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  1. There are one or two points of no return & there's one scene which you only enter once. So there is some potential for missing the ravens & having to replay. However, there's one raven on every scene[1], so just make sure you find it before you do anything else in a scene. [1] Except for that area you only visit once. You'll know it, it's the obligatory 'maze' puzzle.
  2. Darn, you are right! When I did it I thought it had cleared all the photos. Such a stupid way round to do it. Surely, you're more likely to want to block other people's than your own. However, the easiest solutions is to simply hide the annoying photos; only takes a couple of button presses. Would be nice if there was an option to remove others', though.
  3. Nope, sub-accounts use the same PS+ account &, I believe, anyone logging in on your main console can also use your PS+.
  4. There is a way, create a sub-account. My daughter has her profile on my account, so earns all her own trophies. Last year in a PS4 trophy community there was a similar discussion to thread & one vocal poster flamed me for mentioning my Complentionist friend. Basically, he refused to believe anyone could 100% their TL & demanded I provide my friend's PSN as proof. Of course, I didn't, but the thing that made me laugh was that he was on level 3 with no plats, but my 8yo daughter was level 4 with 4 plats. I'm guessing that because he couldn't 100% his TL, he assumed nobody else could. I'm never going to have 100% for many reason, not least because I'm not good enough to on every game I play, but I'm sure not going to miss out playing games I enjoy simply because it'll show <100% when I move on. My son's sub-account was attached to mine till he was 18! Only took Sony TEN+ years to allow sub-accounts to be taken over when their owner turned 16. 😼
  5. I could have had many more plats if I'd replayed those games I'd already got on PS3 (TT games in particular), but I have a policy of not revisiting old games I've already completed (unless it's a cross-buy and/or I get the PS4 version free with PS+). Metro Redux as one of those, in reverse. Last Light was free on PS3 & I really enjoyed it, so I bought Redux because it included 2033 & it would have been dumb not to play Last Light again - especially as it was easier on PS4. Borderlands is the only other game where I've done this, but mainly because I never actually completed it on PS3 & the Handsome Collection cross-save helped me get a head start on the PS4. My trophy hunting is generally based around new experiences, so I don't see the point of spending time & money on old stuff simply to boost a relatively unimportant counter. I too generally only play games I'm interested in, which is why most PS+ games these days get deleted after a quick try out. Although, I'm not averse to the odd easy game for a simple plat'. 😇 And I must confess that a few on my TL are there because I regularly play co-op games with my 9yo daughter.
  6. Once you've got the 5 photos trophy, you could turn off Photo Mode from the Options menu.
  7. But don't you find when you're playing nothing else, sometimes, it becomes a bit stale? Same thing happened to me with the excellent Horizons:ZD. I felt I was ODing on it, so I took a break to play a few 'fillers' & went back refreshed. I'm back into AC:O now I've grabbed another plat' & levelled up. I'll probably push on for the plat' now.
  8. Yeah, I'm having timeout from AC:Origins. Not because it's difficult, but more because I got a bit bored of traipsing around the desert. Besides, my trophy haul wasn't going up! This is the one thing that annoys me most about some games. Although I'm not really a Completionist, if I think 100% is achievable (at my skills level), I'll push for it, but devs seem to be putting more & more annoying, grindy trophies in. I don't mind a few 'Kill 50 with X weapon', because it forces me to try a weapon I might not normally want to use, but all too often they set stupidly high numbers for every weapon, or (as in Elite Dangerous) a stupidly high number of levels to achieve online. All too often, I've had a cracking time playing a game, but then been left with a couple of trophies that make me despise the game by the end. Sure, I could do what my none trophy hunter friends do; play the game, enjoy, move on, but you know that feeling when you're only 2 trophies away from that plat', eh?
  9. Then you don't understand trophy hunting at all; it's about numbers, pure & simple. This is very different to Completionists, who have to 100% every game they play. They are the skilled players who deserve our respect, but it's just silly to complain about people who like to aim for a large trophy haul, when we are really only talking about meaningless awards designed to make us play/buy more games or play more of the games we already own.
  10. Just goes to show how divisive trophy hunting can be, because I don't agree. Surely, trophy hunting is about numbers. This is very different to Completionists who have to 100% ever game they play. I have a very good PSN friend who does this. He likes the numbers for sure, but he has to complete the game AND DLC to 100%. His skill levels are way beyond anything I can achieve, but he is many levels below me on PSN, because he generally doesn't play the easy Indies. Partly because he hates that they always seem to bring out reams of DLC which he has to buy because he wants the 100%. Me? I don't care about 100% (to a degree). I gave up on that years ago when I realised it was getting silly. I mean, trophies don't really mean anything, do they? So, perhaps because I'm an accountant, I play the numbers game. I've got some tough plats in my list & a fair few easy ones. too, and if folk don't like that, it ain't my problem. Trophies are just one reason why I play a game, but it's likely to be the main reason I play an obscure Indie game. And for the most part, I've played some darn good ones which I'd have ignored otherwise.
  11. Yeah, but along the way, some devs realised that they could shift a few more copies by putting in an easy trophy list. It's worth remembering, though, not everybody cares about trophies, but we do, which is why we're here. If it's not on my 'must play' list, but adds one to my counter, I'll take a look. In fact, I've uncovered a few gems that I've really enjoyed, which I only bought because it seemed to have a straightforward trophy list. Valley in particular springs to mind. I don't understand why some people get so excited about others having this plat' on their list. It's their choice to play it, so who's business is it but theirs? It's not like the numbers actually mean anything other than we've spent a lot of time & money playing video games.
  12. So I followed your advice & bought a Keelback, fighter bay, fighter & pilot. Then flew out of the no-fire zone and deployed/recalled the fighter with pilot 31 times, but no trophy. So what am I doing wrong? I assume 'deploy' is the same as 'launch', since there is no other choice. Tne trophy doesn;t say anything about shooting anyone whilst deployed, so what gives?
  13. I've been using the Hotas for a while now & I'd not change back to the DS4, but I never felt that way when I first starting using it! The game plays very well with the DS4, so there really is no need to buy a Hotas, but it does give the game a better feel. The down side to using the Hotas, though, is that I find it very tricky to use on the Galaxy map. Also, if you're used to using the DS4 switching to the Hotas feels 'off'. The problem is likely that the default bindings clash with your DS4 muscle memory. I would recommend a Hotas, but you'll probably need to change a few bindings to get comfortable with it. One in particular is worth setting. Look for FSD toggle & map it to Triangle so you get the one-touch Supercruise/Hyper like you have on the DS4.
  14. That's interesting... My 8yo daughter likes to watch me play this & we both agreed that 5 & 6 were by far the best episodes. I thought ep'6 was a bit cliched; I'd picked up on the 'bad guy' pretty much as soon as they rocked up so the dining room threw me for a bit. Nevertheless it was good light hearted fun. Haven't played 7/8 yet, so hopefully they are good fun.
  15. I was struggling to get 2 events late on, so I started a new playthrough, but now I'm stuck in the attic waiting for the darn hands to appear. However, I'd like to share my method for ensuring 100% in case it helps someone. Whilst going for other endings you'll know you can leave via the front door & the attic door for one of those endings & this shows a list of collectibles, etc from the current playthrough. So I created a checklist from info on another forum to tick off as I get them. When I think I've done an area, I save, then leave via one of the doors. (You can;t leave via the front door later on, but the attic oner seems available for mo0st of the game.) I can then check my list to ensure I am actually on track for the 100%. Obviously, I then reload the last save & loiter till the missing event appears if necessary, or move on if I'm not missing anything. Also, it's wise to save after each event, so you know you have it and it's useful to have a save you can reload if your health is damaged by anything other than an event.