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  1. ...I like to live on the edge 😜
  2. This comes courtesy of sonicnobody5 , who I asked for advice on getting the platinum considering how little info on this game is out there. I think this will be useful to everyone: Key takeaways from me (still on first playthrough): - Don't worry about ranks, etc in your first playthrough, just go through it normally since you're gonna do more playthroughs (plus, you're gonna get invincibility once you finish the game, thus making it easier) - Remember to collect the underwear in the rooms, especially under the bed, etc - You'll have to do 6 playthroughs altogether - The Switch release mission guide is useful: here - You can jump on the squids to kill them - useful with the tankier white ones. - For the rest, I have no comments yet: I am only on ch3 ;D
  3. It works! Thanks a lot. If it still doesn't pop, remember that there are 4 more of those robo chicks "hidden" in a space that is located below where there are just two robot guys and a swingshot target.
  4. Free in the Finnish store as well. Thanks!