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  1. Those are the bad endings you get by beating the main bosses and talking to Cecilia with low spirit. 0-50 for Ending D and 50-89 for Ending C. You probably need to NG+ now if you already beat the last boss.
  2. You get them by progressing Mongrel Boy and Son of a God's questlines. There will be a point where both characters meet. Doesn't matter what choice you make there; you'll get the stones as a reward afterwards.
  3. Not completely done yet (NG+ now) but judging from my first playthrough, I'd say like a 5/10-ish? Finished in around 3 hours, bosses are pretty easy but some traps and normal enemies are really annoying (fog guy and eye ball that flips the screen upside down). Going for the plat will increase the difficulty a fair bit from what I see from steam, but should be nothing too extreme.
  4. More Bloodborne than Souls with the Cosmic Horror, Victorian setting and guns. It was okay. Fun and short with some replay value.
  5. Sign me up as an Ultra Fan. Got all them so far. 😁
  6. Those screenshots actually look... good 😮 Here's hoping the game is not another spin-off.
  7. Only half? oof... Thank you kindly.
  8. Could you tell me what carries over to NG+?
  9. Try it with Blanc, her def and health are really high and her skills have really fast recovery. My setup was 5 HP up stones (preferrably Lv8-10) across and 4 other green stones to form a cross in the middle. 4 def stones on one corner, 4 atk stones on another and whatever combo you want on the remainder. With the hard mode peach blessing, I was near 8k HP and 460 def. I just tanked nearly everything.
  10. Nothing missable. You get most of the trophies just finishing the story.
  11. Hi. Just a heads up that fighting the last boss, , will almost always crash the game when it uses its black hole ability. The only workaround that worked for me so far is to kill it before or right after it uses the attack. 😑
  12. Ugh... Finally got this one. For anyone still wondring how to get this, the "Final Fishing Pond" appears at Chapter 8 when the final dungeon show up. I used Rare Fishing Rod and the Hamelin Bait (was fishing for music) and hooked the rod randomly around maybe my 20th catch.
  13. All Death Ends can be done In NG but some require specific dialogue choices. Which chapter did you miss? The things that unlock in NG+ are...
  14. https://steamah.com/death-end-request-2-walkthrough-and-achievement-guide/ Stumbled upon this one while searching for Ending requirements. Seems good enough.
  15. Definitely bugged. Got the key the first time around but forgot to open the door, went back a second time and it won't spawn anymore.