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  1. The seed I used to complete the trophies was 16. To, hopefully, avoid confusion I've used the colour and position on the list on the left. This list should net you non-space trophies and It took me about one and a half playthroughs to get to 777 spaces. I don't have a second account otherwise, I would have included the trophies as they popped. So anyone feel free to edit the list to include these.
  2. In my experience, you MUST play this game offline and only download DLC for a track your going for the trophies on. Also DO NOT d/l any new engines until you have completed the scenarios and distance trophies for a given track; these usually extend the number of scenarios and mileage you'll have to do for the main (dlc) track trophies.
  3. Well that's pretty darn annoying. Leave teh shop at end of chapter 4 & suddenly I'm told I need the 2nd DLC to proceed. £6.49 for 3 poxy trophies to get 100%? I don't think so... 💩
  4. It depends a lot on luck and a degree of skill. Since the recent changes I reckon it's at least 5/10 difficulty, but 100% is certainly achievable for a decent player. It's a shame they changed the images too. I rather liked the animals, made the game a little bit different, but now with the new images, it's just dull and boring.
  5. Thanks anyway. I agree letting the wheel spin a few times seems to help. I preferred to press as it approached the light blue. I hit the lifes more consistently than if I tried for yellow.
  6. Looks like they've reduced the score requirements again. I'm now first on Easy with almost double the 2nd place score and even better, the trophy unlocked as well. 🤓
  7. I can get 100k fairly regularly. I try not to level up, to avoid those extra animals, but obviously I need to nail a few Lucky Continues to get that big score. When this first came out, I read a post where someone claimed it was easy & they got them all the time. You seem to do very well on your vid', so can you tell me whether that was hit and hope or did you have a timing strategy? TIA
  8. Well that's annoying. I'm at no.2 now, but not auto-popped the trophy.
  9. Sadly, it didn't for me. I messed upon my Hard run and accidentally press L1 or R1, so I didn't get that trophy. So now I have to do another third run on Hard and don't think I can face a fourth on Easy.
  10. A lot of people have had issues getting the Talent 2 moving after taking over a service. There's an old thread over on Steam about this, but since I've not spent any money on Steam, I can't post this solution on there. I suspect this is a bit late for most people, but there are probably a few folk like me who own TSW 2020 and won't buy TSW 2 to give DTG any more money while they outright refuse to fix the trophy popping bugs in TSW. Some things will likely be obvious, but just go with it! Take over service and sit in driver seat Close driver door. Set reverser to neutral Set brake to 1 (5% or so) Set Contrast on centre screen to dark. Not essential, but it makes a later step easier to see. Wait for passengers to load, then close the doors. Move reverser to forward You should see the T symbol between SIFF & DB flashing on the screen (just above the light switch). Release handbrake. When T stops flashing and remains lit, apply power. 1 or 2 should be sufficient. If you've followed this list, you should start moving and can apply more power as required. The main issues with the BR1442 not moving seems to be that the safety measures apparently won;t allow the train to move if you apply power before the T is lit. Thanks to faneisback on Steam for his post which helped me figure it all out.
  11. Sorry, I didn't mean to take over this thread, but I got another response from DTG containing this extract: "Please note that we have had no previous reports to suggest that other players are having trouble with the trophies you mentioned." So they lie as well as ignore customers? There are numerous threads on many forums, including their own, complaining about this issue and, in fact, their first reply to me directed me to a FAQ on what to do if this happens. So how about we inundate them with support requests about the TSW 2020 trophies not unlocking?
  12. Thank you and goodnight? Their latest (last?) response - my emphasis Thank you for brining this to our attention. We would like to thank our amazing community for supporting Train Sim World 2020. However, we have made the difficult to decision to move forward with the franchise by focusing all of our efforts on Train Sim World 2. We are preserving and updating select content from TSW 2020 for use in Train Sim World 2, as well as creating brand-new experiences. Therefore, we have made a record of this issue for posterity, if we are able to revisit this content at any point in the future. Community feedback is what drives our development, and your feedback will be used to better inform our future work.
  13. Well, MSB; All in Order didn't pop, so I'm not wasting my time trying the WSR scenarios again. I'm convinced it's an issue with the trophies miscounting when loco dlc is installed. I raised a ticket with Dovetail and was fobbed off with the guff already in their FAQ. We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble unlocking certain trophies. To start with, we would recommend that you try the following options. Check the criteria for unlocking the trophy - The criteria for unlocking a trophy can often be very specific and it is worth double-checking the exact requirements by viewing the trophy list of your console. Have other players unlocked the trophy recently? - There are many third-party trophies tracking websites which can give you an idea of how recently other players have unlocked the same trophies. Sign Out of the PSN - Sign out of your PSN account, reboot your console and sign back into your account from the main screen. Synchronise your Trophies - Press the OPTIONS button while viewing (Trophies), and then select [Sync with PlayStation Network]. Wait for the trophy to unlock - If the PlayStation servers are busy the trophy may not unlock immediately, Try coming back to the game another day, and the trophy may unlock during normal gameplay. Re-attempt the trophy- Repeat the criteria for the trophy While offline In a new player profile
  14. After a little experimenting I've come to the conclusion that some Scenario trophies aren't unlocking because the game is confused about how many you've done when you've installed loco DLC that adds scenarios. Take West Somerset Railways. On my profile when I load the track to play it, it shows 12/12 scenarios. However, if I go to the driver icon at the bottom, then filter on Route, WSR shows 6/12 as completed. IOW it has ignored the extra 6 added with the loco DLC. I have a PS4 and PS4 Pro so I installed TSW 2020 on to the PS4 and cloud saved my Pro profiles down to it and only installed the tracks. On the Pro RSN showed 2/8, but when run on the PS4 it showed 1/5 (with none of the locos DLC installed). So I then completed the 4 remaining scenarios and the trophy popped. Seems to apply to the distance trophies too. I completed the M3 trophies on Long Island, then completed the distance required for American Hauler 2 with the M7. No trophy. Copied it over to the PS4 and the trophy popped as soon as I used the M7. So I figure you need a clean download without any loco DLC installed to get the awkward trophies to unlock. I suggest saving your current save to the cloud and USB to keep it safe, but do NOT delete it. Then delete TSW 2020 completely and only install tracks as needed to get the errant trophies - do not install any locos. You can do that later if you still need some of those trophies. I tried this for WSR but it was already showing 6/6, so I completed one again, but no trophy. In this case, I'm going to redo them on a new profile. I'll report back on how that goes.