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  1. it very gracious of Sony to let us download our trophy images, but since there's no way of restoring them to the PS4, I have to wionder what is the point. The quickest way to backup your saves is to use an external USB drive, which needs to be formatted as FAT32 (PS3/PS4) or exFAT (Window 10, PS4 -only). A word of warning, if you care about your trophies you really should go down the profile wipe route. The bug can prevent trophies from unlocking. Not a big deal perhaps for puzzle based trophies; I had to compete the same puzzle 4 times before the trophy for it unlocked in Pic-a-Pix and in other games at least 3 other trophies didn't unlock when they should have. Thankfully, all repeatable requirements, but can you imagine if it was a trophy for completing a game on Hardcore that doesn't unlock! Doesn't bear thinking about, so don't risk it.
  2. Started getting this regularly over the past two days. It's bad enough that this has n;t be fixed after all ths time, but to force you to delete your profile is ridiculous. Surely all that's needed is the offline trophy list. I have over 16GB of saved data, so no chance of upstanding that. Sounds a lot,, but there are 15+ games with 100+MB & three with over 500MB saves!
  3. You initiate the download on the PS4 to get the URL of the v1.00 file which can then be downloaded by the program to your PC. When you change the proxy setting on your PS4 it forces the PS4 to download this file from the PC. If the download keeps updating to the latest version, check the PC folder where you saved the Real Farm update and ensure only the v1.00 file is there. Otherwise the PS4 will revert to V1.00 and then update to the latest version. Note: you must backup then delete your Real Farm save from the later version, because V1.00 won't run if with a later save file present on your PS4.
  4. Looks like it's this garbage Firefox blocking stuff again. Tried it on Chrome and it works just fine. So yeah, I stand corrected.
  5. There sure is, but it doesn't work. "File not found..."
  6. When I tried this last year, I found that this doesn't link to a complete ZIP. I searched online for a different, valid archive, but I can't remember the URL. Try searching for "PSX Download Helper1.8.zip", and you'll find plenty of options, but it probably goes without saying, be sure that you are downloading it from a reputable mirror.
  7. I found that by jumping earlier, as I reached the top of the steps, I could make it every time, but I then had to concentrate on not missing the shipping container for the next air hoop.
  8. It's fairly easy to check that you have. Presumably you know how many you started with? Just go to the animal tab and check how many you have now. When you buy them they are too young to breed, so have to grow and mature. You can zip down your list of cows to see how soon you can expect new offspring. Stating the obvious perhaps, but make sure you have all F(emale) cows. (Yeah, seems bizarre that you can have M(ale) cows, but there you go. I guess they've never heard of the word 'cattle'.) it's a bit of a long haul but trophy popped for me bang on 20.
  9. I'm sick of repeating this race, so I'm coming back to it. I used a speedster, but I always missed the ring over the fence just after the gap jump. Ever single time the guy jumps over the fence then drops, instead of jumping through the ring.
  10. I've never heard of if before and I suspect I'm not the only one. Of course, I realise it doesn't fix bugs, but since Real Farm v1 worked just fine on a PS4, there must be something in the programming that the Pro doesn't like. I wouldn't call that a bug, so I was just wondering if the Boost Mode might help. So what exactly DOES this mode do?
  11. While browsing the Pro's menus I discovered Boost Mode under System. Apparently, this is supposed to help older games that don't run properly on the PS4 Pro. Might be worth turning this on to try and get Job Hopper with v1 on the Pro.
  12. In the store the discounted vehicle will have the old price crossed out and the new price highlighted in red, So, rather than wait for the notice, it's quicker just to zip through the vehicle categories to spot this. Just be aware that's there's a glitch that leaves the discounted price on-screen, which might fool you in to buying the wrong item.
  13. Have you deleted all game saves/option files from the later version? These have upset other games when they are regressed to v1. Perhaps backup your current saves to the cloud, then delete them and try running v1 again?
  14. Fair enough, but let's be honest ANY method would feel quicker than doing a ploughing job! 😏
  15. I can't see how $630 profit each time is quicker, though. Selling 7 tractors netted me $56k every time and took next to no time. As for backing up your save, that isn't strictly necessary, but it's a quick way to get a new offer. If you upload, you can see what offer you get on the Monday and reload if it's not so good. If you can't backup (who doesn't have a USB stick these days?) you simply have to Sleep/skip through another week.