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  1. That's why I made a point of creating this thread 😄
  2. Hi. I have no idea. I only tested it on the PS4. Sorry!
  3. Arcade Archives: Double Dragon scratched from the backlog. I was suddenly on a Double Dragon mood and thought of giving this Arcade Archives version a whirl. Trophies are kind of pointless except for the Highscore one, which is also very easy. It was nice to replay this with 99 credits to see it through (I think I used around 15), since on my teens I couldn't get past the first stage on arcace. I want to play Double Dragon II now.
  4. After quarantine/isolation my life actually got busier. I have a kid who's almost 3 years old, so you can imagine how my day is without daycare. Me and the wife both already worked from home, so that hasn't changed. What's changed is that we take turns working/taking care of the kid. If I have much work on a given week, I have to wake before everyone and get as much as possible done before the day actually starts. Also, with no help around the house and no day off, there's very little time for any hobbies. We did manage to get the kid to sleep earlier though, so strangely I might even be gaming a bit more at night, but that's about it. My kid is also starting to show interest in games from seeing me play, so we play the PS VITA together and he fires up whatever catches his eye to play for a few minutes. He also played a bit of Abzû with me on the PS4 and was kinda hooked, since he love sea animals and stuff.
  5. Abzû at 100%. 90th completed game overall.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice job!

  6. Abzû scracthed from the backlog. Although not a thatgamecompany game, Abzû shares several members from the team that worked on Journey so the look and feel is very similar to that game, as well as to Flower and Flow. Even so, although pretty and nice to play, it lacks the staying power and sense of wonder of those other games. Trophies are straightforward and collectibles are not that bad with a guide (or even without it, if you have the patience). All in all, a nice experience, but not really memorable.
  7. Never though about this, and probably won't do it, but understand the reasoning. OP said the ideia was to have a separate profile for the PS5 and keep playing older platforms on the current one. I see nothing wrong with it even though I don't think I'd do it. As a experiment, one could even go as far as to create a profile for PS3 exclusives, another one for VITA exclusives and so on. It would be fun to see.
  8. I wasn't expecting much, and I kinda have fun mindlessly hacking and slashing through the dungeons, but I see your point. I would really like to try to get to the last boss and get the 4 players trophy done. I saw a guy online the other day that seemed to be waiting for people to join him on the last boss, so maybe we get lucky and find someone without much effort. I'm adding you on the PSN.
  9. I´m working my way through the game and plan to host a Gaming Session once I am at the last boss. I'm in Europe (Lisbon time) and can only play nights (after 10PM normaly). Add me on the PSN and I'll give you a heads-up once the Game Session is on. It might take a while, but I'll try to prioritize this game so I don't take ages.
  10. Platinum DeTeamGet all other trophies Deep Space Rush scratched from the backlog. Space-themed side scrolling run and gun with procedurally generated levels that is as basic as it gets. Got it for free on a Twitter giveaway. Platinum takes about 10 minutes.
  11. Seems like a lazy trophy list to me. I don't get these lists with only golds and the plat. I would rather have a balanced list even if it had no plat. EDIT: The real question here is if trophies can be unlocked on Explore mode.
  12. Plat #48: Everything

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    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

    3. Alderriz


      Now you can say you have platinumed everything.


      (I'm sorry, this joke is old)

    4. fabmorais_2011


      @Alderriz Haha, I had to resist the urge to make this joke myself

  13. Everything is Everything Everything is Everything Everything scratched from the backlog. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game. The best way to define it is calling it a "conscious simulator", in which you can basically transform into everything, from hydrogen atoms to galaxies and beyond. The cherry on top of the cake are the Alan Watts tapes you find throughout the game, with lectures he gave on philosophy during the 1970s. Of course, scope could be larger: continents are small and areas repeat themselves very quickly, but this doesn't detract much from the experience. A true gem of a game.
  14. Cool! It would be nice to have a guide for the PS4 version
  15. Guess there's no choice but to try again with the good ending. Do post if it works here so other people know!