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  1. Always cool to add an edition from Limited Run Games to the collection, but kinda funny that from the two sentences on the manual one of them has a glaring typo 😂
  2. So yeah. Almost 10 years after its release I'm finally entering the world of Demon's Souls. This is also my first Souls game. Plan to go completely blind. No walkthroughs. No YouTube videos. No nothing. MAYBE after I beat it to clean up. Wish me luck.

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    2. fabmorais_2011


      @Dragon-Archon Haha, too late for that! I lasted like 3 seconds.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      Lol :lol: . Welcome to Demon's Souls.

    4. Hemiak


      Enjoy the ride man. Good game, great series. 

  3. Hi, there's currently a boosting session for Worms Revolution Extreme on the VITA going on for the Social Butterfly trophy (playing with 20 people online). Join if you're interested, we're making quite a good progress: https://psnprofiles.com/session/149142-worms-revolution-extreme

  4. Been using it for years, never had an issue.
  5. https://cardscodes.com/ is also very reliable. They send it very quickly.
  6. Yeah, I was shocked when I first heard. It's just too sad. You never know how hard people are battling their inner demons. May he rest in peace.
  7. God, I can barely get work done today. Such a long, tiring week. Just a few more words to go, thankfully.

    1. Caju_94


      What are your working on? Fortunaly, next Wednesday is Lisbon's holiday! :D

    2. fabmorais_2011


      I'm a translator/reviewer, and usually I work with many accounts. I'm doing review for marketing content at the moment.

    3. Zolkovo


      I've been so tired today, feels like I should be in a different timezone.


      Image result for tired gif

  8. Worms Revolution Extreme moved from Appendix 1 (Games I have given up on and/or will not play/complete) to the regular PSVITA digital games (bought) list since I decided to go for the MP trophies that made me quit it previously.
  9. Anyone knows if you can self-boost the online trophies for

      Worms Revolution Extreme

    with a VITA and a PS3 with an alternate account from another region?

  10. It reminded me of the boss fights on PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate. I don't usually dig boss rush games, but would give this a try if I stubmble across it on a sale:
  11. I'm fine as it is. My satisfaction comes from knowing I've bested the game in any way the devs thought of when making the list and having the register of it to show. I don't need fireworks on top of that.
  12. These were my latest pickups for my collection
  13. Guide is a must for it or only if you want to speed things up?
  14. Congrats. I have Slayaway Camp and Amnesia Collection on my backlog, might as well give them a try. How many hours more or less did you have to invest on each? EDIT: Just saw it. Forgot I could see it on your profile. So only 4 hours for Slayaway and 1 day for Amnesia right? Pretty short plats!
  15. Looks comprehensive and reasonable to me, without any bulshit trophies it seems. That's all I ask for in a game.