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  1. Well, he didn't ask for traditional turn-based JRPGs.
  2. Other already available and upcoming JRPGs for the Switch are:
  3. Kung Fu Rabbit scratched from the backlog. Very casual but enjoyable platformer. Not at all memorable but fun while it lasts. Pretty easy to 100% as well since even the hardest mode can be cheesed with in-game buffs.
  4. This game screams VITA, so I hope it is since it is sitting at my backlog for PS4.
  5. Thanks for the tip! I'm not at all stressed out with the size of my backlog though. Truth is I have little time to play these days but do enjoy collecting games and buying digital ones on sales to have a good catalogue to choose from. I'll keep chipping away at it as much as I can without worrying too much.
  6. Yeah, PS+ really bumps the number up though Without it, I have "only" 253 unplayed games haha That's just Playstation 3, 4 and VITA games. The "true form" of my backlog is even scarier: https://backloggery.com/fabmorais_2011
  7. Great Shot Kid! Collect all other trophies PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate scratched from the backlog. Even though I had to take quite a few breaks due to the repetitiveness of it, this is quite a fun a game. Controls and music are top notch, and level design is excellent. Trophies are fun to get also, and cover everything the game has to offer. Online is kinda pointless, but at least the MP trophies can be self-boosted with a VITA.
  8. Siralim (Vita) Gotta Catch 'em... Nevermind Summon 300 unique creatures. And that confirms that the 300 creatures don't need to be unique for the trophy to pop. Onwards with the grind!
  9. Siralim (VITA) The Pandemonium King Defeat the Pandemonium King. Once this game clicks, it is so rewarding to beat the special monsters using the right spells and creatures. Onwards to the 300 creatures trophy!
  10. It's like they say:
  11. Hadn't noticed them legs, now I can't unsee them.
  12. I have 120 PS3 games still on my backlog, so I'm not going PS4 (or PS5, PS6) only ever.
  13. Hi, Everything is tagged as PS4 and VITA, but it's PS4 only.
  14. Okie dokie. Thanks.
  15. Shouldn't it be only PS4? Just bought it and obviously there is no VITA version.