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  1. Even though this is very likely to happen, there's no official statement for the shutdown tomorrow yet. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'll try and do what I can later today. Funny thing is that I started playing this a few months ago almost accidentally as I was just checking how purchases made on my US account behave on my main EU account on the PS4 (I was testing if I could earn trophies on the main profile for games purchased on my US one).
  2. Cool list. I'm waiting for my physical copy from Signature Edition for the VITA to be shipped in December so I'll probably be playing this sometime next year.
  3. Cool, thanks! I'll look into the confuse trait, looks very helpful!
  4. Winning a diamond cup is not impossible. Very difficult, yes. Nearly impossible on some DAILY challenges, yes. But remember that there are WEEKLY challenges in which, depending on the challenge, around 700-900 people play, meaning there are 7-9 (sometimes 10) diamond spots. On the easiest challenge of them all, Neverending Pit: As far as you can, if you get between 4.000-5.000 meters the diamond is yours. This challenge only requires memorizing and training your way through some VERY repetitive obstacles. It may seem daunting at first, but with practice anyone with a bit of skill and perseverance can do it, since they generally have more players than the challenges you posted. I managed to get a diamond cup with around 7.000 meters on a daily challenge of this type one week ago, and I am by no means a pro and only started playing the game a few months ago. And there is no way to hack or tamper with the leaderboards that I know of. What you see are real players all the way.
  5. Hi, thank you all for this rather informative thread! Any tips for the Cosmic Trial? I tried it last night with a lv.60 She-Hulk with full Cosmic Gear and the Infinity trait that boost the healing aid but got owned on the final wave. Maybe I'll just get Iceman to lv.60 since I read it makes the trial easier?
  6. Nah. Did that when I was younger and was juggling college/work. Too much going on and I wanted to focus on other things. Then, after I graduated, got back to it and started collecting physical games. Probably will keep on playing until I kick the bucket and leave it all to my kid. I don't plan to stop reading books and watching movies either, lol.
  7. Got a Diamond Cup at the end of a daily challenge on Rayman Legends VITA and the Champion! trophy. Thank God for Neverending Pit distance challenges. Even so, this was crazy hard and took months of practice. So glad I got it legit though.

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    2. RedRodriguez87


      Congrats on getting it legit!

    3. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    4. LunarCharm


      Congrats man!  That's awesome.

  8. Rayman Legends (VITA) Champion! Win a diamond cup at the end of a Challenge Go to hell, Ubisoft! You thought the requirement of being among the best players in the world for this goddamn trophy would deter me? Ha, you don't know me.
  9. Some really nice pickups on the past few months
  10. Hates Naruto and all things Japanese.
  11. Well, if you do that and clean up Uncharted 3 Remastered you'll have a pretty cool 100% completion rate, so good luck to you! EDIT: Oops, seems you're missing one online trophy on Ride as well 😄
  12. It's stupid screen grab time!


    1. skateak


      I remember this status and took this just for you. GBjobr8.jpg

    2. fabmorais_2011


      HAHAHA, cool!
      What is THIS, though?:


  13. I'm definitely playing The Last of Us on Normal just for the story first before even bothering with trophies, specially after seeing most of them are related to collectibles. No way I'm breaking the flow of the game to watch video guides and/or search every nook and cranny.

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    2. fabmorais_2011


      @Hemiak Yeah, that happens sometimes. Did you have trouble with the MP or not really? I'm playing it on the PS4 though, and I hear MP is different on the PS3.

    3. Hemiak


      None at all really. I didn't do any of the bs DLC stuff though. Used gifts, healing and basic downs to get through the 100% risk missions. 

    4. Dreakon13


      Oddly enough, I also had several month breaks from TLoU when I first tried to play through it (I was also going through a year long panic attack at the time so fwiw).  I think the game, for all it does right, gets a bit repetitive/slow at times.  Like the story is so interesting... that you find yourself begrudgingly making your way through several extended "stealth-encouraged" sections, itching for the next big story moment that takes a tad too long to come sometimes.

  14. This seems to be right up my alley. Didn't even know it existed, thanks!
  15. Little Deviants (Vita) Trophyumphant Unlock all other trophies. I got a download voucher for this game when I bought a VITA on 2013. Last year, thanks to TheYuriG (who isn't around this forum anylonger and was kind enough to organize a session in which he carried 4 more players), I got the godforsaken Honour Upheld trophy. Now, one year after that, I finally got around to get all gold ships -- which was almost as painful as getting Honour Upheld since some of the challenges are so tough and rage inducing. I feel this game tried its damnedest to break me, but I broke it instead. What a f%#$ing relief.