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  1. I think the carriage was £25 (signed for, of course), but the rest aws import duty/charges imposed by our thieving government & greedy transport company..
  2. I like to collect these editions, but at £180 it's a stupid amount of money. So. I'll be waiting till there's a price drop to just get the standard (GOTY?) game, unless I can find it on Amazon or the like before September. This seems to be a trend these days, having a limited release or multiple versions. I'm still fuming that the Detroit: Become Human limited edition is only available in Japan. For a French dev that's a rude gesture at us European gamers, eh? It would have cost me another £50 to import, so no! I did find it in a UK online store and they took my £75 three months ago, before telling me a couple of weeks ago, that they'd cancelled the order.
  3. In my experience to get the trophy you absolutely MUST have some humans alive in USA. I followed a guide & completed the Planet of the Apes many times, but USA always went black in those games. I simply couldn't stop USA being wiped out. So in later games, when I got to the end-game, I kept an eye on USA & saved often while it as still good. When I saw its population plummet, I devolved all the lethal symptoms, till it started to rise again. Then I quickly evolved them. Also, during the end-game if a lab appears or you get a drone in USA, it's best to leave them alone (I got both on my successful trophy run!). Using Rampage will likely wipe out the few remaining humans there, which is the last thing you need! In fact, I thought I was doing well, but just before I won, the US got wiped out (no trophy AGAIN!) That'll teach me for using the 2x speed. Fortunately, my previous "healthy-USA" was just before the population dropped below 4m, so I reloaded & played at normal speed. This was how I spotted that the US population was dropping too quickly again. So I devolved a few lethal symptoms to allow it to recover, Although I assumed this was another failure, I figured I may as well see it out. When USA population had picked up again, I evolved only a couple of lethal this time, Much to my surprise not long after I got the trophy with around 28,000 healthy & 500,000 infected humans still alive. Now if only I can get that stupid NAZG trophy... Six games and counting, but no appearance of any rabid bats, ever.
  4. It's not glitched, but it is often difficult to tell how far away your intended target is and, as other have mentioned, just because you kill them doesn't mean it's a headshot. I actually had 8 distance kills in my challenge list, before I got this trophy. I found a neat way to get this though... In, I think it's Jacob's patch, you'll get a side mission to take out supply boats. When you find a convoy, use your binoculars, target the lead boat, then place a waypoint on them. This will give you an indicator of how how far away the boat is. If it's the required distance, have a potshot at as many guys as you can, before they target you. It also helps if you upgrade the sniper rifle so it's range is 10.
  5. I've just plat' this using the disc version. which I'm happy to pass on. So if you've been playing the digital version & want to plat' it, PM me.
  6. Thanks for the info. Don't think I've got the 'nest', but def' have the other two. I had a quick blast at this on a Crystal Craggs world, where I was picking up a few gems along the way. I'm pretty useless at copying though, so always mess up. I'll keep trying...
  7. Looks a useful method, but I can't tell what you used in the second video. The last one I recognise as a boulder, but not sure about the flower type thing in the middle. I also wondered if there was a potion chest we could use since they are much more expensive & might yield a quicker return.
  8. You can get this trophy by dispelling a Nightmare. I find they appear pretty regularly, often (it seems) after a change of location during story progression. Of course, you could summon one, but you only get 4 uses, so why not save them to get rid of a Nightmare when one appears? It'll save you 3 minutes of hiding. Also, you don't need to kill one to get the Mixed Signals objective. I was given this after I'd avoided 5 or so Nightmares. I was hiding under a desk in the Lobby at the time & received it after the Nightmare dissipated.
  9. But you didn't say it was easier, you said it was longer. It is, for sure, but not by much and I sure most knowledgeable trophy hunters would expect that. Besides the OP wasn't even comparing it to Mayo; he said this game is an easy plat', which it is.
  10. Warning? Seriously? I completed this game in just under 3 hours & Mayo in two. I'm pretty sure that any sensible trophy hunter would expect this to take longer.
  11. It's definitely worth trying, but I think you should probably delete your save file as well.
  12. There are one or two points of no return & there's one scene which you only enter once. So there is some potential for missing the ravens & having to replay. However, there's one raven on every scene[1], so just make sure you find it before you do anything else in a scene. [1] Except for that area you only visit once. You'll know it, it's the obligatory 'maze' puzzle.
  13. Darn, you are right! When I did it I thought it had cleared all the photos. Such a stupid way round to do it. Surely, you're more likely to want to block other people's than your own. However, the easiest solutions is to simply hide the annoying photos; only takes a couple of button presses. Would be nice if there was an option to remove others', though.
  14. Nope, sub-accounts use the same PS+ account &, I believe, anyone logging in on your main console can also use your PS+.
  15. There is a way, create a sub-account. My daughter has her profile on my account, so earns all her own trophies. Last year in a PS4 trophy community there was a similar discussion to thread & one vocal poster flamed me for mentioning my Complentionist friend. Basically, he refused to believe anyone could 100% their TL & demanded I provide my friend's PSN as proof. Of course, I didn't, but the thing that made me laugh was that he was on level 3 with no plats, but my 8yo daughter was level 4 with 4 plats. I'm guessing that because he couldn't 100% his TL, he assumed nobody else could. I'm never going to have 100% for many reason, not least because I'm not good enough to on every game I play, but I'm sure not going to miss out playing games I enjoy simply because it'll show <100% when I move on. My son's sub-account was attached to mine till he was 18! Only took Sony TEN+ years to allow sub-accounts to be taken over when their owner turned 16. 😼