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  1. Many, but one that I would like to but it's really out of my league is Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. Those combo challenges are too much for me.
  2. It's just a way to open the discussion about a new game. I personally like to see how it became a trend on this forum. I wouldn't imagine for a second someone would be bothered by such an innocuous thing.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. Episode Ardyn and Dissidia NT Season Pass for me.
  4. It's so weird to think the PS4 will soon be outdated when the PS5 arrives. I feel I played so little of this current gen that it just feels wrong to think of the PS4 as an old platform. I'm sure more dedicated PS4 players feel the opposite, but I do feel this way.

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    2. DaivRules


      If there’s no revolution in computer hardware, there can’t be a revolution in console hardware. Evolution is all anyone is getting from here on out. 

    3. Lorajet


      Any rumors on how much the PS5 will retail for?  I'm still thinking of getting a slim during the sales this year as a friend to my launch PS4.

    4. DaivRules


      No rumors I’ve seen online yet, but maybe, just maybe there will be a base model at $399.99 and bundles at a bit more. 

  5. PLATINUM WARRIOR Unlock all other trophies Cast of the Seven Godsends: Redux scratched from the backlog. Nice enough retro platformer inspired by the likes of Ghouls'n Ghosts, but buggy and very rough around the edges. Hit boxes are all over the place and it's quite buggy, having crashed on me several times. It does scratch the itch for old-school platformers though and I had my fun with it.
  6. These beauties here:
  7. And with that, all online trophies for Worms Revolution Extreme are done
  8. I'd say that with metroidvanias we reached the point of saturation with a few that really stand out from the crowd. There aren't as many Zelda clones, but they indeed seem to be coming out more frequently lately.
  9. Don't Bite Me Bro! scratched from the backlog. This is free on the NA store and doesn't require you to spend a penny to complete it. Glitchy as hell and very rough around the edges, but I had my fun with it. I don't know what draws me to these weird AF games, but there's something about them that keeps me coming back lol. Weirdly enough, the trophy images suggest that there should be bronze, silver and gold trophies, along with a platinum -- but you only get a bunch of bronzes. Go figure.
  10. This thread appears every so often, so do a quick search because this has been discussed at lenght already. Basically, someday they will restrict access to the store, like they did for the PSP, but I don't reckon both systems will ever stop synching trophies.
  11. Man, that was a close call! I think I'm starting to get a little better on this game, so I'll try to tacke this trophy soon. Thanks for the vid!
  12. Dragon Quest XI. I'm a huge Dragon Quest fan although I haven't played XI yet. The avatars were free on PSN though. EDIT: Or you mean my forum avatar? If that's the case, that's Dark Force from the original Phantasy Star.
  13. Alchemist's Castle scratched from the backlog. Simple metroidvania developed by one guy. As indie as you can get, but nice for what it is.
  14. LEGEND UNLOCK ALL OTHER TROPHIES Minit scratched from the backlog. Enchanting take on the Zelda-like ARPG formula, whit an unique twist. Short and sweet. Could never find all secrets without a guide, but even so it's a very short and easy plat. Took me more playthroughs than needed since I did my first run blind.