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  1. All Facilities? Even the ones that are not needed for the story? Also, you get a few post-game, that's how I got mine to pop.
  2. I used The Swarm personally since the bullets hover around a bit. Useful against mobs and bosses that move too much (Eldritch Council and Endless). With continous fire they outdamage bows easy even after unlimited energy got nerfed.
  3. Been a while since I played so I might be forgetting some details but... Ran Heroic Bosses with Great Sword and Scythe on two separate characters so FIN is viable imo. Dumped all stats to STR/FIN and END with some HST. STR is definitely easier though because of shields (especially the Drake Knight Shield). Abuse Soul Rend/ Rupture + Unlimited Energy and Guns
  4. The lack of Bloodborne 2 in that list makes me sad.
  5. Gotta say, I feel the opposite. Can't wait to sink another thousand hours into the game. ...Although I'll probably have nightmares with crown hunting again.
  6. Thanks Devil_Max. I know which one you mean. One of those warp gates leads you to that (can't remember which one sorry). Try both left and right sides of the gates since they lead to different exits.
  7. This is a patch 1.02 map that was patched from 1.01 mid game. I got the trophy after the patch and took the the screenshot afterwards.
  8. Didn't even notice that there lol. You're right, mine is just a little over 1000 liters. Just random enemies while I'm farming shards. It finally popped when I was fighting the Carpenter.
  9. Use the Blood Steal shard. Got it after using it a bunch of times. Not sure if it's cumulative or depends on how much blood you steal at one time.
  10. Just got the trophy with the 1.02 patch so I'm fairly certain. New rooms were indeed added it seems. Compare the rightmost side of the map in that thread with my map; there's a new room by the warp room.
  11. Hello everyone. Here's a quick map to those missing rooms and trying to get 100%. Hope it helps.
  12. It's honestly not that bad. The game is really short so speedrunning it up to that point (which I did) if you missed it is not hard .
  13. Having played the Japanese version, the only thing to really look out for is the eggplant trophy since it's highly missable.
  14. Had the same issue with Living with Style. Bought everything, no pop. Turned the console off for the day. When the trophies synced with the server finally I booted the game and the trophy popped right away. Weird.
  15. I've plat the Vita version and bought the PS4 version. I'm still having trophies pop on ps4 but their not synching to server (they're there though if you check offline). It's a separate stack, just Sony's servers being funny like Zombie mentioned.