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  1. Got Go Commando for Frozen Synapse Prime (PS3) and Wind of Battle for Soul Calibur V, two Ultra Rares that deserve this status: one because getting this far on FSP is quite challenging, the other because the grind is so stupid it's totally understandable that few people would bother. Glad I did both though, the plat for both games are finally only one trophy away each.

    1. Terra


      Wind of Battle is one of the most unnecessary trophies ever. It was the last one I needed even after I got every other trophy in the game!

    2. fabmorais_2011


      Yeah. You're not even close after you done everything. I still need the lv. 99 one, but went ahead and got Wind of Battle since I could leave the PS3 on with a rubber band on the controller while I was working.

  2. 1. Naughty Bear - Simply a terrible game, with horrid online trophies. Shouldn't have started it in the first place. 2. Resistance 3 - It came with my PS3, but I don't really play shooters other than Doom, so I don't think I'll touch it with so many other games at my disposal. 3. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - I'm at 73%, but the missions are clearly beyond my skill and I don't feel inclined to get the remaining trophies if I won't get the platinum anyway. 4. White Knight Chronicles II - I hear it's a 1.000 hours platinum with the online portion being dead, so yeah, most likely no.
  3. For some years now my gaming time is basically 2-3 hours at night most nights, sometimes stretching to 4 hours. It's mostly 2-3 hours or so now that I have a little kid (6 months old), so basically I start gaming when the wife nurses him and goes to bed after his night routine that we do together. This is generaly around 10pm and I game until 1am, 1:30am tops. I "skip" some days to spend time with the wife. I could squeeze more time in during the weekends, but most often I prefer to spend them outdoors doing stuff with wife/kid/friends or doing something else entirely. Other than that, if I'm playing something grindy that can basically play itself I sometimes play a little on the VITA during work on the afternoons since I work at home, but that's just to do stuff that requires minimum attention, so I barely count it as playtime.
  4. HiQ Ace scratched from the backlog. Very simple puzzle game with 5 easy to get trophies. Good for relaxing at the end of the day, which is basically what I've been needing lately. Also, it is free, which doesn't hurt. Free version gives you a basic pack to start with and you can get all trophies with it. I bought one other pack for 0.99€ just so I wouldn't play the same puzzles over and over again. If you want some easy free trophies, go for it.
  5. You seem to have found it already, but I'll just leave this here in case someone else needs it
  6. At the beginning of this generation, I started a spreadsheet where I log, among other things, all digital titles that interest me on the PS4. I'm a big fan of indie games, so I thought that was a good way to keep them from flying under my radar. I haven't had the time to really be on the lookout for new releases weekly for quite sometime though, and it's incredible how many interesting games came out during this time. For me at least, it's virtually impossible to be up to date with all digital releases that I'd like to check out eventually. It's amazing how the sheer amount of titles ramped up in comparison to previous generations, or even in comparison to the PS3.

    1. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      Indie games?


      Bleed, Bleed 2, Flinthook, Shantae (Pirate's Curse/Risky's Revenge/Half Genie Hero), Secret of Mana


      ^  Any of those on your list?

    2. fabmorais_2011
  7. I can see you have a lukewarm reaction to most of the latest games you played. Hope you get to play some fun ones soon!
  8. I used to start games just to test them so many of my plats have +1 year completion time, but the game that really took me long to plat was Little Deviants on the Vita: 3 years and 10 months, due to the ridiculously glitched online leaderboard trophy.
  9. Yeah, I did as well when I first started. Believe me: if you practice enough you will cross this threshold soon. You need to be patient and practice though. This challenge still gets around 700 people per week and it is the easiest of all. About the glitch, as I said, the last one was June 7 last year (just check the forum -- the thread is right there). It used to happen around two times a year, but last year it only happened once. I don't think you should count on it. It is doable without it.
  10. You will get it eventually. Forget about the glitched Murphy Challenge. There hasn't been one since June 2017 I think. I and other people I know got it on the weekly Neverending pit (As far as you can) challenge. It is by far the easiest of all since obstacles are so repetitive and if you reach the 5.000km/ 7.000km mark (depending on the week), the diamond is yours. Good luck.
  11. Such tiny, tiny backlogs
  12. I wonder if Coerced Coexistence is bugged or no one bothered to collect 500 monsters. It's been almost a year now and it seems to be 0.00% even on the PSN. If it's like the first one, they don't have to be different monsters either.
  13. Got through all of Hard Corps: Uprising online with a reliable and nice partner. Beaten the final boss with 0 lives left. Fell on the jump to the chopper. 3+ hours wasted. Gaming sometimes is SUCH FUN.

  14. Naughty Bear would be a start. I would be happy if at least all physical copies of that game were burnt on a gigantic bonfire.
  15. Ristar