games we already own.