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  1. I want to know if PS4 demos are gonna work on PS5 since some PS4 demos (Zanki Zero, Danganronpa V3) give you unique items for completing the demo and transfering your save to the full game.
  2. Title basically, also are any of the DLC unlock-able in game or are they unique?
  3. Yes I would especially my Walking Dead and Sound Shapes stacks it gets a bit annoying seeing the same game 3x every time I look back on my trophies. It would suck for the milestones but honestly I'd rather have those games deleted they are a pain to see every time I look through my trophy lists. There are some other games I would delete too mostly some old PS3 and Vita games that had their servers shut down, and some free to play games on PS4 too. Yeah yeah I know it's a history of my gaming life but after trophy hunting for so many years I think what gets people jaded or burned out of trophy hunting is the fact that eventually everyone plays that one game they regret. Then they're stuck with it on their profile forever with no way to delete it. I mean could you imagine if you could delete a trophy list off your profile no matter the percentage, suddenly you wouldn't be afraid to try any game you wanted. Finished the campaign of that one game you got on ps plus only to discover the multiplayer takes 500+ hours to finish, no problem delete it and platinum something else. At least for me it would be a breath of fresh air, researching every single game I'm interested in to see if there are any glitched, unobtainable, or grindy trophies gets tiresome after so long. So TL;DR Yes I would delete trophies if PS5 allowed it.
  4. Don't know if anyone's posted but just received and email from Akyss Games saying the servers for Shiren The Wanderer will be closed at the end of December 2019 which gives us less than 2 weeks to enjoy the multiplayer. Don't know if this affects the Platinum so prepare in advance. Tried posting a screenshot of my email but I don't know how to add images directly from my folders.
  5. K I got the Platinum thanks to everyone that added me.
  6. .

    I'd probably play less since I'd only be completing the main campaign and moving on to a new game eventually I'd catch up with my backlog and then I'd be forced to stop playing until there's a sale since I don't buy games at release.
  7. I'm still buying the game on PS4. The main reason being that the developer still worked on this version, yes I know it was butchered but the developer took the time to make this version for all the fans on PS4. Not everybody has a switch so for some of us (me at least) this is the only version I can play and I'm thankful to the developers for that. I figure the best us PS4 only users can do is just buy the game thank the developers for releasing it on PS4 and complain to Sony about the censorship.
  8. I managed to log in with my psn account but yeah my points and passes aren't there guess we have to wait a little longer until our points and passes carry over.
  9. Transistor, boy was that a great start for the new gen and that soundtrack was perfect ^^.
  10. Welp I just changed my ID and now it says my profile is private other than that though everything is normal I didn't lose any purchases or progress on my PS4 games. I'll be able to check PS3 and Vita tommorow. Hopefully everything's ok 👌.
  11. Anybody up for doing this add me. I'm on most of the day on weekends.
  12. I have around 200 games left in my backlog so yeah definitely gonna be grinding PS3 Platinums probably until PS6 gets announced, and honestly I wouldn't have it any other way ^^.
  13. Just super grindy I started the game mid 2017 and finished the trophies after 300hrs of playtime. Granted I had someone to hold my hand through the experience. Plus I bought some boosters so if you don't have any of these your probably looking at 500hrs to 100% it. Now the thing is yes 500hrs is a lot but I had such a fun time, met a lot of friendly people and now I'm a part of a great community. So honestly just decide if you have the time to spare I mean the game is 100% free all it asks for is some of your time. Oh one other thing I highly reccomend you check out iFlynn ultimate begginers guide if none of your friends play this game. It helped me out when my friend was offline and couldn't guide me through the game.
  14. Smite's Final Form trophy. I've met the requirements twice now but the trophy refuses to pop 😩.
  15. Your Name ^^.