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    2. AuraAngel


      Thank you very much! :)

    3. ChickenExotic


      The YouTube game is a tough one! I hope you find success!! I haven't made a video in months and I still get $$$ from my videos! :-)

    4. youthCAT1590


      Sweet. I shall check it out. :P

  1. It is indeed pen, it was all done free-hand I studied Visual Arts at uni and graduated last year Exactly! Too many people I know have had their work robbed!
  2. .

    My apologies, I thought this was a thread where everyone introduced themselves
  3. Breaking Bad!
  4. Auron is hands down, the biggest badass!
  5. I miss that game so much!
  6. Chocolate I absolutely love ramen!
  7. I think mine was Naruto
  8. Here is the piece I submitted as my final piece in university. It is done free-hand using a fineliner and Posca pen
  9. Absolutely amazing artwork! You're an inspiration Here's a piece I did for my final exhibition in university (apologies for the huge watermark!).
  10. Final Fantasy II on the iPhone is actually pretty addictive.

    1. d3m0nd00d


      That might be a good buy for our trip to Disney. 13 hour drive :-(

    2. AuraAngel


      @d3m0nd00d It is really good actually, the graphics are smooth and clean and the game is kinda Pokémon-style, kills quite a few hours too when you're training up :)

  11. Hey! It's lovely to meet you!
  12. .

    Hello! I'm Demi, I'm 22 and I'm from England On my PS3 I'm currently trying to get platinum in all of the Ratchet and Clank games and on my iPhone I am playing Final Fantasy II. In the real world I design tattoos for a living and I am training my new 9-week-old puppy It's lovely to meet you all, and feel free to message me to get to know me better!
  13. I have way too many games in my backlog, yet I find myself sat here downloading BioShock Infinite..

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    2. AuraAngel


      Haha tell me about it @DracoLionheart, I'm enticed by the free games PS Plus brings out every month :P

      @AlteredFormula I've heard it's an amazing game with an incredible twist at the end!

      @d3m0nd00d Oooh I may do one day as I've heard they're all really good :P

    3. allenbird


      Let me know what you think. I was thinking about playing it too.

    4. AuraAngel


      @allenbird I shall do! I've heard that everything about it is amazing, apart from the saving system :/

  14. Nooooo, she's all mine!