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  1. Yeah I still have my copy of the Japanese borderlands & it seems theirs no way to travel to the claptrap dlc. I was willing to 100% the game now but I guess it’s impossible.
  2. I found this beyond hilarious that I saw it say "Wait a second..." I honestly laughed out loud & yes I do believe this is a old game just now getting a trophy list, very peculiar.
  3. Oh okay I wasn't sure thanks for the replies
  4. Fuck I just read all this & I started No mans sky yesterday morning haven't earned any trophies yet maybe I should delete the list. Opinions on this please I don't know much about the game!
  5. Add me if you have the game & wanna knock the trophies I need a few more people for the 6 player trophy
  6. Oh thanks for the replies! I hope I can find an opportunity to purchase the game, I put so many hours in on PS2; it's one of my favorite games! Although from looking at the trophy list it looks really difficult, I use to play on easy & I wasn't good at getting stars mostly just fun/killing. I'll probably just play for fun if I can platinum it that'd be great but otherwise I'll just be happy to have the game again especially with trophies.
  7. I put lots of hours into the PS2 version & I was excited the trophy list on psnprofiles! I didn't even know it was coming out recently, I've been watching lots of shows & breaking from gaming; glad to see this Manhunt is one of my favorite games ever!
  8. I wonder if it's a hard platinum & if it's improved from the PS2 version
  9. True stuff btw it's true for gta 3 except 1% of the 100% trophy, I haven't tried it yet I've just heard so everyone keep this in mind.