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  1. Without Day One Patch 1.01 the Platinum is unachievable. You need a Internet Connection to download the Patch. Without the Patch the game is Broken. Some Crash's occured after completing a main level. It glitchs the Puppies in some levels. The Tracker wont go to 30000 without the Patch 1.01 and The Time Trials have changed as also The Trophy Name for One Trophy.
  2. I have a view Trophy glitchs and don't know what I should do. I have done more than 240 Assignments Online and Solo together both about 120 but no trophy. I have done 20 Online Villain Sectors and 15 Villain Sectors in Solo but no trophy It doesn't give me 2 Villain Sectors daily sometimes. What Villain Sectors can I replay on loop because I only have Scientist Supreme Villain Sector always showing on the War Table. I also had the glitch with 100 Aim Prisoner to Rescue. I did Days of the Remains again and again and got the Trophy at 182 prisoners. I hope the 50 Hives won't glitch. I did 15 Online and 21 in Solo that means I have 36 now. Hope you can help me how to get the trophys.
  3. Workaround Before going to the Baby in the House at the End go to the Room with the Laptop and click on the Pencil Holder and then press Triangle + Touchpad so you get a Curser , then press Options Button and go to the Main Menu then go to Side Stories with the Left Stick and navigate with the Cursor on play at one side story and press circle and the trophy schould pop. Repeat 3x to get all 3 Side Story Trophies. At Black Screen after one Trophy, quit out and restart the game.
  4. I had to do a second playtrough because Nicole died in the Car. The Trophy All together, again only pops if Nicole survives. I wanted to share this so that it wont happen to other players.
  5. Uncharted 4 : A Thiefs End Uncharted : Lost Legacy Uncharted 3 : Drakes Deception Uncharted 2 : Among Thiefs Uncharted : Drakes Fortune
  6. I finally got the Platinum today. Tentative Peace Trophy achieved after 41 Sectors. I achieved it with today's Daily Villain Sectors. Maybe the Scientist Supreme does not count or it won't count if it is replayed. Gold Star Success Trophy achieved after 250 Assignments After 54 Hives I got the Trophy.
  7. Cruella Saw it Twice in Theaters and once on Disney+ As a 101 Dalmatians Fan it was a must see Movie for me. It could be done better but it is a very good movie that NEEDS a Sequel. If it stays as one Movie and prequel that it is now it is a good Movie but not good in the 101 Dalmatians franchise but with a sequel and a tie in to the animated or live action movies it could be great but again it needs a Sequel that is true to the 101 Dalmatians movies and Cruella can be a great movie. At the moment a very good stand alone movie and better and fresher than every Disney live action movie in a decade.
  8. I had same problem with 11500 trophy. I restarted the game and got to 11500 and got the trophy and Platinum
  9. Seven Demon Souls (Not played yet) Watch Dogs Legion - Ultimate Edition Assassins Creed Valhalla - Ultimate Edition Immortals Fenyx Rising Spider-Man : Miles Morales with Spider Man Remastered Spirit of the North Ratchet & Clank : Rift Apart Free PS5 Upgrades Terminator Resistance - Enhanced Edition (Not played yet) Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (Not played yet) Star Wars Jedi : Fallen Order A Plague Tale : Innocence I did not yet Auto-Pop trophies on PS5 because I want to enjoy the good games again like A Plague Tale : Innocence but thinking of Auto-Popping trophies for PS5 Upgrades in the Future because there are to many games that feature the option now and in the future.
  10. I think my 69th Platinum was Catlateral Damage on September 24th 2016
  11. Done watching through His Dark Materials a 2nd time and excited for 3rd season.
  12. Some trophies auto pop while playing a new game. I completed AC Valhalla on PS4 and got the Platinum Trophy yesterday. I have now started the PS5 Disc version. First I loaded a save game from the PS4 where I already got the Platinum. I started a new game and got the Sudsex Story Trophy after my first kill in Norway. When I did the Skadis Hobby Trophy I also got the Hadrian's Wall Trophy. I think some trophies will Auto Pop while playing a new game after the loading of a previous PS4 save game.
  13. I had the Glitch with the Gold Trophy for completing the game. It didn't Pop up for 8 playthroughs and now it did without the Platinum. I had 91% and was only missing this Trophy. With playing through a second time on a new user on my Playstation 3 I got it and sync after I got the Platinum to PSN. I was missing the Platinum but after I started the game again I saw the Platinum in my trophies list. I got the Trophy at 0:16 am and the Platinum at 0:22 am. I did it with the Digital Version of the Game.
  14. Mass Effect Trilogy Harry Potter 1-7 Part 2 Alice Madness Returns Dantes Inferno Please
  15. Rockets! Rocket! Rockets!
  16. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  17. Bayala : The Game (Did the Platinum but trophies are still not updated) MediEvil Call of Duty : Modern Warfare
  18. LARA CROFT Evie Frye (AC Syndicate) Kassandra (AC Odyssey)