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  1. Well. Took apart the PS3 and it wasn't as dusty as I expected. Obviously, simply cleaning it up didn't solve any of the intermitent freezing issues on the XMB and games (some more than others).

    Not sure what to do. I read it could be the GPU overheating because of old thermal paste, but also that it could simply be a faulty HDD issue.

    For me, it would be simpler to try out a new HDD, but not sure it would solve the problem.

    Kind of bummed out right now. The PS3 might as well be the console I most wanted for years on end until I finally got around to buy it on 2011. Its disheartening to see it die.

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    2. RVMcypress_grave


      Yeah, as long as it uses an HDD (unlike nintendo) it will work. The thing you have to remember is that the drive has to be the laptop size (2.5inch) not the desktop size (3.5inch).

      The one I have in it is: WD Blue 1 TB Mobile Hard Drive: 2.5 Inch, 5400 RPM, SATA II, 8 MB Cache
      It has been in it for years but still runs perfect.

      You can use 7200rpm but if you are worried about heat stick with the 5400 since that is what they come with. Bigger Cache size would work too so don't worry if you find one larger than 8MB. The 2.5inch (mobile) is the only thing you can't get around (well you can but your drive won't be in your ps3. lol) 

      Just remember to backup saves and pictures before you swap.
      You can do a full backup with an external enclosure but it can literally take a week if you have a full drive (most people think it froze so they unplug and corrupt their data but it just takes forever. Mine was at 99% for a day or 2 but I left it and all 400+GB transferred perfectly).

    3. DamagingRob


      I have a 750 GB Western Digital drive in mine. Has worked great for over 3 years, now. 

    4. fabmorais_2011


      @RVMcypress_grave Thanks again for the detailed info. I'll probably buy one next month to see if I can breathe new life on my old pal. I did fully format the original HDD and cleaned the unit as I said but the issue remains, so that's like my last chance as I'm not tech savvy enough to go beyond this. I'll let you know if it works :)

      @DamagingRob Good to know, WD really seems to be the HDD of choice according to all I've read!

  2. Cool, good to know. It did catch my attention, so it's already downloaded on my VITA. Will get around to play it eventually.
  3. So, after 18 hours my PS3's HDD was fully formatted. After approx. 20 min. setting up everything again, the same issues as before began to happen again. Intermitent freezes on the XMB, Naughty Bear freezing/lagging on single player.

    My T8 Torx 8 screwdriver is on the way and I'll try the next step, which is dissembling the PS3 and cleaning it up, in case it's dust making it overheat.

    If I still get these freezes aftewards, I'll consider buying a new HDD. Any tips for HDDs for a 320GB PS3 Slim?

  4. Perfoming a full formatting on my PS3. It's been acting too weird lately. Intermitent freezes on the XMB and during some games. Last night I couldn't even play the Naughty Bear boost I had joined -- game was lagging and freezing BOTH online and offline. I suspect there's also too much dust inside it, but haven't got the proper tools to open it yet. Cleaned as best as I could from the outside. Fingers crossed the restore at least solves the issue while I can't clean it properly.

  5. Don't Die Mr. Robot (VITA) VERY addictive and quite tough 100%. Remixes 37 and 44 are the stuff of nightmares to get the platinum medal. Quite happy to have it especially since going for the plat on all remixes was consuming my soul. Highly recommended as you don't get much better than this in terms of arcade action.
  6. 100% - Don't Die Mr. Robot (#57 overall)

  7. SteamWorld Dig (VITA) 4 stars in the same playthrough by the skin of my teeth and 100% achieved! Great game, fun and short like I need them these days. I usually hate speedrunning, but managed to have fun with this one. Perfectly doable, but it does require knowing the game and planning a little in advance.
  8. I read it all, no need to get worked up about it. In any case, it's not the lenght of a post that determines if it should be a status update or not, but its relevance to people other than the OP. Anyway.
  9. This is useful information about the game. If it were a status update, it would be gone in a few hours. This is exactly the kind of information/heads-up you'll want on a forum for a specific game, not on a fleeting status update.
  10. Persona 3 Portable is great, but boy does Tartarus get repetitive. Go up until the blocked floor completing Elisabeth's missions (which are always the same: get item from glowing red shadow / get medal from rare shadow / retrieve old document) -- rinse and repeat.

    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Yea, Tartarus was necessary evil.

      But the storyline makes up for it =D

  11. Hey man, do you happen to know any other similar applications to GhostControl on Mac? I tried to use Wine to run it but it didn't work, i could only install it but had no luck running the program. I had long deleted Injustice because i thought i would never get to lvl 100 - it is the only obstacle to my platinum, but after i saw your post i thought it would be finally possible.

    1. fabmorais_2011


      Humm, unfortunately I'm completely illiterate when it comes to Mac... My guide is stricly to Ghost Control, so I'm not sure how you could set up any other software. Sorry :/

  12. Wut...? I have just received a message from PlayStation giving me a code for a Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 theme for platting the game. Thing is: I don't even own it.

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    2. Xylobe


      @Squirlruler Same here, plat but no code. I vote we seize the means of production from these guys

    3. Crimson Idol
    4. fabmorais_2011


      first come, first served :D

  13. My condolences for your loss
  14. Nah. I mean, some games attach bonuses to the same in-game achievements, like the wallpapers on Final Fantasy XIII, which were cool. But the trophies are already an extra, so I don't really see the point.
  15. Will be basically away from my PS3/PS4 for a few months, so I'll probably just pop a few VITA trophies for quite some time. Or not even that, since I'm playing Persona 3 Portable on the VITA right now and plan to take the advantage to shave off some of my good old Nintendo backlog on the GBA/DS/3DS.

    1. SNACH2497


      That's sad, trophies are life! Kidding, best wishes to you and your family. :-) Been there, your trophy hunt will be back in due time...

    2. fabmorais_2011


      Yup, already had this kind of break before and I'm actually glad for the chance to play more of my other systems :)
      Not to mention I always come back refreshed to those shiny trophies when I do that! :D

    3. wtru9


      Persona 3 is certainly a worthy game to take a break from trophy hunting for ;)