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  1. Play-Asia has a physical copy in stock: https://www.play-asia.com/kemco-rpg-selection-vol-1/13/70c12j
  2. Child of Light scratched from the backlog. I really liked my time with this game, although it doesn't really bring much novelty to the genre. It is kind of a RPG lite, without any resemblance of a challenge, but very relaxing to play and beautiful to look at. Art direction is spot on and fits the whole fairy tale setting like a glove. Rhymed dialogues can sound a bit too much at the beginning, but it grows on you -- it did for me at least. All in all, a nice little game.
  3. You might want to check out Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. It's a port of two arcade classics from Capcom that are basically the blueprint for the games you mentioned.
  4. Damn, you beat me to it. I was JUST going to post this exact video (with this horrid filter, but anyway).
  5. I need to focus on finishing Absolver, Deep Ones, Soul Calibur V, Worms Revolution Extreme and Child of Light. Some of those are so close to 100%, but work had been a bitch lately and by the end of the day I'm bust. I'm gonna do it though so I can move one and start a new game from scratch without them looking at me from the backlog lol.

  6. My first Switch game! Now I just need a Switch! 😂
  7. Worthy Opponents Kill all bosses in their last level with one character Slowly but surely I'm getting to the plat. God bless the players that keep on wanting rematches even though they are losing sorely on Combat Trials. 😁
  8. Been playing this for weeks and haven't got a single grievance. Even had a player sending me messages with tips. Couldn't care less about the taunts, frankly it comes with the territory -- not to mention they are super mild in this game. I'm past level 50 on Combat Trials and farming levels for level 100.
  9. Yeah, phrasing is very awkward. Seem to be standalone meaning that the original they mentioned is the vanilla version: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_Dark
  10. Level 48 on the Combat Trials on Absolver. Got lucky yesterday and went from 42 to 48 quite quickly since one guy wanted to keep fighting me although he was losing bad everytime, God bless him lol. Soon to be level 50 and able to create my own school for the trophy. Then it's PvP grind time again until 100. Master of Styles will probably be a pain as well, since the school abilities needed to master each school seem kinda hard to get right. Input window is very strict it seems. Still liking the game, but the grind is real.

  11. That's very informative, thanks for putting this out there. Like @voodoo_eyes, I had already dismissed the game, but I think it's useful to have this here to alert potential players.
  12. Not a very exciting month for me. Maybe Bound by Flame and Draw Slasher. Was considering Space Hulk but after watching some videos it seemed to me like a snooze-fest. I like strategy games but this is too slow and movement to restricted by neverending corridors for my taste.
  13. Really? Never though of that. Interesting, thanks. That makes Yuri's suggestion even more appealing to me, since I don't really care about the score.
  14. Interesting suggestions, Yuri. I hope some of the bigwigs take notice BTW, I never understood what is the logic behind the order of the games at 100% when you sort them by Percentage. It's not rarity, alphabetical or date of completion. Seems completely random.
  15. I respect you for sharing this with everyone who is struggling with the boss battles (although they are relatively easy I think compared to what you'll face online), but God this turns the battle into a bore lol