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  1. You mean all games in the genre are like that? All translations of all JRPGs ever released are bad? Talk about blatant generalization.
  2. Riding the Thunderbolt Kill Mega-Brno in Hardboiled mode Last boss on the harder difficulty of Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken is TOUGH, but for the wrong reasons. Whoever thought aiming grenades with the back touchpanel of the VITA while moving with left stick and shooting with L1 should re-think their choices in game development.
  3. Thanks, I'm still struggling to learn the original moves using the decks on this thread. It's such a long grind since learning moves from killing NPC enemies gives so little EXP for the moves you want to unlock.
  4. If you have 74 you need one more from the towers. You begin the game with 15 already. Keep playing the towers, you'll come across one you haven't got soon enough. This trophy is not glitched.
  5. Deep Ones Platinum Good job! Completed all tasks! Deep Ones scratched from the backlog. Nice retro-inspired platformer with a ZX Spectrum aesthetics. Loved the soothing soundtrack. Short and easy to plat.
  6. STAY scratched from the backlog. Very unique mixture of visual novel, adventure/puzzle game. Got me really hooked to see all alternate endings, get all objects and see all rooms. Very glad to have played this hidden gem.
  7. @RatalaikaGames Sorry for the double post, but I just wanted to warn you that the guide for Alternate Ending #6 does not work for the VITA version. I don't know if the same applies for the PS4 version, but you might want to add a note on the guide with this info for the VITA version. Thanks!
  8. Hi, if Alternative Ending #3 Back to square one is the ending in which , then this trophy is bugged for me. Could you please confirm? EDIT: Nevermind, managed to get Alternative Ending #3 yesterday.
  9. Thanks! I saw that Amazon has them as well
  10. Wow, thanks for this. I see Play-Asia has a sold out EU physical edition. https://www.play-asia.com/anima-gate-of-memories-the-nameless-chronicles/13/70ccol Was this the one you found on FNAC? It's not available on their site...
  11. Ah, cool! Just the menus or the dialogues and in-game text as well?
  12. Lots of companies are trying to mimic Limited Run and offer limited printed copies of digital games theses days, but these guys take the cake. How hard could it be to not HIDE THE NAME OF THE GAME YOU'RE TRYING TO SELL on your marketing campaing?



    1. Redgrave


      Now I'll never know who or what is boiling!


      But yeah, there's still plenty of space at the bottom to at least space it out some more. Or they could have put Furi before the boiling game.

    2. PooPooBlast


      Boiling bois? :lol:. Boiling Bojangles? Boiling body? Boiling Boo? Boiling Boa? Boiling Boots? So many possibilities. :hmm:



    3. fabmorais_2011


      Boiling BOLT it seems. At least on their Facebook page they got it right:


  13. SquareEnix can do whatever they want with the trophies for Final Fantasy XV: Comrades now. Just completed both trophy sets yesterday. Ifrit took me three tries since with the Aerial Sigil I didn't have that much defense. Changed to the Rampage Sigil, which gave me around 5K of health and a little bit below 1K for attack/defense. I was in Danger a lot by the end of the battle, but killed him in the end. I was level 39 and overall I think it took me some 35-38 hours, I'd have to check. The game is very much forgiving when it comes to KO, really.

    Overall, I had fun with the expansion but will definitely not miss the loading times.

    Got some games to get out of the way, but will comeback to finish the actual main game soon.


    1. DamagingRob


      Nice, congrats! Rampage Sigil was what I used, too. Took me a few more tries because my defense stat was trash, though. :lol:

    2. PooPooBlast


      I think most low lvl people used rampage sigil and I did too haha. 


      Spamming warp strikes and Kamehameha felt satisfying :). 


      And I mean ifrit hits like a truck and it's hard to evade in the aerial sigil because it's easy to get hit if you accidentally press square an extra time instead of dodging. And to mention there's an invincibility frame when you warp strike and so that was good. The other thing was that I spammed L2 square for the spell which just pummels the ground and barely hurts ifrit but it filled up the Kamehameha meter quickly. 


      All I have left is the royal pack DLC which I'm just waiting for a sale to drop and then there's the final story dlc to be released. Then that 100 will be mine! 


      I mean from what I heard at least it's still less than Warhawk or killing floor lol. 

  14. Thanks, I've been hearing that yes. I wanted to at least have one Dragon Whisker with double Penetrator X just in case. I won't be grinding much anylonger, I feel I'm almost ready to upgrade my weapons for good. I'm also farming the kW needed for the 999.999 kW trophy anyway.