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  1. I see tons of threads about CFW users and from what i can see most people dont even care if people hack trohpies. I just don't get why certain people get auto deleted and others get put in cheater leaderboards if they did the exact same thing- hack trohpies. In my case 2 of my accounts got insta-banned from your system and users like warfigher N1 cheater on your leaderboards kept his profile. Also if there is a premium program where you can report cheaters why do some get auto-banned without a chance to even get reported? Regards, Fox
  2. But there is a dirty leaderboard... I personal dont care for leaderboard i just want the trohy card to put on my forum cant i get that? It would be cool if you could get me the card...
  3. Hey guys , i cant find my profile says im removed