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  1. Your Name ^^.
  2. I Am Alive, doesn't have a platinum but i swear those 12 trophies were so boring I couldn't wait to delete it .
  3. Wow!.....I knew I was gonna feel like a noob once I got an answer, but still . Thanks Satoshi I was already a fan of hers without even realizing it ^^.
  4. Pardon my noob-ness but who is Hanazawa Kana what are some of her stand out roles?
  5. The Fight Lights Out, because it's hard finding people with PSMove, and also because I don't see myself boosting for hours on end; at least not with this game . Twisted Metal Black, because of all the bad things I hear about it, specifically the multiplayer trophies being bugged. Like I'm already super susceptible to multiplayer trophies and when they don't pop when they're suppose to. Well let's just say it makes me regret a lot of things in life. Yeah that's about it I know most people will probably mention games that keep them from 100%, but I honestly don't mind games like these since they are part of your gaming history. Like I know I'll never platinum GTA IV, but I'm all right with it since it is a game I want people to know I played.
  6. I get this problem a lot, it syncs all the way to 97% then it says there was an error. Try pushing triangle when highlighting trophies on the XMB and switch to offline mode. Then switch to online mode, after that click on sync with server, that usually works for me.
  7. Final Fantasy X HD, started off the new year wining a blitzball tournament ^^
  8. I'm usually into gaming podcasts specifically PlayStation podcasts for anyone interested I highly recommend PS I Love You XOXO
  9. Definitely Persona Q ^^ It'd be nice if Atlus gave the game a complete overhaul and gave Persona Q the same graphics as Persona 4G. Either way chibi graphics are fine but it would be really awesome if they did. It would be like a whole new game!
  10. Not to mention all the functionality PS3 has. "It only does everything" ^^ Just buy it, if you can get it for under $100 I would have bought it a long time ago.
  11. Hey guys just wanted to let you know that Amazon has a short soundtrack up. It's only 3 songs but it's 3 really good songs ^^. Not sure if it's available on the Play Store or on iTunes though :/ http://www.amazon.com/Seize-Tokyo-Xanadu-Opening-Theme/dp/B0141O06A4/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1442475187&sr=8-6&keywords=Tokyo+Xanadu
  12. Well I'm not really sure how to post videos yet (still kinda new to the forums thing) but mines a tie between Dye https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=Gj_9K79rOSw and Blackjack ^^ https://m.youtube.com/?#/watch?v=_fhyjRl1BRc
  13. Persona 4 Dancing All Night ^^
  14. I came really late to the party I've been a proud PS3 owner since December 3, 2013. So about 1.5 years ^^