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  1. Maybe it's a known point but not seeing it on the UK store anymore. The dlc for card packs are still up but the expansions and by the looks of it the main game are no longer available.
  2. Another one done, and another impressive plat, congratulations! Whatever you pick next I'm sure you've got it covered.
  3. Got it using katana+gold+gold+increase2. Little warning for people checking around for average estimate times to get these RNG swords, took me upwards of 20 hours to get the standard Muramasa, be prepared to have a bad time.
  4. Anybody got any advice for this that isn't using "katana+gold+gold+increase2" and having the path back to God's Eden cleared for quicker grinding? I've gone from level 39-40 to 59 trying to find the normal muramasa (got the big one pretty quick). I've used the blank gem with 2 golds and increase 2 a lot too with no luck, I'm fairly sure I have every item apart from muramasa at this point including the troll murasame.
  5. Dobbin all the way. Fast money, no aggro from anything that does damage - TNT archers, but loads of health anyways, good damage learning the right skills when leveling up and teleportation! Least favorite is probably Bionka, purely because shes too slow.
  6. Does anyone know if the trophies will auto pop if we've already met the requirements before the trophy patch is applied?
  7. I'm above level 25 yet i didn't get that trophy.... can't wait to never get that level again lol, thanks blizzard. Edit : it randomly appeared 2 days ago dated when I would have got level 25, not sure what happened there but yay!
  8. Its happened to me once so far, an enemy used a move to remove spell affects from my team and it just froze. Only happened once in about 25 hours worth of play time so its not frequent, just save a lot. Really hope its fixed soon, I think there is a massive optional dungeon at the end where you can't save during it....
  9. Same reason I can never get any online games to start unfortunately, EU players can only play other EU players, and 99% of people are from another region No idea why there isn't an entirely different set of lobbies for each region so this doesn't happen, but oh well.
  10. Its really a niche Japanese game machine at this point. Very good for jRPGs/visual novels in particular. If that interests you, you can't go wrong. If not, do some more research into what you can get out of it, there's more to it than what I've said but that'll probably always be its strong point.
  11. I think the problem is the PS3 EU version doesn't have the trophies online for some reason. I can see them while offline, but they disappear once I sign into psn.
  12. yea, and the wierd thing is, every time i do it nothing new appears, but if i look at the trophy list, or dashboard it syncs every time like it know its missing something
  13. Basically as the title says. I've earned 2 trophies so far for the game, but they aren't appearing on my list, the game doesn't appear on the list at all either. Just wondering if anyone knows why, I've had a look online to see if anyone else has had the same problem but haven't found anything yet.
  14. Stuck with the NWSanji coin as well, been trying the sanji map 6 technique, not got it yet, but only just read about it. The pure disappointment every time i do a level and don't get it makes it very hard to do more than 1-2 levels a week for me. Probably played 25-30 hours just trying to get that one coin, this trophy is pure evil!
  15. Had to go for Borders 1.5 and Freedom Wars. Very good month for games, might pick up 3/4 of them by the end