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  1. I don't get it. Which DLC gives the SpiderMan trophies on Marvel Heroes Omega? Isn't it supposed to be free? The only free DLC I can see in the store is the Daredevil one.

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    2. Yadilie


      No problem. Shocker trophy is just doing Abandoned Subway and the Sinister 'Six' trophy can be done in Midtown Patrol and various missions. You might need to look up all the various Sinister characters because hell if I knew who they were. Apparently they still haven't enabled a 3rd trophy.

    3. fabmorais_2011


      Cool, I might remember most of them, but it's been a while since I actually read the comics!

    4. Elvick_


      If you just play through the Daily Bugle terminal a few times you'll get the different Sinister Six trophy no problem. It randomizes the enemies in there, and apparently they were all part of the Sinister Six at some point or another.

      iirc I got it the second time through

  2. I never even "bought" 10 Second Ninja when it was offered via PS+ because it seemed so stress inducing.
  3. I can kind of relate, since I've spent a lot of time on the past few years going through online portions of games I didn't want to risk server shutdowns, like Brutal Legend and quite a few others. I'm actually doing just that for Rayman Legends VITA.
  4. I'm actually just considering games that already appear on my trophy list (i.e., those I started for some reason). If I go through my collection of unplayed games, this list will be very different I also have WNC, but dread the idea of platting it. Will probably just get what I can and leave the grindy ones be when/if I ever play it!
  5. Cool list! I see you have Blades of Time there as well I have the first Agarest for the PS3, but the PAL version has no trophies :/
  6. ... What would be the first 10 games you'd have to play (and would you be willing to do it)? Mine would be: 3D Dot Game Heroes Adventures of Mana Alex Kidd in Miracle World Bard's Gold Bastion Batman: Arkham Asylum Blades of Time Braid Brutal Legend Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse What about yours? EDIT: I mean only games that show on your trophy list here, don't want anyone running around their houses trying to organize their backlog alphabetically lol EDIT 2: But you can do it if you want to haha
  7. I don't care if it comes with theme + avatars, $21 is way too steep for a digital only re-re-release of such an easy to come across game. SE prices are way off the mark. I'm surprised to see people defending their pricing model.
  8. Apparently, there's a cheat for the Steam version in which you can simply mouse click the exclamation mark repeatedly and you can never miss a jump that way: https://steamcommunity.com/app/377840/discussions/0/361787186422679797/ Aren't there keyboards and mouses for PS4 already?
  9. Yeah, but disabling random encounters would be permanent as well, so which ones are actually temporary? EDIT: I see, temporary meaning you can switch them on and off? Never played the Steam version, so that's all new to me.
  10. Which ones do you call permanent?
  11. So, maybe this will apply to this version?: "The Steam and mobile release makes the challenge substantially easier as cutscenes can be skipped, random encounters can be disabled, the player can stat boost their players to defeat enemies quicker, the battle intros can be disabled and the player can speed up their game by five times without affecting the internal clock. Even without speeding up the game, it is easily possible to claim the sword in under nine hours by making use of all other enhancements. In these versions, claiming the sword earns the player the achievement The Ultimate Sword. Usage of enhancements does not prevent the player from earning the achievement, however, as with all such enhancements, it is at the player's discretion whether such use constitutes cheating." SOURCE: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Excalibur_II
  12. A dragon warrior profile title pic; very nice!

    Are you a Retro fan?!

    1. fabmorais_2011


      Totally! I'm a 80s/90s kid, so grew up during the 8bit/16bit era. Dragon Warrior/Quest is my favorite series of all time :)

  13. I was quite late to the party and only got a PS3 on October 2011. First game I booted was Final Fantasy XIII, but the first game I actually played from start to finish was God of War III. I was itching to play both.
  14. Yeah, kind of bugs me that I'm so close though. I'm practically 0.5 second from the diamond cup as it is.
  15. On the current weekly challenge, the pit is quite simple and it is possible to drop most of the way. I've managed to get the time down to 12.53 seconds, but I see the first place has 11.66 seconds. I'm sure there are still ways to shave at least half a second to get to the 12.00 seconds mark and possibly secure a diamond cup, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to speed up the very last drop after the left to right windy section. Until there, I'm positive I'm going as fast as possible, but there must be a way to shave off half a second on the final drop. Any tips? EDIT: Managed to get it down to 12.31 by picking Rayman and transversing the left to right windy section with two quick hovers and a kick and scraping by the spiked vine. I'm still convinced I can do better on the last drop though. I feel I'm losing the remaning time I want to shave by taking too long to slide and drop to the final blue cushions.